7 Edgy Black Business Cards + Free Templates

Get noticed with our elegant and minimal black business card designs. You can download and customize free templates and create edgy designs in no time.

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May 12, 2024

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If you’re looking for a business card design that is elegant, extravagant and best of all, completely free, pick one of these wonderful templates.

Despite the ever-growing importance of all things digital, classic business cards don’t seem to be losing importance. A full-color business card will certainly catch people’s attention, but color printing is not the only way to stand out.

A black business card can look luxurious and elegant, with a glossy finish or edgy and stylish with a matte look or uncoated finish. Either way, black cards are the perfect choice for those who want to stand out!

Here’s how to use these great business card templates:

  • Click on the picture or link to download a MS Word or AI file.
  • Download and edit with your contact information.
  • Export as PDF and send it to the printers!
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White ink on a black paper is very elegant, while the classic horizontal orientation will help with creating a business card design you can truly use for a long time. This simple design would look great in different materials, so you can even consider creating a plastic business card that will be more durable and certainly give your business an edgier look.

This business card template is ideal for businesses with a minimalistic, modern logo design that will pop on this wonderful black card.


Vertical business cards are somewhat less common, so paired with an elegant black and white letterpress it could make a truly stylish choice. Since letters tend to be smaller in this format, black ink on black paper might not be the best choice here as the words could turn out illegible.

This style would fit very well with uncoated business cards. The rough texture of these cards adds to the overall simplicity of the business card design and helps make a bold statement. If your logo design is a simple wordmark it will certainly add to the visual appeal of this minimal card.


Embossing is the printing technique where elements are raised from the surface of the card stock paper, while debossing is the opposite—sunken elements. Both of these are amazing for getting dark letters to pop on black paper. So, if you’re after that edgy all-black look then this is definitely a design to consider.

This premium black card would be an awesome choice for a CEO business card or a great branding choice for consultants with high-end clients.

Black and gold

Silver and gold foil business cards are very popular and for good reason. This simple detail always radiates elegance and a sense of exclusivity. Foil stamping definitely has the most powerful effect on black cards because of the stark contrast.

If you’d like to achieve a high-end look that’s still very elegant, we recommend this matte gold business card that strikes the perfect balance.

Marble effect

And speaking of luxurious things, few things convey the sense as well as marble. This popular design is often used on die-cut stickers for phone cases and laptops.

The beautiful marble effect gives the black card a soft touch and makes this business card template a wonderful choice for magazine editors, wedding planners, or stylists.


Since black cardstock is inherently quite elegant, it’s also possible to add more colorful design elements and still achieve that classy finish.

The elegant magenta flowers make a beautiful contrast to the premium black paper. If you’re an event planner, designer, or wellness expert, this high-quality design will certainly attract the right clientele.


It’s clear by now that this list is full of ideas for business card design rule-breakers, and sure enough, a square business card makes the perfect choice. They don’t have the standard business card size, and won’t fit into regular cardholders or most people’s wallets. But this is where a great design service can step in to make a custom business card that people will want to keep!

These premium business cards will look great on slightly thicker paper stock (standard thickness of cardstock is 0.010 inches (0.254 mm)). This decorative tile will make a fitting black business card for any interior designer or high-end real estate agent.


The final frontier (and example on our list) are premium business cards with holographic details. The effect is achieved with metallic foil stamping, and will definitely give your black business card an edge.  It’s a good idea to keep the rest of the design minimal with matte black cardstock for the holographic elements to stand out.

If you’d like to create this effect, you need to indicate to your printing service that you’re after a spot UV business card. That way the area to which the UV effect is applied to will pop in contrast to the plain card stock color and texture.

Not quite what you were looking for?

If you were looking for a black business card design, we hope you have found your favorite in this eclectic list of black cards.

However, don’t forget that ManyPixels is an unlimited design service, meaning that our talented team of graphic designers can design pretty much anything you can think of! The best part, our turnaround time is quick, so you’ll get the first ideas for your new business card design in just 1-2 business days.

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Get noticed with our elegant and minimal black business card designs. You can download and customize free templates and create edgy designs in no time.

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