17 Business Stationery Examples That Prove Corporate Can Be Creative

Learn about good business stationery design with real-world examples, sorted into 3 categories: Embossed, Simple but Effective, and Luxe.

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May 16, 2024

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From a small business to a huge corporation, many companies will come across the need for office stationery with high-quality design. Even though it’s considered a simple collateral asset, stationery design is a touch of finesse that ultimately communicates your brand image with employees, collaborators and customers. That is why it should be true to your branding, well-designed and if you want to take it to the next level, creative.

At the same time, when we’re thinking of business stationery, we picture simple white letterheads and envelopes with the company logo printed on them. But as of late, stationery looks unique, innovative and much more than just a means of exchanging contact information and communication.

In previous articles, we wrote about what makes great stationery design and even created free and downloadable stationery templates for you. Now, we’re gonna go through some cool examples from across the Internet, to prove that ‘business’ doesn’t mean ‘boring’.



Embossing your business logo and other elements on paper stock, letterheads, business cards, greeting cards, and other personalized stationery, immediately elevates their look. You can either get custom-designed embossed stationery or simply buy a manufactured embosser that will enable you to imprint anything yourself for lower pricing.

1. Covalence Architectes

This architecture firm used a matte peach color paper for its note cards, business cards and envelopes, matched with a plain white paper as letterhead stationery. However, the lavish golden embossing on the stationery makes this look extravagant, serious and respectable, while at the same time creative and unique.

convalesce 1.jpg
convalesce 2.jpg

2. Matteo Belgeri

A luxurious indigo-blue with gold embossing makes the stationery of designer Matteo Belgeri a memorable and stylish one. Instead of just pressing in the business logo, Belgeri creates a topographical experience from his business stationery and overall personal branding, which looks as intricate as his designs.

matteo belgheri 1.jpg
matteo belgheri 2.jpg

3. Civil

This furniture brand that is inspired by the Scandinavian minimalist style, stays on brand with the stationary design too. Using pastel colors and embossing to add their equally simplistic and elegant logo, Civil created a low-effort, high-quality look.

civil 1.jpg
civil 2.jpg

4. Ji & Chang

This fancy stationery includes embossing of the mirrored monogram of the business, as well as a lettermark in gold. The choice of colors is corporate, yet playful, and makes for a very unusually fresh palette in stationery design.

ji & chang 1.jpg
ji & chang 2.jpg
ji & chang 3.jpg

5. B|D Landscape Architects

A splash of zesty orange color on a simple white base is enough to make a lasting impression with the stationary of B|D Landscape Architects. It is a very contemporary and fresh look, that can be borrowed as inspiration for your own needs.

bd landscape 1.jpg
bd landscape 2.jpg

Simple, but effective

Simplicity isn’t something that is in any way considered to be a bad thing when it comes to graphic design. On the contrary, the simpler a design is without compromising the goal it needs to achieve, the better. Here are some business stationery designs that are simple, but effective in looking professional, stylish and well-designed.

6. Futurea

A simple design with a fresh and youthful color palette adorns the card stock, business letterheads and envelopes of Futurea. The urban and minimalist look goes perfectly with the quirky wordmark for this business.

futurea 1.jpg

7. Shifa Hospital

White and green have for a long time been the colors we connect to health and wellbeing, which is why they make a suitable choice for hospital branding. Shifa Hospital applied them to the stationery as well, using the geometric pattern and sans serif typography all across the board.

shifa 1.jpg

8. Bookstore branding

This Russian bookstore thought of its customers, creating more than just the standard stationery needed for internal use. They produced gift cards, bookmarks, stamp cards, stickers, etc., all in a simple and affordable way.

bookstore 1.jpg

9. Cabrera Advocacia

Here is a great example of an extensive and creative law firm branding. It might just be me, but I am used to seeing legal notices and agreements packed in a simple kraft paper envelope, and seeing no particularity in the branding materials meant for the lawyer’s personal use. Cabrera Advocacia has only the simplest and most common of stationery items, but they immediately help remember the law firm's name and brand.

pitu 1.jpg
pitu 2.jpg

11. Media Fighters

Here is another unusually colorful and pop-arty stationery, created for an advertising agency. It looks like a Mattise collage and a pop-art rendition at the same time. Simple, colorful and cool.

media fighters 1.jpg

12. Kizashi

No, you haven’t suddenly entered a world where everything looks like the 80s, it’s just the super-nostalgic and colorful look of this stationery. The neon colors and bold shapes make it cool, even though it’s a super simple design.

kizashi 1.jpg

13. Synx

This artificial intelligence company infused translucent materials, as well as reflective foil and a splash of color on the black background. The combination forms a bold and noticeable look, unlike typical stationery. However, it’s safe to presume it comes at a costlier price.

synx 1.jpg
synx 2.jpg

14. Mimosa

With a wider color palette that includes emerald green, pastel pink, white and gold, Mimosa’s stationery set looks playful and braver than the usual moderately colorful designs.

mimosa 1.jpg
mimosa 2.jpg


If you want to communicate through your stationery design that your business is respectable, long-lasting and reputable, make some fancy stationery. Whether it’s the delicate materials used, the choice of colors, or the already fancy branding your company has, some elements can help you stand out from the rest.

15. Beco Creative Studio

This might be the most delicate and elegant stationery set I have come across. The pearly holo effect combined with the matte white and black background, it is a simple and cute, but luscious design. Of course, the materials used are expensive and possibly harder to work with.

beco 1.jpg
beco 2.jpg
beco 3.jpg

16. Anza Invest Group

Black and gold has always been a power move in terms of design. And luckily it’s also very contemporary and modern to use black as a base instead of white. Anza Invest Group stationery design proves that; and if you like the style be sure to check our selection of cool all-black business cards.

anza 1.jpg
anza 2.jpg

17. Snob Hôtel

Finally, we have a Parisian hotel that used the fanciest and famous style that came out of the golden era of the city of love—Art Deco. The velvety texture, geometric patterns and choice of color make it a luxurious and effective branding asset.

snob 1.jpg
snob 2.jpg
snob 3.jpg

Learn about good business stationery design with real-world examples, sorted into 3 categories: Embossed, Simple but Effective, and Luxe.

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