22 Best Pet Care & Veterinary Logos

Create your logo design for a veterinary practice or pet care center with the help of these stunning vet logos.

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May 12, 2024

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Forget about cheap-looking clipart and boring logo templates! Here are some stunning logo ideas to inspire your own.

We treat pets as family so it makes sense that when it comes to animal care and wellbeing, pet owners usually want the best. Unless it’s an emergency, we’ll usually do the proper research and find out the best veterinary practice to take care of our pet.

A professionally designed logo signals to potential clients that you’re an established business that will take excellent care of their furry family. So instead of a logo design template that people will see and forget, make sure you go for something custom, beautiful and appealing to your target audience.


Dog logos

Ok, yes I am a dog person, and definitely partial. But when it comes to veterinary logos, cute dog mascots are always a great way to win over potential customers. However, remember that man’s best friend is often found on pet stores, and pet food logos, so you should make sure that your logo design reflects your area of business adequately.

1. Dr. Tack

Mascot logos mean a cute and relatable character that will create a connection between clients and your brand. Not everyone will opt for a Dachshund, but this dog’s unique looks and spirit are something most people recognize. And this beautiful illustration certainly does the breed justice, without being overly complicated or intricate so that it might not make for a good logo.

dr tack veterinary logo
Design by GORKIYja


An animal logo doesn’t have to be overly intricate to be cute! This clever concept uses the pet care company name and a very simple design that’s easily adaptable to represent different dog breeds and even cats!

vox veterinary logo
Design by Alex Monteiro

3. Walk The Dog

Honest, I’m not that crazy about Dachshunds (collies are a different story), but it just so happens that yet another clever veterinary logo features this breed. If you decide to go with a dog logo, remember that cute and very intricate isn’t the only design route you can take. This elegant monoline illustration would be a perfect fit for a high-end pet boutique, but would also make a very nice veterinary clinic logo that inspires confidence and suggests high-quality healthcare.

walk the dog veterinary logo
Design by Max Seifert

4. Petful

When you’re brainstorming logo design ideas, remember that your logo has many different uses. If you opt for a combination mark that includes a graphic and typographic portion, it’s usually smart to make sure that either of these works well on its own. In this case, the sweet illustration is paired with the interesting, modern font. Both elements have the same qualities of being modern, youthful and approachable.

petful veterinary logo
Design by Diego Negrete

Dog and cat logos

Of course, if you can’t make up your mind between dogs and cats, a combination of these two cute animals can make a terrific choice for your new logo. Remember that the more intricate the design you’re after, the less likely you’ll find something appealing with logo makers or free logos. Make sure that all the different design elements of your logo work to create a strong and coherent brand image.

5. Dr Sara Facchin

Dogs and cats are said to be natural enemies, but I know of plenty of exceptions of these two living like best buds. There are tons of royalty free illustrations available online that you might be tempted to use on your logo design or social media. But only a complete concept such as this, which indicates the support, wellbeing and love of animals, will get clients to pause and notice your brand.

dr sara facchin veterinary logo
Design by Aline Charão

6. Dr. Efie Rozi

Thanks to the way that babies look, it has been proven that in graphic design we find round shapes to be “cute”, while sharp edges are often associated with authority or danger. With this in mind, remember that you can easily create a very simple animal logo, without too many details that might make the design cluttered. This simple car and dog head helps to avoid excluding potential customers but is still very simple and easy to incorporate on business cards, social media post templates, stickers and more.

7. Petuxos Pet Shop

Remember that your color palette of choice will have a big impact not only on your logo design but on your branding assets in general. This is a logo for a pet store, so the playful yellow and blue combination works great, instead of the colder, more serious color palettes seen with veterinarian logos.

petuxos veterinary logo
Design by Matheus Wagner

8. Isabela Regis

Yet another cat and dog logo which is cool, modern and memorable. The brand mark combines the image of a cat, dog and a cell since this veterinary practice specializes in endocrinology. The color palette is hip and youthful, so the designer decided to go with a crisp sans serif font to give the brand image an adequately professional look.

isabela regis veterinary logo
Design by Duda Morteo

9. Zona Vet

There are so many ways in which you can create that “aww” moment with an animal logo, but this sweet cuddle might just be my favorite. The designer also made good use of the negative space to include the letter V. The cool illustration style works equally well in color and black and white, making this heart-warming logo design also quite versatile.

zona vet veterinary logo
Design by Adriana Amaya

Paw print logos

Another common image in veterinary logo design is the animal paw print. Not only does it have the all-important “cute factor”, but thanks to its simple shape, this is a great choice for businesses wanting to create a minimalistic brand image.

10. Medea Vet

Animals are prone to physical injuries (at least more so than most adult humans), so something like a bandage also makes good use of imagery in veterinary logos. In this case, the logo creator also included the paw print and heart for the additional cute factor, while sticking to a professional monotone palette.

11. Eleva Vet

Hearts and paw prints combine well, and here’s yet another example to prove it. This modern, minimalist design would make a great veterinary clinic logo. Of course, the illustration itself is similar to stock vectors you might be able to find in places like Shutterstock. However, the logo is given a more custom look with this interesting typeface whose lettering with soft edges perfectly matches the paw print.

eleva vet logo
Design by Mateus Araújo

12. Simple Puppy App

Strangely enough, you won’t see that many representations of pet owners in veterinary logo design. That’s why this concept for a dog health tracker app is a really nice way to show appreciation towards responsible dog owners who take their pet’s healthcare seriously.

simple puppy veterinary logo
Design by César Doreste

13. River Animal Medical Center

We’ve already seen quite a few cute mascots and playful typography, so here’s something totally different. This corporate logo concept would be perfect for a high-end veterinary hospital. The paw print would look awesome embossed on a business card, assuring owners that their pets will get premium care.

river animal medical center logo
Design by YNL Design

Logotypes for professional veterinary clinics

If you run a large veterinary hospital, then you can’t go wrong with a typographic logo, either a wordmark, lettermark, or even a combination of the two. Oftentimes, people who have other than dogs or cats for a pet, don't have an easy time finding a suitable veterinary practice. Let them know you can take good care of their pets, with a veterinary clinic logo that doesn’t exclude any animal patients.

14. Dr. Naine Porfiro

This highly professional veterinarian logo uses the doctors’ name and a few simple elements to indicate her field of expertise: the paw print to show Dr. Porfiro is a veterinarian, and the heartbeat line to indicate she’s a cardiologist. Although simple, it’s obvious how this logo is a custom logo design and not a free logo that’s been downloaded in PSD or EPS format and just tweaked slightly.

dr naine porfirio veterinary logo
Design by Moralen Design

15. Edge Animal Hospital

We’ve already mentioned this example on our list of hospital logos since it’s an impressive example of medical logo design. It’s unique, professional and again, makes a reference to its niche market in a very clever way—the brand mark with the letter E looks like the tag on a dog’s collar.

edge animal hospital logo
Design by Nico Guidicessi

16. Peludos

As we said, people respond to round shapes in a certain way and this also goes with typography. You don’t need much else to consider these chubby letters cute. So the designer didn’t even need to go with the obvious choice of making the letter O into a paw print. This way, the logo has a more unique and interesting look, and it’s still perfectly obvious what the logo is all about.

peludos veterinary logo
Design by Noelia

17. Vetted

Yes, paws are incredibly cute. But have you ever seen a dog wagging its tail? This always makes my heart melt, and so it’s wonderful to see a logo concept that uses this utterly unique and wonderful trait of our best friends. What’s even more striking about this example is the use of contrast: pairing a crisp sans serif font with this subtle, yet very effective cute moment, to achieve a logo that’s both professional and heart-warming. It’s so good even the cat in the stock photo doesn’t mind!

vetted veterinary logo
Design by Herman Scheer

18. Fan

Although mascot logos are more prevalent in this than in a number of other industries, there’s always room for simpler logotypes. The logo designer focused on choosing the perfect font (Muli) and pairing it with a vibrant color palette to create a great logo, fitting for both a dog food company, pet shop as well as a veterinary practice.

fan veterinary logo
Design by Leandro Quiroz Rebaza

19. Pebble

This lovely logotype belongs to a pet supplements company. It’s a perfect example to show how impactful a custom font can be, striking that ideal balance between being professional and cute. Of course, for a company that will inevitably need to put their logo on different types of custom packaging, a typography logo is always a smart idea.

Crisp and modern logos

If cute mascots seem a little too light-hearted for a serious veterinary hospital, then a more abstract and minimalistic approach might be better. Here are a few logos to learn from.

20. Veterinary Thought Exchange

This organization provides Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for both clinical and non-clinical small animal veterinarians. This sleek stylized wordmark is a great way to keep the brand image sharp and professional— and since the platform connects veterinary medicine and innovative education, this is a great way to keep their brand mark relevant.

21. Bond Vet

This veterinary clinic in New York doesn’t just have a stunning logo, their entire brand image is a great example to learn from. The combination mark includes the company name and a simple vector image that combines a cat or dog head, and a shield—a common symbol in the medical and pharmaceutical industry.

bond vet logo
Design by Maud Passini

22. Peacock

City dwellers might forget that vets have a much larger scope of service than just cats and dogs. This great logo concept for a veterinary pharmaceutical company uses an animal we don’t see that often in pet care for inspiration. The blue color palette is very fitting for the industry, while the unique brand mark adds a bit of personality and visual interest. The logo works well paired with stock images of different animals on packaging concepts for different types of medication..

peacock veterinary logo
Design by Menta Picante

Having lived and studied in London and Berlin, I'm back in native Serbia, working remotely and writing short stories and plays in my free time. With previous experience in the nonprofit sector, I'm currently writing about the universal language of good graphic design. I make mix CDs and my playlists are almost exclusively 1960s.

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