21 Professional and Impressive Business Card Fonts

Fonts are the second most important design element on a business card. But which are the best business card fonts to use? We reveal all in this article.

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May 12, 2024

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A business card is considered the best tool for personal marketing and a widely accepted hallmark of professionalism, reliability, and credibility in the business world. So, which are the best business card fonts to use? We reveal all the best ones in this article.

According to the Statistic Brain Research Institute findings, 72% of clients decide whether they want to do business with the person or the company based on the quality of their business cards.

The most crucial elements that define the quality of your business cards are the paper material, colors, and fonts. Today, we will discuss how fonts can set your business cards apart from the competition.

Some of the most common business card fonts are Times New Roman, Helvetica, and Arial.

We will recommend these three fonts along with 18 more business card fonts. You can recommend these fonts to your graphic designer and set the right tone and style for your business card's design.

But, before we jump into that, we need to learn some basics.


What is the Best Font for Business Cards?

There is no correct answer to this question.

The font selection would depend upon the nature of your business, the tone and style you want to exhibit through your cards, and many other factors.

If you want to go with something classy and professional, you might select a serif typeface like Times New Roman, Trajan Pro, or Apple Garamond.

On the other hand, if you are looking for something creative and innovative instead of the traditional typefaces, then one of the script typefaces like Sugar Rush, Kensington, and Broadway can be a perfect choice for you.

However, before that…

What Are Typefaces?

Typefaces are the main font categories. All fonts are categorized in five primary typefaces – serif, sans serif, display, script, and monospaced.

Some of the most popular business card fonts come under serif and sans serif typefaces. These typefaces can be used for headlines, body text, slogans, logos, and on any print or digital marketing material.On the other hand, Monospaced typefaces – used originally on typewriters – are used to display codes but can be used for headlines and the body text.

Display and Script typefaces are known for their calligraphic uniqueness. However, they are not a popular choice for body text and are reserved mostly for headlines, names, and signatures.

Now that we have got that out of the way, let’s move on to the 21 best business card fonts that will impress your clients instantly.

21 Best Business Card Fonts

1. Times New Roman (Free)

Modern graphic designers surely have polarized opinions on Times New Roman. Love it or hate it, this font has been used for headlines, body text, and logos for a LONG time and is still one of the widely used fonts on business cards of any size or style.

Times New Roman looks the best when used as body text, so you might want to blend it into your business card design as a secondary text.

times new roman

2. Helvetica (Free)

Sans serif fonts are popular for logos, headlines, and body text, and Helvetica is the most popular among them.  

The font is known for its minimalist yet legible look, thus giving a clean look and a professional feel to your business cards.

Credit: Hoban Cards

3. Arial (Free)

Designed in 1982 by two renowned and respected typeface designers, Patricia Saunders and Robin Nicholas, Arial font is an off-shoot of Helvetica.

Due to its similar metric and character widths to Helvetica, Arial is a popular choice for classy headlines, logos, and body text. It comes in different sizes, styles, and weights and thus can give your business cards a clean, crisp, and legible look and feel.

Arial's easy legibility makes it one of the best fonts for business cards.

4.  Black Caviar (Purchase Only)

If the nature of your business is creative and innovative, then this script typeface can be a good business card font.

Black Caviar is a popular choice among graphic designers for its humanistic touch of handwritten-like letterheads, making the names and signatures on your business cards look as if written by hand. The font has multiple variations and thus can be coupled with any serif or sans serif font.

black caviar
Credit: Creative Market

5. Riviera (Free)

Riviera is another script font featuring an innovative character design to add a unique oomph to your text.

This font is mostly reserved for logos, but in recent times, it has been used on business cards and in crafting headlines. However, this font is mostly reserved for logos, but in recent times, it has been used on business cards and crafting headlines. Also, this font might not be a good choice for secondary texts, so remember that.

Credit: Behance

6. Buenard (Free)

A serif font, Buenard looks great on business cards due to their slightly slanted (or angled) serifs. Its character design features various glyphs and thus makes it one of the most versatile and best business card fonts, especially for names and headings

Credit: Dafont Free

7.  Playfair Display (Free)

One of the most conventional yet popular fonts in today's marketing industry, Playfair Display is known for its serif typeface that is minimalistic yet regal. If you want to design a professional or formal business card, this font can be a good choice.

playfair display
Credit: Dafont Free

8. Futura (Free)

Another free font that comes in various styles, sizes, and weights, Futura is one of the best sans serif typefaces for business cards.

Designed in 1927, the Futura font is based on geometric shapes, especially circular shapes. The font was named "the typeface of today and tomorrow" and was extensively used in marketing campaigns for Bauer and its American subsidiaries.

Futura comes with localized glyphs for various European languages, especially German.

Credit: BP&O

9. Trajan Pro (Free)

Trajan Pro is one of those business card fonts that adds an imperial touch to your cards. The font is known for its minimalistic yet decorative appeal.

Its genesis is said to be ancient Roman inscriptions making it a perfect font choice to add a dash of elegance to a powerful business card. It can be a great business card font for lawyers and law firms websites.

trajan pro
Credit: ManyPixels

10. Solomon (Purchase Only)

If you are looking for a minimalist yet stylish serif font that would look classy and creative on your business cards, then Solomon is an excellent font choice.

Due to its affluent character design and multiple weights, Solomon is best suited for apparel, fashion, and luxury business cards.

Credit: Envato Elements

11. Southampton (Purchase Only)

Another script typeface, the Southampton font has an aesthetic appeal and looks fantastic on business cards with a creative and modern look.

Southampton adds a personalized handwritten touch to the business cards with its modern, elegant, and classy look. It is commonly suited for headlines, names, and logos.

Credit: Envato Elements

12. Leyton (Free)

If you own a luxury business and you’re looking to add that luxurious and regal touch to your business cards, then Leyton is the perfect choice for your high-end business cards.

The font is free to use and is best suited for headings and names of fashion logos, agencies, and hotels.

Credit: Dafont Free

13.  Mosk (Free)

Mosk is a modern sans serif linear font that adds a noble, clean, yet stylish touch to your logos, headlines, and even to other creatives.

It is suitable for body text, comes in various weights, and is free to use for personal and commercial purposes.

Credit: Dafont Free

14. Apple Garamond (Free)

When Apple launched Macintosh in 1984, they also introduced their main branding font: Apple Garamond. It has since been used in all the company’s marketing material – digital and print.

If you are a CEO and looking to create a powerful business card that matches your authority, then Apple Garamond can spiff up your business card with a retrospective touch.

apple garamond

15.  Broadway (Purchase Only)

If you want a decorative business card that oozes creativity and innovation, then a script font like Broadway can be your best bet. However, couple this script font with a serif/sans serif font since Broadway looks fantastic for names and signatures, but not with the body text.

Credit: Font Bundles

16. Helios (Purchase Only)

If the nature of your business is technology, artificial intelligence, or anything futuristic, then you should consider Helios as one of your business card font ideas. Its various alternatives of uppercase letters can give your business card just the right style and tone.

Credit: Envato Elements

17.  Kiona (Free)

Kiona is a modern, all-caps sans serif font that gives a modern feel to your business cards. Ellen Luff designed this awesome font in 2018, and it comes in 4 weights (regular, light, bold, and semibold).

Since it is an all-cap font, its usage is limited to names, headings, and logos. You can design an appealing and eye-catching business card with Kiona's modern yet polite character style.

Credit: Free Fonts Family

18. Bontella (Free)

Suppose you want to choose a script font for your business card but think the thinness of these fonts might be illegible. In that case, a bulkier alternative for you is Bontella.

Its beautiful decorative character design appeals to viewers and adds a touch of creative professionalism to your business cards. With its dancing baseline, 420 glyphs, and alternate weights, Bontella can be a great choice if you are looking to mix and match it with serif/sans serif fonts.


19. Reptile (Free)

Yes, you read it right. This font is as unique as its name. Reptile is an awesome font if you want to add that modern, cool touch to your business card. Its design motifs are inspired by the physical characteristics of alligators, lizards, and snakes.

Reptile’s characters come in uppercase and lowercase; hence, this font can be used in various headings, logos, and even body texts.


20. Montserrat (Free)

Montserrat is one of the favorites among graphic designers and businesses alike when choosing business card fonts.

It is not just simple and sleek, but it is easy to read and thus looks the best in banners, logos, and promotional materials. Its simple look and legibility make it one of the most beautiful fonts for any purpose.

Credit: Free Fonts Family

21.  Roboto (Free)

One of the most common fonts used by designers, Roboto is a neo-grotesque, sans serif font and comes in 6 different weights and 28 alternative styles.

This versatility makes it one of the most popular and best fonts for business cards.

Credit: Free Fonts Vault

What is a Good Font Size for Business Cards?

Ideally, a good font size for business cards is between 10 pt to 16 pt.

For the names, headings, and primary texts, always go with a larger font size, as it makes the most crucial details apparent and fills the space as well.

For the secondary texts like contact details, go for a smaller font size.

However, do not go below 8 pt, as it will make the font hard to read and might potentially ruin the client's perception of you and your business.

Sans serif fonts are easier to read even in small font sizes; however, script fonts and serif fonts are almost illegible in smaller font sizes. So, choosing the best font size for your business card mainly depends on what kind of typeface you choose.

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