25 Free Commercial Fonts for Your Design Projects

You might be surprised to see even the most straightforward fonts having expensive commercial licenses, and the price can be a bit much for a small business. Fortunately, numerous fonts are free for commercial use available on the internet.

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May 12, 2024

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You might be surprised to see even the most straightforward fonts having expensive commercial licenses, and the price can be a bit much for a small business. Fortunately, numerous fonts are free for commercial use available on the internet.

One of the principal components of a design is typography. Fonts play a major part in successful design. Without a proper font selection, you might not be able to convey your message to your target audience effectively.

With the increasing number of fonts available to a user today, one question most business owners have is, “Are fonts free to use commercially?”

Finding the perfect free commercial fonts can be challenging as most fonts available are not free-to-use, and it can be pretty frustrating to find an ideal font only to discover that you have to pay for a commercial license.


So, are fonts free to use commercially?

Yes, there are hundreds of different fonts that are available to the public for free. You can use these fonts for your personal as well as commercial projects. Here is a list of 25 eye-catching free commercial fonts.

Serif Free Fonts for Commercial Use

In typography, a serif font is defined as a font with a minor stroke attached at the end of a larger stroke. They are one of the oldest font families in the world. Serifs look elegant and beautiful but can be a little hard to read, especially when the font size is small.

Gist Light

gist light

Caviar Dreams is an iconic sans serif font with delicate geometry and sleek curves giving it a professional look. This font type is ideally suited for clothing brands, especially t-shirt designs.

The Gist Light font belongs to the serif family and has a classic but modern vibe to it. This font has 627 glyphs per weight which means that it can be customized to your liking. It has a slightly funky look, making it an excellent font for marketing gurus to market their businesses.

Bullpen 3D

bullpen 3d

If you want a font that pops out and has a stylistic feel, the Bullpen 3D should be your choice. This font exudes toughness and includes fractions, Greek alphabets, and numeric ordinals. The Bullpen also offers font bundles, but that requires a small fee for a commercial license.

It has rugged serifs and mechanical shapes, making it a quality font for digital marketers and copywriters.

Victorian Parlor

victorian parlor

Branding is something many small business owners desperately need to figure out. One such font which can help make the branding process easier is Victorian Parlor. With 350 glyphs of ink texture and 350 glyphs of regular font, the Victorian Parlor is a vintage font that is detailed and creative.



The font of one of the most iconic video games of all time, Assassin’s Creed, the Assassin, is the font for all lovers of the game. Its sleek design and sharp serifs give it almost a haunting look. The font is simple yet effective in conveying its message to the audience.

This font can be an excellent option for filmmakers and book designers due to its simplicity and grace.



With 226 glyphs and 229 characters, the Colwell font was created in 2000. It is an old font but still used in marketing due to its effectiveness and elegance.

This lovely vintage font is made for businesses looking to market themselves as a trusting and traditional organization that values its customers.

Free Sans Serif Font Families for Commercial Use

One of the most popular font families in typography is Sans Serif. Simply put, Sans Serif is a type of text that does not contain the extending features of Serifs. They are used to convey minimalism and simplicity compared to the vintage, classic look of the Serifs.

Google Fonts has a large variety of Sans Serif fonts. Are Google Fonts free for commercial use? Yes, Google Fonts Sans Serif fonts are free and can be used to create content commercially.

Sans Serifs are the best free fonts available on the market, and no other font family has as many free fonts as Sans Serif.

There are numerous free Sans Serif font families for commercial use. Some of which are listed below.

Bebas Neue

bebas neue

One of the most popular fonts is  BEBAS NEUE. Initially launched in 2010 as an all-caps font, it has recently released a lowercase font.

This font is ideal for displaying advertisements, headlines, package design, captions, and book covers.

Caviar Dreams

caviar dreams

The Caviar Dreams family includes the regular font, the italic, the bold, and the bold italic. These free commercial fonts are available to the public for personal and commercial use.



Inspired by the vintage Helvetica, the Coolvetica is built using the sans serif typeface. The funky curls and tight kerning set the Coolvetica apart from its inspiration.

This font is ideally suited for headlines, titles, and posters, and it can also be used for t-shirt designing and landing page titles.

Arialic Hollow

arialic hollow

Who doesn’t want to give their design a nice inquisitive look? If you agree with this statement, the Arialic Hollow is a font you should see.

It is one of the free Sans Serif font families for commercial use that has a stylistic and simplistic look to it.This particular font consists of an outline of the alphabet. The font is hollow, and the lines are sharp and clear.



One of the best headlining fonts out there is the Pirulen. This font is ideal for writing headlines, posters, and even gaming intros.

It resembles the classic Bank Gothic and was initially intended for machines. The most striking feature of the Pirulen is the lambda-style A (Λ) which gives it a professional and stark look.


The art of lettering by hand, Calligraphy, has been around for thousands of years, dating back to 206 BC. It is an art form that involves decorative writing that art lovers widely admire. Calligraphy is one of the highest in-demand art forms globally, thanks to its beauty, elegance, and simplicity.

There are several  copyrights free fonts  in the calligraphy font family. Some of which are listed below.

Chopin Script

chopin script

Baroque Script

baroque script

The penmanship in the Baroque Script is point perfect. This font has sleek starting and ending points with rounded extensions that give it an endless look.

This font is ideal for clothing brands marketing themselves as high-end or high-class.



Resembling a signature, the Scriptina font is marvelous in the calligraphy family. This font can be used for restaurant menus and for writing Welcome on doormats.

Loki Cola

loki cola

There is a colossal amount of free fonts for commercial use that are great for branding. However, one of the greatest brands of all time, Coca-Cola, inspired an entire font to be born.

The Loki Cola font is sleek, subtle, and powerful in conveying a message. That, coupled with the iconic curves of the Coca-Cola logo, gives the Loki Cola font the recognition it deserves.

Adine Kirnberg

adine k

Hailing from Germany, the Adine Kirnberg font is a beautiful round font modeled on the typeface called Roman. This font has striking caps and has generous spacing between the letters giving your design a vibrant look.

The calligraphy family includes several unique free commercial fonts and Adine Kirnberg is an excellent example of it.


Brush fonts are a family of fonts created to look painted with a brush. They involve brush lettering, brush scripting, and dry brush effects.

There are several free fonts for commercial use in the brush font family available on various websites, such as 1001 free fonts.

Angeline Vintage

angeline vintage.png

This beautiful script is a blend between modern typefaces and rustic calligraphy lettering. It feels almost as if it was created by hand with all the delicate rounding of the edges.



This unique font was first released back in 2006 and is named after the former name of Tokyo. This font has rough strokes giving it a nice, sharpened brush effect, and it is suitable for poster designs and creative advertisements.



The Blowbrush is a handwritten font with edges and lines, giving the characters a unique flow and making it look novel. It is a classy font that brings out the best in your design project.

DS Bison Outline

ds bison outline.png

Rosemary Roman

rosemary roman.png

This paintbrush effect font is dynamic and can be used for various design templates. It works best with high-energy sports advertisements and gaming arcade titles.

This unique but exciting design is extremely eye-catching. The font has a haunting feel and can be great for t-shirt design.


Retro has existed since the dawn of typography. This font family provides a nostalgic and powerful vibe to the content giving it respect and recognition worldwide. Retro fonts are Google Fonts free for commercial use.



Do you want a historic yet modern look for your design? If so, look no further. The Creampuff font is designed to give your content a nice simplistic look that reminds one of the 1970s.



The Titania font family consists of the regular, the outline, and the shadow. This font is strikingly creative and beautiful. If you are a web designer, this font is something you should know about.



This retro font is surprisingly modern in terms of design and simplicity. It is one of the eye-catching fonts that are free for commercial use. The Prisma font uses a five-liner pointer effect to write the alphabets with a decent distance among the characters.

Boogie Nights Shadow

boogie night shadow.png

Designed as a font for a popular bar front, the Boogie Nights Shadow is a great font that packs a reminiscence of the 1980s.

You can use this font for designing logos and creating music album covers.



The Bridgnorth has a gothic yet subtle feel to it. This dynamic font can create several different design projects ranging from headlines to storybooks.

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