18 Sleek Data Logos for Modern Tech Companies

Check out these 18 data logos, across 4 categories, selected to inspire the design of modern software company logos.

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October 3, 2023

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Working on a logo design for your data tech company? Check out these cutting-edge examples to inspire you.

Startups and newly formed data companies often struggle in the beginning to stay afloat and earn the trust of customers, to be able to see a big return of investment. SaaS design trends tend to show that colorful, modern and sleek logos are a common sign of a good business. In an ocean of new companies, sometimes good branding design catches the eye and helps reduce churn.

So, that means that logo makers and royalty-free logo templates are a no-go. Even though you might be tempted to use a logo maker such as Brandcrowd, or stitch together a design using stock images, nothing beats a unique logo design thought out only for your brand.

Here are 18 examples of logos created for companies in the field of blockchain, cloud computing, automation, data analysis and machine learning.

Typography logos

Typography logos, or logotypes, are a classic in any industry. They make your name stick easily and are quite versatile and applicable in many variations. Check out these logotypes created for modern software companies.

1. Oncase

This cool and modern wordmark is created for Oncase, a Brazilian technology and innovation company whose branding needed to reflect their work. The keywords on which the branding was based are “data” and “connections”. The logo and geometric font are created uniquely for Oncase. The logotype uses a gradient overlay, and the lines in letters are exchanged with a pixel, making it a techier and more contemporary look, fitting perfectly on these tech business cards.

2. Les Baleines

This vivid, colorful and youthful brand has a much different approach than most serious big data companies. The color palette includes pink, purple, coral red and white, whereas the design elements used to create the unique patterns and logo are common symbols, like a dash, cursor, line and brackets. Make sure to check out the complete branding project to see the simple logo applied in many different versions and branding assets.
Design by Studio Bingo

3. Connect

I don’t know about you, but I am a sucker for simplicity and metaphors in design. This typography logo translates the brand name and main goal—connection, by conjoining the two lowercase Ns. It is perfectly fitting for a collaborative platform that connects its users to their data and their team anywhere in the world.
Design by Vedran Vaskovic

4. Nbit

This data protection company has a wide range of services, from hardware and software protection to offering industry-level training, all the way to having a secure WiFi connection in the office. They recently launched a new branding design that looks sharp, clean and very toned-down. The red and black color scheme reminds of urgency and alertness, fitting for a company offering data protection, and the typography reminds of old calculator figures.


Logo marks

If you want a graphic symbol that represents your brand, you should consider a pictorial or logo mark. These visual representations are very trendy in startups and will likely stay relevant in years to come.

5. MavSecure

This cybersecurity solutions provider opted for a monogram mark that consists of the letter M and a bar symbol, that signifies the line of defense. One on top of the other, they form a negative space in the shape of a medieval shield. The legs of the letter M are widely spread, as in a soldier’s protection stance and signifying balance.

The company also has a second variation of the logo, where the full name of the company is added to the logo mark.
Design by Plogged ✪

6. Itex

This software development and data company founded by three friends wanted to infuse a sense of approachability and friendliness in its logo. The pictogram created for that need is a winking face consisting of a dot, comma and round bracket upside down.

7. Yondata

Big data analytics and visualization are often represented by charts and graphs of different kinds. Yondata decided to use a pie chart that forms the letter Y in the negative space. It’s a very smart and simple concept that makes you look twice.
Design by Md Rasel

Simple combination marks

A combination mark is a logo that in its original form uses both a logotype and a brand mark. Some combination marks have multiple variations, and in some cases, brands only use the pictogram. Here are some combination marks we found, that only use one or two colors.

8. Ezmid

Ezmid has a logo that uses an abstract form assumingly signifying the flow of data and connectivity, and the brand name in a geometric and modern font.
Design by

9. Arcadia Data

Arcadia Data is the first artificial intelligence-driven analytics and business intelligence platform that was recently purchased by Cloudera, a huge cloud data company. Arcadia Data’s design is minimal and very modern, and the versatile symbol that stands for both initials and the Delta symbol has dozens of variations that the company uses on different occasions.

arcadia data

10. Collibra

Collibra is a data management and intelligence company that organizes huge volumes of information, governance policy and data procedures that are easier to process with action items and learning tools in one platform. They also organize the Data Citizen meetup in London.

The logo is a good reflection of the brand story since it is a geometric illustration showing many separate elements tied nicely together in one shape.
Design by ueno.

11. Stat Castle

This logo concept for a fictional data company shows an icon of a castle, matching the business name. The overall look is fitting, but the whole concept is for sale for a company yet to be formed.
Design by Dalius Stuoka

Colorful combination marks

Contrary to the simplicity and two-color schemes of the previous selection, these logos use multiple colors and gradients, which are very popular in tech logos.

12. Talk Data

Yet another “recycled” and rejected logo concept for a data company, this time a simplified mascot logo that shows a parrot and pie chart mark. It is a sort of a visual pun, since parrots are the only animals that can talk, and the name is Talk Data.

13. MarketLytics

The logo design for this company focused on market analytics and business intelligence, and features a letter M, in a cool blocky design with an unusual color palette: violet and fuschia. The blocks remind of charts often used in the visualization of marketing data and insights.
Design by Alex Tass


This unused logo design proposal for, an artificial intelligence and machine learning project focused on industrial production optimization, is a monogram whose design elements are interacting. The letters J and A are constructed from multiple elements and visible in both positive and negative space in the pattern created from the logo.
Design by Alex Tass

15. Goodbit

Yet another cool pie chart logo, whose pie slices form the letter G. With a fresh color palette and a quirky and fun animation, it makes for an impressive look that is surprisingly not used by the company.
Design by Jordan Jenkins

16. Sentience

The name of this company comes from the term for intelligent machine-learning and data-analysis techniques. The Sentience app is a productivity tool for human translators, so the name includes both “sentence” and the “sentience” of intelligent software.

The symbol itself shows the translation process and an input and output, depicted by the interacting arrows.
Design by Alex Tass

17. Databox

This logo concept is as simple as they come: we see a colorful box where you can “put your data”. It is a straightforward, but charming approach.
Design by Jahid Hasan

18. MapData

Finally, this cool logo shows a map location bubble and colon and brackets, forming a smiling face. It is a perfect logo for MapData, since it’s an app that allows users to export Google Maps searches to find contact information of business owners across different regions.

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