Wix Logo Creator: How It Works and Who Should Use It

Here’s a quick run-through of the Wix logo maker tool, with our suggestions for how to best use its features for your business.

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November 30, 2023

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Here’s a quick run-through of the Wix logo maker tool, with our suggestions on how to use its features for your business.

Logo design cost doesn’t come cheap. And for good reason! A custom logo doesn’t just look good: it’s unique, memorable and perfectly captures your brand identity (your brand promise, the aesthetic of your target audience and your unique value proposition).

There are tons of online logo makers: Tailor Brands, Design Crowd and Looka, to name a few. Sometimes they work at a freemium model where you might have to pay for specific features or a SVG file, and sometimes they are indeed completely free. Wix, which is also known for being the leading website building platform has its own logo making tool, which is free to use.

So in this piece, we’re looking at the features of Wix logo maker and who might be eligible to use this cost-effective option in logo design.

How much does a professional logo from Wix logo maker cost?

Wix logo maker pricing.png

You don’t need to finish your logo in one go. All your designs are stored in the My logo dashboard where you can access them anytime for further editing and customization.

Once you’re happy with the design, you can download a demo version or choose your pricing option.

After you’ve chosen the logo option that you like best, you’ll be taken to the customization dashboard, where you can change the selected logo any way you like: from changing the color palette and font to adding extra icons and shapes or adding, which you can select from their vast vector file library. You can see how your logo looks with colored or transparent backgrounds which is very useful.

Wix logo maker is free to use. This means you can create and customize your logo until you’re perfectly happy with the result. However, this doesn’t mean that you get your logo for free.

After you’re done with the design, you can download a demo version of your logo to get feedback, test and share with people within your business or organization.

To get the commercial use rights, high resolution files and additional branding features, there are two pricing options:

  • Basic—$20 for full commercial usage rights and standard logo files;
  • Advanced—$50 for full commercial usage rights, standard, social media and resizable logo files.

All in all, the prices are a lot lower than what an experienced professional designer might charge for logo design. However, bear in mind that you’re still getting your new logo from a free online tool, so you probably won’t end up with a 100% custom and unique logo.

But the option where Wix logo creator is really a worthwhile investment is to get both your website and your logo from this platform.  

Wix website builder is a great option to help you establish an online presence and there are tons of helpful features that make this drag and drop platform a huge contender.

These are the pricing options for a website and logo package:

  • Value—$11 per month; includes full commercial use, standard logo files, Wix Combo website plan and a free domain for 1 year.
  • Professional— $16 per month; includes everything in Value plus resizable and social media logo files, Wix Unlimited Website Plan and 250 business cards.
  • Deluxe—$24 per month; includes everything in Value + priority customer support and graphic designer touch up service.

Finally, if you want to create your logo via Wix, there’s one other option aside from the logo generator that you may want to consider. Wix Marketplace allows you to find a freelancer to work on your logo design project (similar to platforms like Upwork and Fiverr, except that this is for web and graphic designers only). You can get matched with a designer by Wix or browse freelancers and get in touch yourself.

How to create a logo with Wix logo creator

Now that we got the financial considerations out of the way, it’s time for the fun part! Wix is known for its ease of use, and creating a logo with Wix is also easy, straightforward and fun.

The first step is to register your account. This is very simple, since you can use your email address, or register with your Google or Facebook account.

Next, you’ll be asked to provide your business name and tagline (optional).

wix logo creator start.png

You can also provide the type of business you run for even more tailor-made options.

Next, you’ll be asked a series of preference questions, to help Wix determine what kind of style you’re after. This will allow you to get logo options that are better suited to your taste and your needs.

Finally, you will be asked to choose all the intended uses for your logo. These are the options:

  • Website design
  • Business cards
  • Social media
  • Merchandise (t-shirts, mugs, bags, etc.)
  • Presentation
  • Other

Wix then provides you with dozens of templates to choose from. You’ll get a real wealth of options to choose from, which is a great way to get a fresh perspective on your brand image and explore a route you might not have considered.

However, be sure to always bear your brand identity in mind: who are you, what do you do, why and for whom.

wix logo maker templates.png
wix logo creator dashboard.png

Who should create a business logo with Wix?

Sure, online logo makers aren’t exactly known for high-quality logos. That said, as a leading website builder, Wix certainly has some talented graphic designers in their ranks.

If you’re worried about getting a high-quality logo with Wix, the short answer is yes. You will also get professional editable files like SVG, which is not the case with some other free logo makers, where you might just get JPG or PNG files.

If you’re clear on your brand’s mission and vision, I would recommend giving this option a try. You may not end up with the perfect logo, but it will certainly give you plenty of food for thought and perhaps a foundation off which you can work.

On the other hand, it’s a great solution for bootstrapped startups, to get their foot in the door and start doing work with a nice, modern logo that doesn’t have an awkward DIY look.

Who shouldn’t use Wix logo creator?

If you’re considering a rebrand, then online logo makers, including Wix, are definitely not the best option for you. The reason for this is that a rebrand should still bear a connection with your brand, and this is not something you can do with randomly selected options.

Secondly, be prepared to put in your own time. It’s possible to get a truly stunning logo with Wix, and the results are very likely going to be considerably better than a patched up DIY project, in case your knowledge in design software is limited. However, choosing one of the logo templates and customization are not steps you should rush through.

As a CEO of a new business starting out, your time might be better spent devising your brand strategy in more detail, while you leave the creative part to graphic design professionals.

Wix_table 1 copy 3.png

We hope this brief guide helped you understand the process of creating a logo with Wix, and decide if this logo generator could be the right choice for your small business. For further reading related to Wix, make sure to check out this guide on Wix Payments, Wix Blog, and our comparison of Wix vs. Shopify.

Don’t forget that ManyPixels is an on-demand graphic design service that can cover all your design needs, at a flat monthly rate. We have tons of experience in logo and brand guide design, so make sure to check out our work page for a taste of what we can do. Or read some of our customer stories!

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