20 Car Wash Logos to Inspire You

Find inspiration for your car wash logo design with these 20 creative examples we’ve sorted into 5 categories.

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June 15, 2024

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If you own a car wash business, you probably need more than a free logo template to stand out from the competition. Find inspiration in these examples, from modern and simple to retro and timeless.

When you think of a car wash service, chances are you rarely see good branding or creative logos. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Cheap online logo makers might do the trick, but good branding and unique visual identity can go a long way in every industry.

We compiled 24 cool design solutions for a car wash logo in five categories. Check them out.


Retro badge logos

There is something timeless in old-school badge logos. Here are some of them that merged the retro vibe with a contemporary design.

1.Alaska Car Wash

A simple retro badge with clean and classy colors. The combination of a script and subtly serif font gives this design some moderate temperament and dynamic, which makes it professional, but still standing out.

alaska car wash 1

2.Alaska Car Wash (version 2)

The same artist posted another concept for the same business, and it’s an even simpler and more modern one. It’s a simple circle badge in white, but the font combination is a bit different. While the designer went with the same script font for the business name, the secondary font is a sans serif one.

alaska car wash 2

3.Johnny’s Mobile Detail

This concept with three different logo variations is retro and simple. Assuming it’s an American-owned business, the colors of the US flag make the base color palette of this design. Apart from the circle badge and a rectangle variation, the artist provided a cool monogram too.

johnny-s mobile detail

4.Car Wash by Garage Detailing

Another cool design, this time depicting a fast car in motion, with the foam still on. The font is sans serif, blocky and bold, and the combination of contrasting colors surely makes this a noticeable logo.

car wash garage detailing

Logos with icons

Some car wash logo designs stray away from the vintage and retro style and instead go for a modern and simplistic icon combined with the wordmark.


This cool custom logo consists of an icon and lowercase wordmark written in the Aristotelica font. The icon is made from a combination of a car wheel and the back part of a chassis frame, and a drop of water. And of course, some extra wash bubbles from the soap. The complete branding project also includes custom made car wash icons.


6.Between Detailing

This car wash service prides itself on its eco-friendly approach of cleaning with no water. Their core motivation is the convenience of the customer and the safety of the environment. They used their brand story in the logo design too. As the designer explains, the inspiration behind it is the detail-oriented work ethic and eco-friendly brand model.

between detailing


This car wash company went a step further in its mission to look authentic and contemporary, and it’s suitable because it’s a mobile app and service that provides innovative car cleaning on-the-spot with the use of eco-friendly technologies. The letter C makes a wheel, and the icon is designed in a way to think of a car in motion. The color combo is a popular one for apps and SaaS businesses: white and purple.


8.Mobi Wash

This car wash logo is simple, which is exactly what makes it memorable. The logotype is in custom lettering, and the icon represents water waves and motion.


9.Delicate Touch

Delicate Touch is a car wash service that doesn’t use machinery and cleans only by hand. So their logo is a hand, designed out of water drops, additionally decorated with bubbles and sparkles that assure you it’s good service.

delicate touch

Logos with a car silhouette

Logos depicting a car silhouette or a cleaning car in a shop are also a popular choice for car service businesses. Whether it’s a minimalist outline or a hyper-detailed illustration, these logos can be a cool solution.


The Stepa car wash service took simplicity and minimalism to another level with this logo. A simple light blue contour of a car silhouette, framing the business name written in a simple serif font, and a single water drop, form this tasteful and simplistic logo. Look how good it looks engraved on a business card!


11.Pro Shine

While some business owners cater to any car and customer and embrace simplicity, others want the audience to know that luxury is to be expected. Pro Shine’s logo is exactly that: a sleek, elegant, and expensive sports car, with professional and elegant-looking logotype in a serious and classy sans serif font.

pro shine

12.Car Wash

The inspiration behind this concept is quite literal: the artist combined a car with water and foam, representing the “wash” part of the business. The font is pretty simple, but combined with the noticeable silhouette formed with water and wash bubbles it is complicated and distinguishable enough.

car wash

13.Car Wash App Logo

This concept for an app logo is very cute and simple: the designer created an icon of a car, only outlining the silhouette with the help of simple design elements: bubbles.

car wash 2


To make sure there’s no confusion, what we consider to be an emblem logo is a combination of the wordmark (or business name) and an icon, illustration, or pictogram. Here are some examples.

14.Auto Wash

If you want a professional look that’s still distinguishable this logo might be a great source of inspiration. The monogram combines the letters A and W, and the negative space of the A is a water drop, reminding you of the nature of the business. The dark blue and black color palette is always a good choice to relay the message that you are a reliable company.

auto wash


This business went for a shiny, gradient, and texture look. The windshield of the car with a reflection in it speaks for the quality of the service, and the additional elements (water drop, sparkle) tie the composition up nicely.


16.Bosqu Car Wash

This logo of a sports car with a bold font is reminiscent of a video game illustration. It definitely hits the spot for classic video game lovers and hyper-realist graphic art fans.

bosqu car wash

17.Wash City

Simple, fun, and cute: the name of this business is Wash City, so they decided to go for a skyline and bubbles instead of industrial smoke.

wash city

Mascot logos

Finally, we have mascot logos. Although atypical of a car wash service, mascots can sometimes make an interesting image that is easily recognizable. And it gives your business a friendly face.

18.Unnamed concept

This unused and unnamed concept by designer Pat Thomas is as retro as it gets. The old-timey Disney animation style technique and subtle use of color make this a unique car wash logo.

unnamed mascot

19.Wize Wash

This badge-style logo has an owl mascot. Why an owl, you might ask? Because it has been the symbol of wisdom since ancient times, and the name of the business is Wize Wash.


20.Glass Frog

This last example is another illustration of a mascot based on the name, combined with a cursive font. I personally don’t love the explicitly underlined pun in this business logo, but it is a cool idea as a whole.


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