13 Cleaning Logo Design Examples to Inspire Your Own

From carpet cleaning to house cleaning services, these logo examples will inspire you to create the perfect logo for your cleaning business.

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May 27, 2024

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Need a new logo for your cleaning service? Check out these business logos and concepts that will help your cleaning business’ branding shine.

If your cleaning company or maid service needs a new custom logo, but you have no idea where to start from, you are most likely going to download a template or a free logo from a logo maker. But, a high-quality company logo is highly unlikely to be a product of a logo generator. We’re here to show you that your small business can have great branding with a small budget, and inspire your ideas through good logo design.

To give you some ideas for your own logo, we compiled real examples and concepts from graphic designers around the Internet, in four different styles.


Brand marks

Brand marks are a graphic element that represents the brand, sometimes abstract, sometimes literal. Think of the Pepsi logo or the Chanel monogram. The following examples are also brand marks, fitting for a company offering the home cleaning and janitorial services.

1. 4M Cleaning

This creative logo for a house cleaning company combines the number 4 with the letter M, referring to the business name. The slightly italicized brand mark looks like a figure pushing a cleaning cart, which gives it a bit of a twist.
By Daniel Rohde™ & BRAUS® Marketing Agency

2. Cleaning services logo concept

This unused concept combines a water drop and rolled paper into a single brand mark, constructed through following the golden ratio or Fibonacci sequence. Creative and built to please any perfectionist!

It can be fitting for other businesses too, such as carpet cleaning, car wash, or even plumbing services.

3. Dr. Clean

This clipart-style illustration of an elephant makes a great and fitting logo for a cleaning company. The typography used is the stylish and evergreen Helvetica font, and the clean design makes this logo suitable for applying onto different branding materials, such as these fancy business cards.


While some more emblem designs are more traditional than others, all the entries on this list are versatile and rich in design. They consist of both a graphic and a typographic element and can be used as separate marks.

4. Braga Cleaning

Cleaning equipment is, unsurprisingly, one of the most common elements in logos for commercial cleaning companies. This particular design combines a broom with sparkles, showing that whoever was in charge of hygiene did a great job. The nice purple color and combination of script and sans serif fonts make this a quirky, but clean logo.

5. Maui Perfection Cleaning

This logo has a “fun yet minimal feel that expresses organic cleanliness”, as the logo creator explains in the project. It is an example of a modern emblem, with flat design elements and a circular versatile shape.

6. Shiny Island Cleaning

This cool logo shows a house so bright and clean, that is reflecting rays. The house is seen in the negative space, whereas the wordmark is written in a clean and uppercase sans serif font.

7. Genies in a Bucket

A genie in a bottle might make wishes come true, but this cleaning service’s logo promises that the genie you need comes in a bucket. It is a creative business name, that doesn’t even need a tagline to accompany it. This cool and groovy logo has a fresh and catchy color palette, 80s inspired serif typography and nice and bright elements that make it stand out from any logo that an online logo maker might produce.

Mascot logos

Mascot logos are a great way to make your brand memorable, and let your customers put a face to it easily. They’re common in the car wash logos, as well as with food and restaurants.

8. Cleaning Chief

This nice and welcoming “cleaning chief” offers a trustworthy and friendly image to the brand. The design itself is highly detailed and sparkly, much as what you’d want from a cleaning service.

9. White Bim Black Ear

This cleaning service has a name and logo inspired by the cute puppy character. The reason for that is that the company is pet friendly and works in places where pets live, with cleaning products that don’t endanger them.

10. Cleaning Services Character Design

This is another concept for a cleaning logo, featuring a friendly witch that keeps your space clean by using her magic.

Icon design

These logos consist of a logotype and brand mark, which is designed in the modern and stylish flat design style. If you're a fan of this style, be sure to check out our design library with plenty of great flat illustrations you can download for free!


11. Calm Home Solutions

This logo concept is created as one of the options offered to a home organizing and cleaning service, and the business name itself reflects their scope of work perfectly. The logo design is minimalistic and simple, created in three variants applicable for use on anything, from print marketing assets to social media posts.

12. Shiny Island Cleaning #2

This is another concept for the company we mentioned before, again combining a sparkle as the symbol of shine and cleanliness, and an icon of a house.

13. HelpMate

Finally, we have an example that is abstract and very contemporary, but still very applicable and fitting throughout all the branding efforts, like on the nice embroidered t-shirt uniforms.

Journalist turned content writer. Based in North Macedonia, aiming to be a digital nomad. Always loved to write, and found my perfect job writing about graphic design, art and creativity. A self-proclaimed film connoisseur, cook and nerd in disguise.

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