14 Amazing Taxi Logos That Can Drive Business Success

Forget about dull car logo templates—get inspired to create a custom taxi service logo with these great design examples.

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October 3, 2023

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Take your taxi service business to the next level by creating a stunning logo. Use these great designs to guide you!

From traditional taxis to modern solutions such as Uber and Lyft, the competition in this field keeps growing. However, with better access and understanding of technology, there are more opportunities for taxi companies to really reach a specific target audience, and provide a custom service.

Of course, the first big step in good branding is creating a perfect logo. Simple car icons are widely available with free logo makers and online logo templates, but a custom approach is necessary if you want to create strong brand recognition.

Here are some great examples that will inspire you to create a stunning new logo for yourself!

Car logos

Simplicity is one of the key ingredients of a good logo. Going with a vector illustration of a car can make for a strong brand identity, as long as all the design elements (color scheme, typography, layout) work together to show what’s specific about your company.

1. Libre Taxi

Taxi service worldwide has become synonymous with the yellow taxis found (originally) in New York City. A yellow taxicab is something that every target audience will recognize, so it’s up to your logo designer to make something that reflects your brand. This example went with a simple, modern vector that matches an approachable, more casual service. The designer even managed to include the taxi driver, but the end result doesn’t look cluttered or messy.

2. Hey Taxi

Here’s another very simple logo design that’s very effective. The graphic designer opted for a yellow background, but you could easily see this simple logo look great with any color scheme, and even as a watermark on a stock photo.

3. Taxi logo

A good logo is going to evoke a certain feeling with just one glance. Just like the famous Nike swoosh, this cool taxi logo design concept inspires a sense of movement and dynamic. It would be a great logo for a taxi company that caters to busy professionals, needing to get from A to B in a busy city.

4. Car logo

A similar idea was developed as a freelance project, by one of our ManyPixels designers. He created a simple pictogram that perfectly captures the idea of a moving car. Thanks to the sleek, minimalist design, it's perfect for a luxury car service.

Versatile typography logos

If you don’t fancy the “on-the-nose” approach with car vectors, you can always opt for something a little more elegant, such as a monogram or wordmark. A rule of thumb to remember when designing a logo to fit a taxi sign or bumper sticker is to make sure that the logo typography is legible (you want clients to know it’s you as soon as they spot your cars).

5. Taiwan Taxi

Chinese letters are known to be infamously intricate, so creating a sleek and minimalistic wordmark logo for this market can seem tricky. This logo design paired a simple and cool monogram with a modern, dynamic design with a tagline telling locals more about the service. And thanks to the flowy design of the letter T, this logo will inspire a sense of movement with anyone—it would even make for a great travel logo!

6. Fix Taxi

While it’s quite simple at first glance, there’s a lot to learn from this example. A non-designer might think that the only way to demonstrate a sense of movement is to use a comic font that and dingbats. But a professionally designed logotype will use a more appropriate-looking font, like this sans serif. Thanks to the rounded edges, the letters still look very dynamic and flowy.

7. Net Taxi Company

Aside from the yellow color, a staple piece of design on old New York City taxicabs are the checkers on the side. This logo designer used the pattern as inspiration for this cool and versatile company logo. The shorter brandmark would be perfect for use on business cards and social media, while the longer serif wordmark is something you’d want to include for more formal needs, letterheads, presentations, etc.

8. Boomer

Millennials have enthusiastically embraced traditional taxi alternatives, such as Uber and Lyft, but what about boomers? Well, perhaps no company has yet created a unique service that would really appeal to them. In any case, this nice wordmark is a good example of a taxi logotype, with professional typography paired with modern and funky color. It’s a great choice since the logo exudes professionalism (which an older generation will definitely want to see), and yet is clearly distinguishable from common taxi services.

boomer taxi logo
By Andrii Donchenko

Taxi pointers

Taxi pointers (or map pointers) are another common symbol, found in many logo design templates. But instead of just slapping on the pointer next to the name of your business, make sure that the overall design looks coherent and representative of your brand.

9. Go Taxi

The pointer is a common icon you’ll find with taxi service mobile apps (and you can find lots of great royalty-free ones in places like Freepik or even our own illustration gallery). This cool example transformed the simple icon into a custom brandmaker by incorporating the letter G into the design. The subtle gradients would look great in a mobile app or web design, while print materials such as stationary might require a bit of tweaking for the effect to be visible.

10. Cab Finder

Sometimes the most creative logos are the ones that combine several different elements into one strong design idea. This cute logo includes a car, a pointer and checkers, but thanks to the simplicity of the design, everything looks cohesive. The green instead of a yellow car is also a nice and unique touch.


Going with an abstract line icon or a very minimalist representation of your brand promise is a good way to give your taxi car service a more professional and corporate appearance. On the other hand, if you deal with tech solutions for car hire, this is also a design route you might want to take.

11. HK Taxi

This futuristic logo design was created for a taxi hiring mobile app. The graphic designer transformed the usual taxi sign into a sleek, minimalist icon that would work perfectly for a number of uses. The bright color is a great example of user-friendly app design, as it’s supposed to help users locate the app immediately with one glance at their phone home screen. And when you’re in a hurry, every second counts!

12. Turnu

Scandinavians are known as experts in minimalist design, so it makes sense that this particularly sleek and stripped-down wordmark was created for a Danish taxi company. The stretched-out Us almost looks like cars in traffic, while the overall design reflects professionalism and efficiency.

13. Eco Taxi

Eco-conscious people often avoid using taxis, as they find taking public transport, cycling or walking to be more environmentally-friendly transport options. Still, with modern alternatives such as electric cars, even these customers can be catered to. This cool mockup for an electric car service app delivers the futuristic appeal of this technology, but also incorporates green as a nod to an environmental transport solution. The logo is a stripped-down monogram in a stencil sans serif, with the added detail of a geometric-looking leaf.

14. MoTaxi

If you’re designing a taxi hire app, a great way to give a simple logo some more visual interest is to come up with cool animation and go with it. Although the car logo on this example literally consists of a line and two dots, the added animation helps create a sense of a modern and trustworthy company.

Logo Animation – Motaxi from Yeshna Dookhee on Vimeo.

Having lived and studied in London and Berlin, I'm back in native Serbia, working remotely and writing short stories and plays in my free time. With previous experience in the nonprofit sector, I'm currently writing about the universal language of good graphic design. I make mix CDs and my playlists are almost exclusively 1960s.

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