20 Spa Fonts to Use in Your Branding Design

Find 20 fonts to use in your spa branding and marketing efforts, sorted into 4 categories: Fancy serifs, Eastern-inspired, Greek & Roman and Script.

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May 18, 2024

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Apart from relaxation and pampering, people connect spas to beauty and aesthetics. Find a font to help you meet that expectation, and use it in logo design, packaging, collateral and other branding projects.

When I think of spa branding design, I immediately am reminded of gorgeous serif fonts, intricate typography inspired by Eastern cultures, and lovely script fonts that symbolize feminine beauty and delicate touches.

The luxury and relaxation spa centers offer are often translated into spa logos, beautiful packaging, and any asset they create to promote their services, such as brochures and flyers. But, apart from the logo, another base element in design would be a good font or two, to use in those assets.

In this article, we’ll go through some lovely typography designs in four different categories, hoping you’ll find your perfect spa font in our selection.


Fancy serif fonts

Serif typography is a classic, old category of fonts, and mostly connected to tradition, trustworthiness and, as many examples would suggest, fashion and wellness. From Vogue to Dior, you’ll see that in many cases, a serif font is the sole element of a classy logo. Here are some that would make a great base for your spa logo and other branding assets.

1. De Bambeet (free for personal use)

Characterized by swirly ligatures, a condensed width and a generous height of the letters, De Bambeet looks like perfectly classy typography fitting for spas and massage salons. It comes only in uppercase letters, so make sure you have a secondary font for body text. Use it with clean elements and a gentle color palette for the best effect.

2. Erotique (free for personal use)

Erotique has very distinctive and somewhat quirky shoes on the ends of letters, which all differ in width. That makes it a striking, but elegant font that will look good on your branding efforts. It is also a very contemporary font since slighter ligatures in serif fonts are very popular as of late.

3. New York (free for commercial use)

This completely free font is perfect for luxury design projects, as the designer himself claims. It’s simpler and less decorative than the previous two, but that makes it all the more suitable if you want to add other elements in your design, as it won’t oversaturate the final product.

4. Afterglow (free for personal use)

Afterglow takes a turn from the contemporary serif font look and takes us into a more classical feel with long ligatures and bulkier letters. It would make a great secondary font as well.

5. Atteron (free for personal use)

Here is another all-caps font, with generous spacing between letters and a very clean and crisp look. Personally, I love fonts that let the design ‘breathe’, as one might say, since I am not a fan of cramped designs with too much going on. This font is exactly that: typography that doesn't have too many elements but is classy and elegant enough in itself.

6. Salvalyn (free for personal use)

This stylistic serif font is a demo version, so it’s still a work in progress. You can however get the full version with a commercial license. It differs with decorative swashes and ligatures. The demo version is still elegant and makes a perfect logo font. The drastic difference between thin and thick lines is a noticeable element that will make your design stand out.


Ancient Babylonian runes, Thai lettering and the free-flowing lines of Hindi calligraphy make a perfect choice for a spa. Don’t settle for a Papyrus, cause you can find other typography with an eastern and tribal feel.

7. Mahaputra (free for personal use)

Here is a font that plays perfectly on the line between classy and decorative, never leaning too much on either side. Even though it has wider knobs on the letters, it’s never too much and would look great on a gold embossed logo.

8. Sketsa Ramadhan (free for personal use)

This font is inspired by the Arabic calligraphy styles of the Middle East and makes a beautiful oriental and ornamental font style for your spa branding needs. It comes in TTF and OTF files, meaning it's editable. However, for more than personal needs and editing for branding needs, you’ll need to purchase a commercial license.

9. Kana (free for commercial use)

Here is another decorative logo that looks like it’s inspired from indigenous art. The swirls make it look three-dimensional, giving it a unique look. If you want your customers to think of summer and beaches when they see your logo, this is the font you need.

10. Budaya (free for personal use)

The final entry in the Eastern-inspired fonts category comes from an East-Asian aesthetic, and looks like carved Chinese characters, but turned into the Latin alphabet. It’s bolder and more noticeable typography, so try not to overdo it with too many elements.

Roman and Greek-inspired

Many fonts today are inspired by wood and stone carvings from ancient times. One of those groups is serif fonts. But, a wider and niche group would be fonts that still bear a strong resemblance to Roman and Greek fonts.

11. Roman SD (free for commercial use)

This font was based on the lettering on Trajan’s column in Rome, but with a calligraphic feel in place of the stone carving look. So it’s no surprise that the resemblance is uncanny. Ancient Rome is also well known for its habit of visiting thermal baths, many of which still exist. So, a Roman-inspired font is a great choice even today.

12. Romanica (free for personal use)

As the designer behind this modern rendering of an ancient type explains, Romanica is a relaxed humanist sans with subtly curved corners and slightly flared glyphic terminals. It has the authority of the ages without the harshness of many classically inspired typefaces.

13. Stein Antik (free for commercial use)

This font has a greater resemblance to Ancient Greek typography but suited for the Latin alphabet. It has a script font feel but is defined and well-constructed.

14. Coldiac (free for personal use)

Coldiac is farther from a Roman font and closer to a contemporary serif. However, the endings of letters (present in all serifs) are very traditional and classy, which is why it ended up in this selection. It is a stylish and sleek font, perfect for logo design.

Script fonts

Finally, we have calligraphic script fonts that are mostly thought to be gentle, feminine and decorative. However, bear in mind that not all of them are perfectly legible, and are sometimes more fitting for a secondary font choice.

15. Grand Amoura (free for personal use)

Thin lines, generous ligatures and a romantic feel are the first things you notice with Grand Amoura. Just look at that lovely capital letter S! I can already see it embroidered on robes and towels.

16. Adriana (free for personal use)

Adriana has a more youthful and playful look and is less classy and elegant. However, if you want to communicate approachability, friendliness and relaxation through your brand design, it is a great choice.

17. Gaulmen (free for personal use)

Gaulmen has a regal calligraphic look, and even though the swashes are twirly and long, the bulkiness of the text ensures legibility and cleanliness of the design. It is great for a brand that prides itself on tradition, class and trustworthiness.

18. Birds of Paradise (free for personal use)

Birds of Paradise is a revival inspired by a font created by typography designer Al Elliot in 1975. It is a very elegant and luxurious script font, slightly italic and condensed for a more compact look.

19. Candle Mustard (free for personal use)

Don’t let its name fool you, cause Candle Mustard looks like it should be called Candle Sandalwood. It immediately reminds you of sophistication and a relaxing atmosphere, boasting with gorgeous ligatures that make it extraordinarily decorative.

20. Coneria Script (free for personal use)

Coneria is another feminine and delicate calligraphy font that has a feeling of grace and gentleness, perfect for a spa. It is not as bold as the previous example but has similarities in the swashes and ligatures.

Journalist turned content writer. Based in North Macedonia, aiming to be a digital nomad. Always loved to write, and found my perfect job writing about graphic design, art and creativity. A self-proclaimed film connoisseur, cook and nerd in disguise.

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