16 of the Best Law Firm Website Designs to Learn From

Learn the basics of good law firm website design, from SEO strategy to key value propositions, as well as images you need to include.

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June 5, 2023

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How to create a law firm website design? One of the most effective tactics is to learn from the best! We’ve compiled a list of 15 great law firm websites that will help inspire your own!

When prospective clients search for a lawyer website, they will probably be swamped with different websites that offer all sorts of legal services. 

The first step to ensure they can find your site is search engine optimization. This includes:

  • Using the right keywords on your site, such as the area of law you specialize in (e.g. family law, company law) or the location of your office (e.g. LA law firm);
  • Adding meta title, description, header and image tags to ensure all pages are properly indexed.
  • Adding internal and external links to improve your content and authority score;
  • Optimizing images and other content for web use to ensure fast loading times.
  • Creating a mobile-friendly website;
  • Implementing schema markup to provide search engines with additional information about your content, which can result in rich snippets in search results.

But if you want to convert those website visitors into clients for your law firm, you’ll need to impress them with beautiful website design. 

Here are some websites that go beyond good functionality and redefine what a good user experience is when searching for legal consultation and help.


Value proposition and company mission in the spotlight

The mission and vision of a company are a key component of its branding strategy

Sharing the mission and key value propositions in the headlines of the homepage helps people learn about the company, its achievements and how they help their clients. Don’t shy away from accentuating the things that make you appealing to customers, whether it’s a free consultation, a better price, or many years of experience.

Here are some websites law firm website designs that put an appealing value proposition front and center.

1. Kirkland & Ellis LLP

Upon landing on the Kirkland & Ellis website, the first thing you notice is their social commitment and Pro Bono Achievements, which is their internal project and commitment to work with immigration law, LGBTQ+ rights, veterans' benefits, criminal appeals, civil rights and sustainable development.

kirland & ellis.jpg

The web design and aesthetic of the menu page is crisp and simple, and you can easily navigate through the important components of the website, such as the Professionals, Services and Social Commitment pages. You can easily learn about the practice areas this company covers, as well as past cases they’ve worked on.

kirland & ellis 2.jpg

2. Hogan Lovells

It can be difficult to decide how to structure a good home page. Especially if your law firm offers different services, and works in different areas of law.

A good way to ensure your law firm web design works is to create a slider in the hero section. This way you can showcase a diverse offer, without cluttering the website.

Hogan Lovells does a great job with this, with a simple slider that includes original photos and eye-catching videos.

3. Bend Law Group

A good value proposition is usually clear and straightforward. However, in the case of attorney website design you can afford to be a little more creative. Since everyone knows what legal services are, a bold value proposition like “Dream Big. We've got your back” works perfectly. 

Answer the search intent

We’ve already mentioned some key tactics to ensure your website is SEO friendly. And web design also plays a part in that.

However, aside from making your law firm web design technically optimized, there are also ways to ensure it provides the best possible answer to the search intent

For example, this might mean putting all the vital information above the fold, so visitors don’t have to scroll down before they find what they’re looking for. Or, it could be a user-friendly navigation menu that allows them to immediately find relevant information.

Here are some law firm websites that are simple and straightforward!

4. Norton Rose Fulbright

At a first glance, the Norton Rose Fulbright website is nothing special. However, scrolling a bit down, you’ll see a short summary of their main industries, fields of practice and number of legal attorneys and offices. By clicking on the ‘People’ option, you’ll find a nifty and practical search tool that allows you to quickly find your next lawyer.

norton rose fulbright.jpg

5. White & Case

Apart from having a very dynamic design, the White & Case website has a very useful advanced search option that will help you find a lawyer in your area, as well as a contact form that helps site visitors reach out for any general inquiry they weren’t able to find information about.


6. Mayer Brown

If you have a specific category of law, such as family law, personal injury, criminal defense, or in Mayer Brown’s case—tax, finance and all things corporate, make sure your website shows it straight off the bat. Their legal practices cover many fields, but all can be merged under their tagline: Uniquely Positioned to Advise the World’s Leading Companies.

mayer brown.jpg

7. W3IP Law

From an aesthetic perspective, the W3IP Law website isn’t nearly as good as it could be. However, from an SEO and user-friendly perspective, it’s a great attorney website. It has all the fields of law the company covers, a “Book a free appointment” button, phone number, and an “Enquire now” button that takes you to a contact form that will make it simple to reach out to an attorney that fits your case. They even thought of including a chatbot and links to social media on the forefront, something most of the companies on this list forgot.


Dynamic images and videos

Using a video or dynamic image on your main landing page’s interface looks great and engaging. However, keep in mind that it also makes your website load slower, so the impatient among your site visitors might bounce off.

8. WilmerHale

WilmerHale uses a typical and probably free stock photo that represents the fields they work with. However, the slow zooming effect makes it a dynamic interface that looks engaging and interesting. The search bar helps visitors navigate through it easily, and scrolling down takes you to the current mission statement and recent news and resources.


9. Kasowitz Benson Torres

In the SaaS industry it’s fairly common to see explainer videos on company homepages. In the case of law firm websites, an explainer video might seem redundant. 

So, you can opt for something a bit different. This website features a video introduction that almost seems like a trailer for a courthouse drama series. But paired with the elegant monochrome background it works perfectly.

Moreover, the rest of the website is also packed with short clips of team members talking about their expertise and experience. This is a perfect way to make the website experience more personal and help potential clients connect with the best lawyer for them.

10. Reese Marketos LLP

This is another great law firm website that makes great use of a background video. Mountain tops may not seem like the most creative choice, but paired with their tagline “High Stakes Commercial Litigation”, the design makes perfect sense.

Unique and quirky law firm web design

Legal marketing isn’t necessarily expected to be creative and funny. A corporate aesthetic and messaging are definitely more suitable but if your company needs to be closer to a more youthful target market that appreciates humor, there are ways to do it tastefully. Of course, we’re not suggesting being funny if you’re in criminal defense or inheritance law, but in some fields, you can allow yourself to experiment a bit.

11. Ploum

The logo and overall branding of this Dutch law firm is based on a puma, that is supposed to be a sort of a spirit animal that reflects the fearlessness and uncompromised dedication that they give to their clients. You wouldn’t expect a puma in an urban jungle posing next to a businesswoman, but it sure helps this company relay that strong message.


12. YLAW Group

A personal touch is a vital part of great lawyer website design. However, corporate headshots on your About Us page aren’t the only way to do it.

This awesome family law firm puts the team front on center on their homepage. However, you can see these lawyers in fun photoshoot poses with great taglines and content.

13. Bicklaw LLP

This law firm specializes in environmental law, and the website’s design shows a lot of animals, often endangered, paired with catchy taglines. As if that’s not creative enough, there’s a simple animation that makes it more engaging and unique.

bicklaw 1.jpg
bicklaw 2.jpg

14. AMS Advocaten

Motion graphics, plenty of white space and a fresh color scheme - these are the ingredients of a modern law firm website design. This Dutch firm is a great example of thinking outside the boat when it comes to online marketing. 

The website is pretty simple, with a simple menu that makes information easy to find. However, the fresh design makes it much more memorable and unique.

Sleek and minimalist legal web design

If you’re a small law firm making your way to the heights, it’s safe to assume that you will start with a simple WordPress layout and a basic color scheme. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing that will limit your possibilities. Websites can look even better when they are sleek and simple, as you can see from the examples below.

15. Fresh Legal

What’s the best way to make a simple website look good? Make sure it’s on-brand

This is especially important when you use website builder templates. There’s nothing wrong with a simple website, but if it looks like something potential clients have seen a thousand times before, it’s not doing its job.

This law office website design incorporates the company name perfectly. Although it only has a couple of images, the unconventional hero image and bright color scheme make it memorable.

16. Harvey Jacob Law

This attorney web design is fairly simple, but there’s a lot to learn from it. A dark background can look very elegant, but be sure to pair it with a lot of white space to ensure it doesn’t look overwhelming. Stick to a color scheme of 2 to 3 colors, to ensure any images that you add to the website don’t make it look too busy. 

This is also a unique example of a single-page website that packs all the most vital information in one easy-to-navigate web page. 


We hope that this selection of law firm websites helped you comprehend what yours should look like, and what are the most important elements it should consist of. For more resources about law firm branding, check out this guide and our list of law firm logos.


Having lived and studied in London and Berlin, I'm back in native Serbia, working remotely and writing short stories and plays in my free time. With previous experience in the nonprofit sector, I'm currently writing about the universal language of good graphic design. I make mix CDs and my playlists are almost exclusively 1960s.

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