20 Social Media Ad Design Examples To Get Inspired By

Get inspired for your next social media campaign by some of the most eye-catching ad design examples.

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September 26, 2023

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In this article, we’ll go over some of the best social media ad designs created on different platforms. If you have a creative block when designing your next campaign, this selection will help you get inspired.

In this competitive advertising world, the newsfeed has become so saturated that it's a challenge for companies and their ad agencies to cut through all that noise.

While Facebook is the leading social media platform in terms of social media marketing, the rest of the channels are not far behind. This article will showcase some of the best social media ad designs in 2021 to inspire your next campaign.

Understanding social media demographics and marketing tools can enable brands to develop efficient strategies for maximum results. This article will present case studies for some of the best ad designs (including video ads and ads using new technologies) that generated exceptional results on different social media platforms.


The pandemic has changed everything, the way we work, the way we travel, the way we socialize. The one thing that remains constant, though, is Facebook's popularity.

In recent years, Facebook became the go-to platform for more than 160 million businesses that utilize social media content to advertise and communicate with their social community. Some brands capitalized on this channel's omnipresence in people's lives to fulfill their marketing goals through game-changing Facebook advertising.


MADE's goal in 2021 was to raise brand awareness among the target audience. Testing new technologies to attract new consumers and increase awareness is a risky business. Yet, when done correctly, this kind of out-of-the-box thinking can change the advertising game.

The pandemic took its toll on the revenue of most businesses globally. MADE tried to find a new way for people to experience its products without leaving their homes, and the use of augmented reality in their Facebook ads seemed like the perfect solution.


The campaign aimed to attract new customers to its Discovery+ subscription streaming service. Discovery used Facebook's dynamic ads for streaming.

This type of ad uses a machine learning model that automatically generates personalized ads with ad creative that promotes the title(s) which individual people are interested in. The machine learning system tailors ads based on people's online behavior and interests without configuring personal ads for each title.


Clinique launched a new line of moisturizers and promoted the products with a global ad campaign synchronized on 20 markets. The goal of the campaign was to boost global skincare sales.

The brand used Facebook Story ads to create a thumb-stopping, mobile-first creative that addressed the multiple benefits of Clinique iD. The campaign was conducted in multiple markets, and in each region the ads reached local audience with centralized messaging and ad creative.

Visit Abu Dhabi

Visit Abu Dhabi is part of the emirate's Department of Culture and Tourism. Its role is to drive and increase awareness and place Abu Dhabi on the tourist destination maps, with the UK as a critical market.

Using the mixed marketing model to get more insights into its campaigns, Visit Abu Dhabi found that Facebook was the best channel to produce a return on ad spend. The campaign's goal was to maximize return on investment, in particular, to assess the impact of its media ad spend on flight searches from the UK to Abu Dhabi.

Facebook Instant Articles and in-stream high-quality video ads were the most effective ways to drive interest, generating 4X return on ad spend and 10.4% contribution to flight search revenue from Facebook.


Oris Swiss Watches' response to the negative effects of the COVID-19 pandemic that shuttered numerous retail spaces was to shift focus to online sales of its luxury watches.

Oris presented all its catalogs as dynamic carousel ads, delivered across ten markets, with separate ad copy on local languages and relevant pricing.


Instagram, the other giant in Facebook's Meta universe, is helping businesses around the world drive results with eye-catching content and ads. With more than 1 billion users worldwide in 2021, this social media platform was established as one of the most popular among young adults.


This company that offers photo printing services created the FreePrints app that allows people to print their photos directly from their smartphones. Through the app, PlanetArt offers 40 free print designs monthly.

The campaign's goal was to increase the number of app downloads and sales by reaching young adults with engaging Instagram ads.

The solution was to partner with influencer Karen X Cheng, who filmed prototype reels that inspired 30 more creators from France and the UK. The brand then used Karen's high-quality videos for the branded content ads.


This custom watchmaker wanted to encourage people to learn more about its products and increase online sales. To do so, UNDONE tested how Instagram ads with product tags will perform.

With this type of ad, when potential shoppers tap on the advertisement with product tags, the link takes them to a landing page with product information within Instagram, and they can choose whether to make a purchase in-app or from the website.


This brand covered the launch of its latest collection at the Milan Fashion Week with Instagram Live and Reels ads. The goal was to drive emotional brand engagement and promote the brand's second collab with Russel Athletic to strengthen appeal among the younger demographic. BOSS created entertaining and engaging content to boost its social media presence.

Creator and videographer Fred Stauffer created videos for Reels ads that showed 16 creators presenting their outfits in unique and entertaining ways.

The campaign generated a 1600% increase in social engagement on the BOSS Instagram account over four days.


The electric appliance manufacturer launched a new product and ran a campaign on Instagram to promote its new luxury toaster oven in Japan. Using consumer insights, Panasonic identified the best creative for Instagram ad formats based on the concept of "Crispy, fluffy and perfect toast.

The ads ran in Instagram feed and Stories and supported a "full-funnel" campaign approach, showing different creative variations, appealing to specific audiences.


Furniture retailer DFS wanted to increase online sales by adding product tags to its Instagram ads. By providing a smoother purchase experience with Instagram Shops, the brand helped people to move from inspiration to action.

By tapping on the ad, people were taken to the DFS Instagram Shop to browse the products and get all product information without leaving the Instagram app. A further tap then took people to the landing page to add the item to their cart.


Brands advertising on Twitter in 2021 aimed at creating trending content, from groundbreaking launches to social campaigns that raised awareness.

Nick Jr.

This video ad tapped into nostalgia with a heart-warming video message, delivered by Steve from "Blue's Clues" to announce the show's 25th anniversary. The powerful message resonated strongly with the target audience - kids who grew up with the show.

The tone of voice, colors, and story work perfectly to spark emotions and drive engagement.

Nintendo of America

#NintendoSwitch was the most Tweeted brand hashtag of the year and Nintendo of America cashed in on it with this red-colored ad design. While the design is pretty simple, combining just the two colors, we all know how eye-catching red can be.


The milk's favorite cookie used its color blue and relied on brand recognition with its #OREOscope campaign.

The Twitter handle analyzed the fan's most recent Tweets to share a personalized OREO horoscope with tasty insights about their personality.

The clever use of data and personalization people around the world to share their personal Oreo horoscope with the community. This innovative ad was picked as “Best campaign to creatively push the envelope” by Twitter.


The #ThankYouNurses campaign by CeraVe celebrated the heroes of the pandemic with this carousel ad that introduced health workers as "Heroes behind the masks" with a heartwarming message and tasteful typography.


With over 740 million users, LinkedIn has grown from a networking site for professionals to one of the top social media networks. LinkedIn ads often are not the first option for marketing, yet this social media platform offers some unique advantages for achieving specific goals and reaching more professional audiences.

Intel Corporation

Carousels are one of the best ad formats for brands to generate more clicks and engagement with their demographics. Intel used this comic book-like carousel ad to catch its target audience's attention, mainly IT professionals.

The brand relied on understanding the needs of its audience and listing the benefits of the product in a storytelling manner.


According to recent studies, 32% of LinkedIn users need six or more clicks to make a purchase decision. With this in mind, Airbnb created a carousel ad that focuses on brand awareness by offering some post-COVID tips.

KPMG Hungary

In this LinkedIn video ad, an intern receives her first evaluation from her boss. The meeting is interrupted by a phone call, and the boss excuses himself to take it, forgetting to mute his mic. Then the intern gets to listen to her boss laugh about the fact that soon she will be fired and the company facing bankruptcy. The story ends with a message about choosing a reliable company for employment.

This out-of-the-box thinking was a great approach for generating excellent results through humorous storytelling and efficient messaging.


As a video platform that offers users to create and host videos for sales and marketing campaigns, no wonder Vidyard chose to advertise through video ads, too.

This ad uses various backdrops to help people visualize how they can use the software. The CTA at the end is very compelling: "Give your campaigns an edge with video."

To maximize the results, Vidyard mentions its target audience in the ad copy: "Video designed for marketers."

The Ontario SPCA and Humane Society

This Canadian charity focused on animal protection, and animal advocacy cleverly featured a cat's striking photo to promote its next conference. The use of big, bold images as "scroll stoppers" is an excellent way of attracting the audience, especially when the target demographic is well defined.

The image shows a brief caption that includes essential info without taking away from the visual effect of the main subject. The "Register" button is a straightforward call to action.


This exceptional LinkedIn carousel ad used different cards to feature a specific value proposition. The ad used the brand's vibrant colors as dominant background and eye-catching images and messages that resonated with the target audience.

Key takeaways

Social media platforms offer different paths to reach different audiences. When used properly, a campaign can raise awareness, generate engagement and boost sales.

More and more brands are making bold moves and out-of-the-box thinking about using the platforms' specific tools for advertising. Still, one of the most influential factors for a successful ad is the design.

Campaigns created with insights about the brand's target audience in mind can make a personal connection with the potential customers and deliver outstanding results.

Images are a powerful asset for conveying messages, and when they are combined with the brand's colors and striking typography, they are both engaging and informative.

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