19 Travel Logos Fit for a Travel Reboot in 2021

Learn what makes a travel logo inspirational and relevant for a good branding strategy in 2021, with 19 examples divided into four categories.

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June 16, 2024

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The travel industry is changing. Get your travel company ready for a new way of doing business with a contemporary logo that these great examples will help you create!

Remember traveling? Yeah, me neither.

Then again, maybe we’re just not thinking out of the box. I know plenty of people who’ve had some great mini-trips over the past year: weekends at mountains and lakes; spa centers or small historical towns in their country of residence.

The covid-19 pandemic has definitely struck the tourism and travel industry hard, forcing travel agencies to rethink their business strategies and offers completely.

Trying to keep your travel business afloat in these trying times is no small feat, but whether we like it or not, good branding and design are as relevant as ever. If you’re hoping to double down once travel becomes more possible again and are thinking about an exciting rebrand, or want a new travel logo to match your revisited travel offer, here are some exciting logo examples that can teach you a thing or two about the perfect logo design!


Means of transportation logos

The classic airplane or boat logo is something we’re used to seeing with online travel logo makers, so it takes real design skill and talent to transform this overused imagery into something unique and memorable. Here are just a few great logo ideas to inspire you.

1. Tripped

The travel industry is changing in more ways than one. Airbnb and similar holiday home-booking platforms are dominating the market for younger clients. And the possibility to make an online booking is definitely something most millennials would prefer over a visit to the travel agency office. So developing an app for your travel company is a great way to connect with younger clients. Of course, an app logo needs to follow the usual trends in the industry: it has to be memorable and simple enough to fit on a mobile device screen.

This travel booking app logo is a wonderful example to learn from. It’s still industry-relevant, but with a great modern design with gradients allowing for a cool 3D effect.

2. Obeidat

If you want to avoid the cheap logo template look, you ought to make sure that any graphic elements are perfectly incorporated with your business name. The logo creator behind this project used the curve of the letter O to create a path for the flying airplane. This simple trick, along with an attractive color palette and a crisp sans serif font (Gotham Black) works perfectly to create a fun, yet very professional brand image for this travel and tourism company in Oman.

3. Turinform

Airplanes are much more common on travel logos, but of course, any good logo design should clearly communicate your unique selling point. This breezy logo belongs to an agency that organizes boat trips, so of course, the logo designer used maritime imagery to create this cool concept. This is really successful when it comes to evoking a certain feeling: the sails, the sun and the seagull paint a really great mental image. And yet, if you take apart the graphic elements, you’ll see the design is very simple, which makes it great for use on business cards, letterheads as well as web design!

4. Soul Trip

Ok, so how about something really different? Camping trips might just be the perfect way to enjoy a holiday whilst staying safe from coronavirus risks. Since many campers are also avid surfers, this is a great idea to include in your travel company offer. This hip combination mark fits perfectly on t-shirts, hoodies and hydro flasks, and would make a great freebie to give to new customers as part of your holiday offer.

5. Signature Yacht Logo

Yacht rental is definitely a premium service not anyone can afford (I contemplated doing it with a group of friends one year, but the pricing put that idea permanently on hold). For that reason, a logo for a travel agency that offers this type of service needs to exude elegance and exclusivity. This wonderful logo design uses the company name to create a graphic element that looks like the outline of a boat, but also a handwritten signature. You can even buy this high-quality logo if you like it, directly from the logo designer. Or subscribe to ManyPixels and let us handle all your design requests for a flat monthly fee!

Palm tree and other nature logos

Sandy beaches, turquoise water and palm trees gently swaying the breeze… what more do you need to complete a mental image of a perfect holiday! For that reason, it’s this particular type of foliage that’s incredibly popular with travel logo design—and yes you can often find them even with free travel logos. But for something much more custom and unique, check out these creative design solutions.

6. Travelonista

This lovely logo design for a tour operator in Kyiv perfectly evokes the feeling of sitting in the shade of a palm tree, with this simple and elegant illustration. The company uses the logo in green on its social media, for a more traditional look. But the great thing about this logo is that it works well in different colors. For example, this pink design really helps evoke the feeling of a romantic sunset on the beach.

7. Florida Outdoor Experience

Emblems are the oldest type of logos, so naturally not everyone’s first pick when coming up with a new logo idea. However, in the travel industry, they can be a great choice, since they also resemble the stamps and stickers people used to get on their suitcases when traveling. This cool emblem is perfect for a travel brand wishing to convey a sense of nostalgia and perhaps attract younger audiences that will appreciate the retro style.

8. RedNutmeg

The right choice of typography is the prerequisite for a successful logo, and this example for a travel blogger website is a great one to learn from. Adding the palm tree to this breezy and playful brush font makes for a great and memorable logo.

9. Cone Forest Travel Logo

So, we promised you more than palm trees (after all, tropical vacations are looking to be out of reach for most of us a little longer), and here’s a lovely logo to inspire you. Like we said local mountain and lake vacations have become increasingly popular this year, so opting for a logo such as this can be a great way to elevate your brand. This cool 3D pine cone is a powerful brand mark that would steal the spotlight on custom stationery as well as a dynamic web design (think of a parallax scrolling effect with images of foggy mountains behind it!)

10. Itinero

Is it a plane? Nope, this great travel company logo uses the elegant shape of flying birds to add a sense of movement and excitement to the logo design. But that’s not all. This example shows just how important the details in graphic design are. The brush stroke O and the difference in width between the letters add more rhythm to the overall design and creates a sense of movement.

11. Over

Parla Italiano? Well, you don’t have to to be able to appreciate this awesome logo created for an Italian travel agency. This design concept uses elements that are very popular on social media, such as the chunky brush stroke font and the flamboyant flamingo (influencers on pool floats, anyone?). A colorful logo can be a great way to boost your marketing materials, but remember that you should always have a black and white version on hand for use in print when color printing isn’t available.

Wordmarks that inspire wanderlust

Creating the perfect wordmark for a travel agency can be tricky. If you pick a business name that’s too local, speakers of other languages might struggle to understand it. On the other hand, going with a more generic name (including words like “tour” and “travel”) can seriously harm brand recognition, if you fail to come up with a creative logo design that people will remember. So if this is the way you want to go, free logo makers or DIY solutions are something you should definitely avoid.

12. Travelgrafía

Speaking of generic names, here’s one anyone can remember (and pronounce) even though it’s originally in Spanish. This logo belongs to a blog that allows travelers to share their experiences in Cuba and the graphic design professionals behind the project really created a brand identity that celebrates this country. The design process revolved around changing the slightly older term “tourism” to “travel” that’s more relatable for younger generations. The way letters are scattered yet come together is representative of the way travelling (and exploring the same country through different travel bloggers’ experiences) brings people together.

13. Joy

Speaking of modern travelers, and designs to appeal to younger generations, check out this great logo design. It belongs to an agency specializing in event organization (including trips and outdoor corporate events). With a buzzing name like “Joy”, it made sense to create a custom wordmark for this company. But the logo creator behind this one went the extra mile to reflect the fun, custom nature of these events. The simplicity of the custom lettering helped the designer create great branding assets such as business cards and coffee mugs (and he used the letter shapes as a pattern), as well as other collateral such as flyers and t-shirts.

14. Jetlag

Jetlag is one of the less pleasant facts of long-distance traveling but at least once you experience it you’re sure adventures are on the way! This playful slab serif wordmark fits perfectly for a company that helps people find low-cost travel options.

15. Levart

It’s clear now that the world of travel is changing. And precisely this fact inspired the design process for this travel logo: the name is an anagram of the word travel. The modern sans serif font fits perfectly for a modern brand image that reflects change and innovation.

16. Vou Portugal

Even if you don’t speak Português, you’ll certainly be able to appreciate this Portuguese travel agency’s stunning brand identity. The simple wordmark done in the elegant Biennale font pairs very well with the colorful brand image and versatile icons that can be used for different types of merchandise.

Minimalist travel agency logos

The final section in this list is dedicated to modern and minimalist logos. This style of logo design is present in almost every industry. However, since most travel agencies are forced to rethink their business strategies, a stripped-down and very modern-looking logo can be just what your rebranding project needs!

17. Sinco

This corporate looking logo design would be perfect for a larger travel agency, or organizer of corporate events. The professional font (you might recognize it as Microsoft Word’s default Calibri) paired with a simple graphic element that adds a touch of dynamism creates a simple logo that looks equally effective on a high-quality stock photo PNG used for promotional purposes, as well as custom collateral such as stationery and uniforms.

18. Santika travel

Another crips wordmark-graphic element combo is this lovely logo design. Inspired perhaps by beautiful sunsets on some exotic locations, this is another travel logo that utilizes yellow, a logo color said to signal optimism and energy. And this is perhaps exactly what your customers would like a logo to inspire in these trying times!

19. Delight

Let’s finish this list with a logo concept that really ignites a sense of adventure. If mass air and road travel aren’t available, good old-fashioned road trips and hiking trips are still something we might be able to look forward to in the near future.

Having lived and studied in London and Berlin, I'm back in native Serbia, working remotely and writing short stories and plays in my free time. With previous experience in the nonprofit sector, I'm currently writing about the universal language of good graphic design. I make mix CDs and my playlists are almost exclusively 1960s.

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