Best Social Media Post Designs for Your Business Profile

Stuck on ideas for social content? Here are 10 creative post ideas you can use in 2024!

Social media design
July 3, 2024

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Social media is one of the most important marketing channels for any brand. Social media post designs have an enormous influence on the reach, engagement and overall success of a brand’s social media profile. Let’s learn how to create a good social media post for any type of brand!

When you think about what kind of post you want to make for your profile, it’s important to know what drives up the user engagement and is in line with your brand guidelines. Designing social media posts isn’t just about choosing the right imagery, font, or color scheme, though.

The answer to the question “How to create posts for social media that will engage the viewer?” lies above all, in the type of post.

Passive, declarative posts are the most common, and social media can’t exist without them. Still, you also need content with a more direct call to action. This makes a brand’s social media much more dynamic and compelling. Most importantly, it invites your followers to interact with the brand and increases conversions.

There are many great social media post design ideas for all kinds of content – photo, video, or even blog content. Creative social media post design is all about variety and keeping things fresh and interesting.

Here are a few great social media post design ideas that will draw lots of engagement from the users.


1. Live streams

We all love to see the unvarnished and real faces behind the brands. Live streams allow you to connect with your audience in real time and interact with them in a direct, casual, and informal way.

Live streams can be especially useful to smaller brands, as they help  cultivate a specific culture among your customers and make your brand more relatable. This, in turn, builds brand loyalty in your customers, and a devoted fanbase is the cornerstone of a successful social media profile.

Going live doesn’t have to be an everyday thing, though. It’s a great way to attract attention to a specific event or campaign. You can also have guests in your live session, perhaps a micro influencer or even one of the customers. That way the live session will be more dynamic and interesting.

2. Hold polls

Polls are a great way to engage with your audience. They can help you identify what your customers love about your brand, as well as some of the possible weaknesses. They also help your customers find out more about your brand and products.

Almost all social media platforms have the option for creating polls, so translating them from one channel to the next shouldn’t be a problem. This makes polls a versatile type of social media posts that can be used in a number of great ways.

Creative social media post design isn’t just about the visuals. Polls create great user engagement because we all love to express our opinions and, yes, even complain a little.

But, polls don’t always have to be about market research. They can also be silly and fun, with relatable or nonsensical options. This fun approach is amazing for garnering engagement, but it should be used sparingly.

old spice twitter poll.png

3. Post tutorials and how to’s

Useful content is by far one of the best social media post design ideas. Customers especially value this type of content because it teaches them about your products or services in an accessible and easy way.

Tutorials and how to’s help customers, but they can also make for effective marketing content because they allow the viewer to see your products or services in action. This can be the best way to get new customers; after all, a demonstration is the most convincing way to get someone to try something new.

4. Organize contests or giveaways

Everyone loves freebies. Giveaways are massively popular for both large companies and small brands. During contest or giveaway periods, brand profiles see a surge in new activity and engagement, which is anything but a coincidence.

Organizing events such as these will not only give your company a boost in popularity, it will attract new customers wanting to see what all the fuss is about. Giveaways are a great way to boost your following by setting conditions for entering like tagging others.

However, be careful not to be too pushy with your special events, as it may come across as too aggressive or even scammy to your customers. Make sure that everything runs as smoothly and as transparently as possible.

5. Host Q&A or AMA sessions

Another fantastic way of engaging with your audience directly is answering their questions. People are inquisitive by nature, and learning about the details of your brand will certainly make for interesting and educational content.

Answering FAQs live is also a good idea, as it presents an opportunity to showcase your company’s best features such as pricing, service etc.

Hosting Q&A sessions will make your company seem more personable, and approachable. People are much more drawn to real people than faceless corporate facades. It will also allow you to hear your audience’s wishes and hopes for your company. You can learn a lot from their experiences and it will help you improve your company’s services.

6. Share your team’s achievements

There’s nothing more reassuring to customers than a company that takes care of its employees.There is a surge in supporting environmentally conscious companies who take their labor force seriously and provide a healthy, nurturing working environment.

Your team’s achievements are your company’s achievements. Showcasing and celebrating them will not only boost company morale, it will also show your existing and potential customers that your company supports its employees.


Innocent is a UK-based healthy drinks brand that consistently uses their employees for fun social media posts. It shows the company respects and values its employees, but also helps to increase the brand’s credibility, as you can see the employees are also enjoying the drinks they work to promote and sell.

Celebrating milestones is a great form of content, and it can tie in nicely with other kinds of promotional posts such as contests or giveaways. It will make your audience much more invested in your development as a brand.

7. Share behind the scenes content

Getting a peek behind the theater curtain is enticing to anyone. Behind the scenes content can make for wonderfully creative social media post design. A glimpse into the creative process can provide your audiences with valuable insight, as well as tickle their interest.

Don’t be afraid to share the hiccups and mistakes. No one is perfect and acknowledging that will endear your company to its audience.

One lovely but sometimes overlooked way of social media graphic design is stop-motion animation. It’s whimsical, charming, and works incredibly well with a social post design that depicts how something is made.

8. Stay on top of the current and relevant memes

Memes are often the most powerful content on the internet. They’re funny, relevant, and relatable. They can also be used not only as entertainment, but also as a means of spreading information.

Many brands (rightly) use social media post templates as an easy way to create cohesion and a unified brand look. Playing with form and insertion memes into your templates will make your content more dynamic, while still keeping the brand consistency.

Relating everyday events to your brand can help nurture loyalty in your clientele, but take care not to be overbearing, no one likes being pandered to.

9. Post hiring updates

Sometimes fans of the brand make for the best employees. They know the brand from both perspectives and can offer valuable insight. When people think about how to create a good social media post, they often forget about posts advertising for employment.

A good job opening post makes the offer clear. Make sure the information about the position is visible at the first glance.

You can also add additional information either in the captions or on following slides. Job opening posts should present your company in the best light, so giving information about the salary and benefits is a good idea.

You can also feature testimonials from your current employees, as that is often the most important reference for potential employees. Make sure to add a CTA in the post, so that the viewer will be more motivated to find out more.

10. Make holiday posts

Holiday posts are some of the most common types of  social media post designs for brands. We all love taking part in the cheer and festivities, whatever the occasion.

So, creating a social media post that shares the holiday spirit is a wonderful way to connect with your audience. You can play with color schemes, fun little animations, or even use the occasion to launch specific deals and events.

Parting tips

“How to create a good social media post?” is a question that has many answers. We hope this short list has inspired you to create and experiment with different types of social media posts.

Remember that your brand needs to be present throughout all your social media post designs. Keeping your brand identity strong is how you build recognition and customer loyalty. Make sure your brand imagery is visible and recurring in the majority of your posts. Consistency is also vital in keeping your timeline on brand and recognizable.

It’s crucial that your posts are shareable, so that they reach a wider audience. Shareable content is usually informative about current events or promotional campaigns. It can be funny or invite conversation about particular topics. Not only does this get more engagement for your social media profile, it can also generate more traffic on your website. Another good idea is to have your posts linked to your website so you can direct more customers there.

Social media marketing design also requires brands to be aware of the current events and trends, not only on social media, but on the internet as a whole. We have a list of the most important social media design trends here.

I hold two degrees in history, and am currently working on a project of creating a digital library of Medieval manuscripts. I still like to have a foot in the 21st century though, so I write freelance about my other big passion, art and design. All Lord of the Rings references and puns I make are intentional.

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