13 Massage Flyer Ideas for the Ultimate Relaxing Experience

Get inspired by these massage flyer templates and create designs that will successfully advertise your massage business.

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October 3, 2023

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Flyers might be an old marketing method, but not even digital advertising can make this promotion staple go out of style. A massage salon is a perfect candidate for flyer advertising, and we’ve got 13 examples of great massage flyer designs to get things rolling.

Benefits of flyer advertising

Flyers have been in use for hundreds of years and are a tried and true strategy of promoting direct marketing. Due to a generally high concentration of massage salons, customers will be much more inclined to opt for a place closer to their home or through word of mouth. For this reason, flyers can be a much more effective advertising method, more so than ads online or on social media.

It’s fast: With the large selection of flyer design templates available online, it can take a fraction of the time that it takes to design a website or an online ad. So, as long as you have a computer, it is a matter of a few hours until you have the finished product (and you don’t need any graphic design experience to create one).

It’s cheap: If you do opt to go for a professional designer to create your flyer, that too can be done at a much lower cost, as flyer designs are typically much simpler and more straightforward, and ready-made templates can be used to make the creation process both faster and cheaper.

It’s tangible: We see tens and hundreds of ads online, and after a while, we learn to filter them out. In the age of such online advertising saturation, a physical paper that can be physically held is a nice breath of fresh air. It also helps to create a more personal experience between yourself and the potential customer. Whether or not they will ultimately visit your business, they will be much more likely to look through it, and if enough incentives and perks are included, there is a good chance they actually will pay you a visit.

Now that the benefits of using a flyer for your massage business have been laid clear on the table, let’s take a closer look at the specific ways to make your flyer design stand out among the rest.

A stimulation of colors

Color is extremely important in marketing for multiple reasons. As some of the biggest visual aids, different colors send various psychological messages to consumers, subconsciously signaling a specific feeling. This psychology of colors expands beyond advertising, as you may have heard of diet hacks such as stocking up on some red plates in order to eat less since this color triggers a sensation of alarm in the brain.

In the same way as we subconsciously associate the color white with purity, black with class and mystery, and yellow with warmth and energy, being ignorant of this psychology and going against it with what you wish for your business to convey can greatly harm your marketing success.

Color table

1. Green (Example 1)

This free massage flyer template is a great example of the use of the deep emerald-green color to signal a feeling of relaxation, tranquility and peace. The relaxed facial expression of the woman with closed eyes reinforces this message further. The use of shapes and interesting cutouts (the rounded lines around the woman) add more visual components to attract the eye. Wouldn’t you want to experience what made her look so at peace?

Design by Freepik

2. Pink (Example 2)

While too much pink can be overpowering or too immature, this spa flyer template combines the color beautifully with a sky blue to balance it and signal an ambiance of youth and femininity, another important aspect of why many people go to receive massages. The flyer includes important information regarding the massage salon, such as contact information, most popular services offered, the opening hours, as well as the price (which can be particularly useful if your shop boasts cheap rates). And who knows, after skimming through the information, perhaps you’ll realize you would like to get a procedure you didn’t even know you needed.

Design by Aam360

3. Blue (Example 3)

The light blue shades used in this flyer design paired with the close-up shot of a youthful woman gives the design a calming and clean look. It’s a brochure more than a classic flyer, and it works well, as it provides space for you to include as much information as possible about your massage services.

As opposed to digital ads where only the most crucial information should be included, the fact is that once a person has the flyer in their hand they will most likely flip through it, even if they end up not using the services in the end. And this is your window of opportunity to provide them with all the information about the services, great price points, and beautiful pictures to showcase your business. This brochure template is also a great choice if your salon offers skincare and facial treatments.

Design by Brochure Design

4. Beige (Example 4)

This next flyer template design may seem overly simple, but it works. The earthy tone of the flyer vaguely resembles papyrus paper and gives off a warm atmosphere. The heart symbol incorporated into the logo further reinforces the feeling of reliability and nurture. Although not much space for text is provided, it is not needed; the design somehow just makes you feel safe and that you will be taken care of if you pay a visit to this establishment. And that is a massage salon marketing job well done.

Design by Vistaprint

5. Purple (Example 5)

Moving into a more sultry category, the purple and deep lagoon-blue colors used in this beauty spa flyer template provide an almost mystifying effect to the design. The flower inside the bowl provides a luxurious feeling to the design, as it is often associated with a pampering, lavish experience. If a fancy massage and spa experience is what you offer, this template is the perfect choice for your business.

Design by Vistaprint

Practice of objects

Imagery plays an important role in flyer design, as it is the first thing that catches the eye and sends signals to the brain to comprehend what the image is about. Certain objects become the quintessential go-to imagery in various professional fields, as it over time becomes associated with that line of work, and sends the appropriate message to consumers to create the desired image of said business. While it can be repetitive at times, it is used because it works.

6. Stones (Example 6)

Perhaps the most exemplary object of the massage industry (other than hands) is stones. The reason being the rise of popularity of the stone massage method as well as its success and reputability among clients, as it promises to alleviate pain, provide relaxation and improve the overall wellbeing of the body. The following massage therapy flyer features an image of the stones up close as well as in use on the smaller photos at the bottom. If your massage salon specializes in stone massages, such a layout can be a great option.

Design by Vistaprint

7. Towels…and candles (Example #7)

A couple’s massage is a great way to bond and do some relaxing together (as a nice switch up to watching Netflix), whether on vacation or during a weekend. Candles are a great way to add romance and warmth to any scenario, and this spa massage flyer incorporates it very well into the design. As for the towels, beauty lies in the little things, and the scent of a freshly washed towel is sometimes all that’s needed to brighten up a day and wipe all the worries away.

Towels and candles
Design by Vistaprint

8. Orchids (or flowers in general) (Example #8)

The orchid flower carries many connotations with it, namely fertility, love and elegance. The colors of the flower also signify innocence, purity, femininity and grace. Serving as a symbol of rejuvenation, orchids are a nice addition to any massage flyer. This template also features space for a special offer discount; a great way to incentivize customers to visit your salon, as a discount gives customers a feeling of urgency, in turn making them much more likely to make the purchase.

Design by Vistaprint

9. Interior design (Example #9)

Just like a great outfit is half the job of feeling on point, a beautiful interior design that evokes feelings of peace and relaxation is the outfit of spa salons. This beautiful flyer design with muted tones features a stunning picture of an interior of a salon, and the chair directly facing the front almost invites you to take a seat and have the most relaxing afternoon of your life (or whenever else your eyes stumble upon it).

Interior design
Design by Vistaprint

The “logo-focused” technique

The logo is the face of the company, serving as a visual representation of your business and what you stand for. Having a good, memorable logo is key for any business, and a massage salon is no exception. Check out our list of massage logo ideas to create the best logo for the best massage business.

10. Mind, body, spirit

The trinity of the wellness world, the mind, body and spirit connection is emphasized greatly in the massage business, as true wellbeing is achieved through striking a balance between the three. The overall look of this flyer template is quite minimalistic as it uses only two primary colors, with a photo of distant hills as the background, thus making text and the logo the greatest emphasis.

Mind body spirit
Design by Vistaprint

11. Minimalism (Example #11)

Another example of minimalistic flyer design, this entry features darker tones with a picture of hands massaging a background, making the white logo and text the primary focus. Although very simple, this design works great as it looks modern and gets straight to the point. The design is also versatile enough to be used across various mediums, including business cards.

Design by Vistaprint


Typography is a great way to portray the quality and type of your massage salon with the swirls and strokes of the letters. Different fonts convey different feelings and styles subconsciously to the eye, and knowing these and incorporating them into your flyer design can be a great way to create a successful marketing campaign for your massage business.

12. Aftercare (Example #12)

The textured script font is the focal point of this flyer template design. As script fonts resemble handwriting, they typically have a more personal and casual feel—perfect for a business that specializes in providing relaxation. While the design itself is simple, the font makes up for it, and the overall toned-down appearance of the flyer provides class to the design.

Design by Vistaprint

13. Delicate (Example #13)

The design of this last flyer design entry gives off a delicate and tranquil feeling. The muted purple/blush tones paired with the photos of a woman seemingly in a most relaxed state as she is receiving a massage portray the business to be likened to something close to massage heaven. The “company name” text is written in a sans serif font, giving off a crisp, clean and professional feeling. The font for the headline is alternatively in script font, providing a droplet of gentleness to the flyer design, like massage oil touching the skin.

Design by Vistaprint

Get inspired by these massage flyer templates and create designs that will successfully advertise your massage business.

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