25 Free Logo Fonts That Travel Vloggers Should Know About

The fonts on your logos and thumbnails can affect your click-through rate, so which ones are best to use? Here's our list of the 25 best free logo fonts.

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October 3, 2023

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Travel channels are some of the most popular channels on YouTube, and you can safely assume that there are at least a few million channels out there related to traveling and wandering. So, it becomes crucial that you develop an effective branding strategy to compete with other channels and build your following.

An aesthetic graphic design strategy – beautiful thumbnails, catchy font style, trendy look and feel of the channel – can help you do that!

Of course, high-quality content is necessary to win over your audience, and that's the primary aspect all travel vloggers should focus on. However, certain secondary aspects like professional logos, descriptive banners, catchy thumbnails, and font style can help with brand positioning.

Today, we will reveal a list of the 25 best free logo fonts (some even look good on thumbnails!) that can give your channel a professional and branded look.

We will also answer some of the most common questions that travel vloggers might have, like: “can you use free fonts in logos?” and “is it illegal to use free fonts in your logo?”

So, let's jump in!

Why should travel vloggers build a brand image?

Image Source: 1001 Fonts

Image Source: 1001 Fonts

Image Source: 1001 Fonts

Image Source: 1001 Fonts

Image Source: 1001 Fonts

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Image Source: DaFont

According to Aux Mode, 88% of travel queries on YouTube are about traveling tips, local attractions, or popular destinations. If you make videos about this, you stand an excellent chance to capture some of those views. However, other travel vloggers also make videos on similar topics, and they might have a bigger audience than you, so how do you compete?

Source: Drew Binsky

Well, there's another convincing statistic: branded and professional travel videos accumulate 67% of the total travel content viewership compared to user-generated travel content.

Branded travel content has seen a terrific increase of 394% in viewership, hinting at the potential opportunities for travel vloggers on YouTube.

Even if you are not a travel vlogger but a travel company, visual content can be an effective way to improve your social media traffic.

Cool logos and modern fonts on catchy thumbnails can help you give a wanderlust look and feel to your channel, and as an unconscious benefit, as a travel vlogger, a professional brand image can do wonders for your channel or travel company.

You can design your logos on free software like Canva or Trello, but it's best to hire a professional logo designer, as they know which fonts would look the best.

Some creators refrain from doing so because of the high prices that logo designers charge, but there are many reasons why they sometimes charge so much.

25 nice free fonts for logos for the wanderer in you

1. Cyrano (free for personal use)

Cyrano is a lavish font that comes under serif typefaces, it is stylish and decorative, and some travel vloggers have used it in its banners and thumbnails.

Its thin lines and extended ligatures assign a rich and classy look that can look good on your logos, especially if you make travel and lifestyle-related videos.


2. Valeria (free for personal use)

Logo fonts essentially portray your content style, and if you are a travel vlogger who likes to visit exotic destinations, then Valeria can be a good font choice.

Its curvy ends add a lavish touch to your logos and blend well with the pointy edges that make your text pop out.


3. Lofty Goals (free)

Lofty Goals is a script font that passes the fun vibe check. If you travel to more upbeat places like beaches and party destinations, this fun font can be a nice free font for your logos.

Many popular travel vloggers use this font in their logos and thumbnails.


4. Attack Graffiti (free)

If you are a travel vlogger that documents more street-style content than exotic travel destinations, then Attack Graffiti can be a good font choice for your channel.

It blends the rawness of the streets and the upbeat feeling of wandering. The dripping effect at the end of letters makes it one of the coolest free fonts for logo design.


5. Park Lane (free)

One of the biggest social media branding mistakes that any travel vlogger can make is creating a brand image that does not align with its content.

Designed by Alan Meeks, Park Lane is a free-flowing font that comes in extended ligatures; and it comes in multiple variants. Its pointy and cursive edges can add a classy tourist feel to your logos, banners, and thumbnails.

If you make videos about urban cities and their culture, for example, New York City, this urban font is one of the best free logo fonts you can go with.


6. Indira K (free)

Indira K is a font inspired by Oriental images but modified to a more European style of classic serif lettering.

That makes it a terrific choice for a legible font with a slight bit of decorative value, which is excellent to use instead of a decorative font if you want a modest homage to Oriental aesthetics.


7. Azonix (free)

Not every travel vlogger makes videos about off-beat destinations, summer vibes, and beaches; some are more into futuristic and urban cities like Singapore or Tokyo. Azonix should be on your channel if you make such travel content.

The font's character style has a sci-fi vibe, and its sharp edges add a touch of uniqueness to your logos and banners.


8. Senja Santuy (free)

Senja Santuy is a monoline script font that blends simplicity and casualness. The character design has a natural handwritten look that can add a personal touch to your logos, banners, and thumbnails.

If your videos are about natural landscapes and wildlife, this font style can add a soothing feel to your channel.


9. Awal Ramadhan (free)

Due to its Arabic influence, Awal Ramadhan is a popular font choice among vloggers who make videos about middle eastern countries. This modern decorative font can add a unique flair to your channel.

Its Arab-inspired character design makes it an excellent font choice for YouTube banners and thumbnails.


10. Assassin Ninja (free)

If you are into font styles with brush strokes, then Assassin Ninja is one of the free fonts for logos that should be on your list.

Its unique design adds style and charisma to your logos, banners, and thumbnails. The edges of the fonts are smudgy and pointy, adding a handwritten feel to your designs.


11. Monument Valley (free)

Monument Valley is another good font to choose if you are looking for something simple and minimalist. However, it is more suited for titles on banners than logos due to its limited character style.

It is an all-uppercase font with limited signs, symbols, and punctuations.


12. Aidilfitri (free)

Aidilfitri is another excellent font that is inspired by the Arabic writing style. If you are a travel agency in Middle Eastern countries, this font can be an excellent choice for your logos, banners, and even business cards.


13. Great Vibes (free)

Cursive handwritten fonts are known for their elegance, and Great Vibes is one of those fonts that feature a lovely, beautiful free-flowing font style.

If you want a happy wanderlust vibe to your logos and thumbnails then Great Vibes can be a great font choice.


14. Ontel (free)

Travel logos look best when designed with elegant fonts, and Ontel can be one of the nicest free fonts for logos.

Ontel has a clean, minimalist, and professional style to it. This handwritten font adds a modern touch to your logos or other designs.


15. Amne Sans (free)

Amne Sans is one of the free logo fonts with a simple, minimalist summer vibe.

If you are a travel vlogger who frequently makes videos about beaches and exotic locations, this font can be a good choice.


16. Salonica (free)

A beautiful handwritten script font, Salonica is a fantastic font to add a layer of gloom and mystery to your designs. It has a filmy vibe and looks excellent on thumbnails and banners.


17. Amelline (free)

"Amelline" is a beautiful and elegant modern monoline script font. You can use this font for personal and commercial projects. This font's decorations are straightforward and ideal for travel topics related to spring, summer, and holiday seasons.


18. Coolvetica (free)

Coolvetica is a sans-serif typeface created from the ground up and influenced by 1970s American logo designs. Coolvetica is a pure display typeface designed for large, quirky headings and titles, not for smaller texts.


19. Chlorinar (free)

Chlorinar is another free font for logos and can be used for personal and commercial projects.

This font has a funky and nostalgic feel and can look great if the topics of your travel videos are amusement parks, theme parks, or some children-friendly places.


20. Streetwear (free)

Streetwear is a bold and attractive retro-inspired script font that works well for logos, posters, marketing and branding material, packaging, and t-shirt designs. It has the appearance of a typeface from the 1960s and 1970s that is both distinctive and enjoyable.


21. Spring (free)

Spring is a hand-drawn floral display font with black ink serif letters and beautiful flowers. The flower decorations are different in the uppercase and lowercase letters, which adds variety and diversification to your designs.

You get a bonus set of floral decorations (PNG and vector) with this font which allows you to add more floral elegance to your logos, thumbnails, and banners.


22. Bangers (free)

You must surely know this font if you are a comics reader. Bangers is a funky, cool font for logos, thumbnails, and banners. If your travel videos are more about jazzy and popular tourist destinations, then Bangers can be a great font choice.


23. Aromina Script (free)

Mans Greback created Aromia Script Font, a vintage script typeface. It features noteworthy brush strokes that make it bolder and catchy. This font is ideal for logos, illustrations, and clothing designs.

Multilingual, number, and symbol support are also included in this typeface. There are three versions of this font: Regular, Rough, and Edge.


24. Amalfi Coast (free)

Named after the enchanting Italian coast, Amalfi Coast is a beautiful script font that looks elegant and impressive. It is a unique handwritten font with extremely thin strokes and authentic ligatures.

If you want to experiment with your channel or business font style, Amalfi Coast is one of the nice free fonts for logos.


25. Countryside (free for personal use)

The countryside is a script font that is lovely and dynamic. The font comes with cute swashes and gives a handwritten feel to your logos, banners, and thumbnails, and the spacing makes it easily legible.


Can you use free fonts in logos?

Yes, you can use free fonts in logos.

Some fonts are only free to use for personal projects, while others are also free for commercial projects. The 25 fonts mentioned above are all free to use, barring a few as mentioned besides the font name.

Is it illegal to use free fonts in your logo?

It depends on the license of the concerned font, whether you are using it for personal use or commercial use.

If the font is available for personal use, you can only use it for personal projects, i.e., non-revenue-making projects. However, if a font is free for commercial use, you can use it for any project you like.

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Outsourcing your graphic design requirements allows you to focus on what you do best: travel and create a marvelous video experience for your audience.

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