11 Hair Salon Flyer Designs That Are Better Than Free Templates

Check out some terrific flyer design ideas for modern hair salons, barbershops, beauty and nail salons.

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June 17, 2024

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Whether you’re a small family business or a powerhouse of modern cuts, in this list you’ll find plenty of ideas of amazing flyer designs for hair stylists and salon businesses.

As a hair stylist, you can’t really afford to have flyers that are out of date—imagine seeing a business flyer with a washed-out image from the 80s and an equally bad mullet. Chances are this probably wouldn’t be your hair salon of choice. Hair stylists need to keep up with the current trends and a professional hair salon flyer should reflect the professionalism of any hairdresser’s business.

Similarly in the COVID-19 era, it’s also very important to keep your promotional flyers up-to-date and let customers know that your salon takes all the sanitary precautions.

So if you’re looking for some trendy and contemporary examples of hair and beauty salon flyers, here are 11 awesome designs to inspire you!

Hair models

Before we all walked around with smartphones and the wisdom of Google at our fingertips, going to a hairdresser could be a traumatic experience. How do you explain exactly what you want? And how can you make sure that the hair stylist gets it?

Simple! Show them a cool picture that caught your attention from their flyer design.

1. Barber Shop Postcard Template

This barber shop flyer template makes great use of photography. The iconic handlebar mustache that hipsters love so much is paired with a couple of other photos of particularly edgy-looking guys. You’ve got a salon business that is perfect for a specific clientele? Then make it obvious and the right customers will flock to your salon.

2.Sultan’s Beauty & Hair

This hair and beauty salon flyer is a great example of a promotional flyer. The photos are paired with key information like a price list, but also the overall visual appeal fits the brand identity. The illustrated salon logo design is beautifully incorporated into the flyer, as it’s both prominent but not overpowering the key information.

3. Petrilli Parrucchieri

This amazing design that almost looks like a rave party flyer was actually created for the rebranding of an old hair salon in Rome. The modern design makes for a great hair stylist flyer since it suggests that in this establishment you’re going to get a very hip hairdo. It also has a great and useful layout: the front page is colorful and captures people’s attention and the backside provides a comprehensive price list which also gives potential customers an idea of what you do.

petrilli parrucchieri hair salon flyer.jpg
By Dario Petrilli via Behance

4. Flyer for a beauty hair salon

Colors are super important in the hairdressing business; if you’ve ever tried to dye your hair yourself you might know how hard it is to get the perfect hair color just right. That’s why a vibrant hair salon flyer like this can inspire your customers to try out something new and bold; of course so long as they’re in the hands of experienced professionals.

bright color hair salon flyer.jpg
By Mahmudul Hasan Mahmud via Behance

Professional and minimalist beauty salon flyers

If you’re looking for a very elegant, minimalist design you might be able to find some hair salon flyer templates online; there are even some free downloads out there. However, bear in mind that while free beauty salon flyer templates might lure the occasional customer to visit your establishment, they won’t help you build a lasting brand image.

If you have some basic skills in software like Adobe Photoshop, you can download and edit a PSD file format to fit your needs (e.g. with your brand color or typography that you use for your marketing materials).

Here are some great, simple hair and beauty salon flyers to inspire you.

5. Hair Salon Template

This hair salon flyer template has a very elegant design that could easily work on different print and promotional materials like brochures, rack cards and pamphlets (check out this article to find out what’s the difference between them).

High-quality black and white photos will give your promotional flyers a more timeless look, but they might not be ideal for tanning salon or makeup artist flyers where seeing photos in full color is important.

black and white hair salon flyer.jpg
Amber Graphics via Creative Market

6. Salon Invite Flyer Design

This grand opening flyer was designed for the launch of makeup and nail salon. If you’re about to host a grand opening of your own salon business, you might be tempted to create something exceptionally glitzy and over-the-top. However, that’s not always the best way to attract potential customers.

Remember that any event flyer should also correspond to your brand identity. If you run a high-end salon a tacky, noisy flyer will put people off.  Take notes from this great beauty salon flyer which consists of some key information, a simple nail salon illustration for visual interest, and of course the makeup artist’s cool geometric logo.

grand opening hair salon flyer.jpg
By Ravi via Dribbble

7. Ma Cherie Beauty Studio

Beautiful doesn’t mean overcrowded with unnecessary details. Check out this lovely branding project for inspiration on business cards, gift certificates, letterheads and more.

This flyer design is actually for advertising a job vacancy but the simple layout would work equally well to inform customers about your story and offer.

spa center and hair salon flyer.jpg
By Dasha Sellest via Behance

8. Beauty salon flyer

The point of handing out flyers is to get customers interested and provide information about what you do. If you’re a hairdresser this is fairly simple, but if designing one flyer that acts as a nail, hair, beauty and spa flyer can be difficult.

Instead of cramming tons of different images on a small flyer, stick to creating something visually appealing and very simple. This design example is a great one to learn from and it contains just a simple illustration and a comprehensive price list that tells visitors all the pampering that can be done in this establishment.

By Shair Ali via Behance

Decorative and eye-catching salon flyers

The difference between a free hair salon flyer template and an outstanding graphic design is originality. Think about how many hair and makeup salon or spa flyers you’ve been handed in your life, and how many you’ve just chucked away immediately. Often the reason for this is lazy graphic design that fails to grab people’s attention.

If you want to ensure people actually remember your salon business once they get a promotional flyer, consider doing something out of the ordinary like the following designs.

9. Pigmental

If you’re looking for something and creative, look no further than this incredible branding project (there are tons of great mockups including gorgeous merch like t-shirts, hats and mugs, and even towels which are a hairdressing necessity).

The hair salon flyer matches the overall visual excitement of the brand. The linework across all branding and marketing materials represents different types of hair. So this design isn’t just very cool, it’s also industry-appropriate without overusing imagery like scissors or hair models.

pigmental hair salon flyer.jpg
By Barbara Isaeva via Behance

10. Nik’s Hair Parlour

If you want something cool and edgy, modern barber shop flyer templates are something to take inspiration from.

While we’re used to seeing bearded hipsters on barber shop logos and marketing materials, hipster ladies are seriously underrepresented. That’s why this hair salon logo is so unique, since it features both a woman and a man. This design is actually for a gift certificate, but it would work almost equally well as a flyer since this amazing logo makes a strong statement on any design.

nik-s hair parlour flyer.jpg
By WIZGRAPHICS via Behance

11. Wonder nails

Printing flyers is fairly affordable, so it’s truly a great opportunity to harness the power of good graphic design and attract new customers to your business.

These nail salon flyers and marketing materials are simply stunning. The color palette, elegant illustrations and simple logo all create a unique visual identity. A salon flyer template usually involves a simple background with splashes of bright color, but bright colors aren’t necessarily the prerequisite to effective design.

In your salon or barber shop people will appreciate flyers that look nice and remind them of your brand. Feel free to use gentle pastel colors if this makes sense for you, rather than bombarding your customers with splashes of bright pink or red.

wonder nails salon flyer (1).jpg
By Katarina Stapenko via Behance

Should you get a salon flyer template?

We hope that this list gave you a taste of what might make a fitting flyer for your salon business. If you have some knowledge of InDesign you can try to create a design template of your own by combining the right colors, fonts and of course images and photos.

If, on the other hand, if you don’t know the first thing about graphic design, you might be tempted to purchase a beauty salon flyer template or even find a free download.

While these are valid options, remember that good design is an investment in the future of your business. Instead of having to make single purchases for salon flyer templates, without the ability to plan your budget, subscribe to our inexpensive and simple service for all the designs you need and want. Try us out risk-free today!


Check out some terrific flyer design ideas for modern hair salons, barbershops, beauty and nail salons.

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