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DanicaFeb 12, 2020

20 Awesome Fonts Youtubers Use that You Should Try

I used to work with a guy who could tell fonts apart with just one look. Though I’m still not convinced this is the most marketable skill, choosing the best font for your video can really help you stand out on Youtube.

So what is the best font to use in your video? Well, it really depends on your content. You’ve probably figured out that the same typeface won’t fit equally well with a tutorial on how to make a delicate French pastry and achieve the next level in Minecraft.

But how do you choose, when there are so many great options out there? Well, an excellent place to start is to find out what fonts youtubers you follow are using.

We’ve done the research and turned to some famous youtubers for inspiration—and came up with a list of 20 fonts that you should try.

We’ve included both free and paid options, and to make it extra easy to peruse, we’ve split our list into 3 categories.

Bold, basic or bouncy?

Less can really be more when it comes to fonts, so if you’re looking for something that will put your message first, these simple fonts can be a really good choice.

For this section, we included a mix of classic as well as comic fonts that are still quite versatile.

1. Impact (free)

This simple, bold font is a great place to start as you also usually have it on your computer. And if you’re looking for celebrity endorsement, Impact has got a big one.

PewDiePie regularly uses this font for his videos - and with 100 million subscribers he probably knows what he’s doing!

Impact font.jpg

2. Bebas (free)

This is another simple, yet powerful font that works very well when you want to highlight the title. Bebas looks great in both thumbnails and eye-grabbing banners.

An updated version of this now practically classic font is Bebas Neue which is characterized by more slender letters set closer together.

As for celebrity-inspiration, Bebas was previously used a lot by Aspyn Ovard, who has switched to a more stylized one in more recent years.

Bebas font youtube

3. Roboto (free)

Back in 2015, Youtube switched from Arial to Roboto, and you probably never noticed the difference! Roboto letters are slightly leaner, and the dots on the letters I and J are round as opposed to Arial’s square ones.

This is a good ‘safe’ option if you’re just starting out on Youtube and aren’t sure what font to pick. Sticking with the channel’s default will make any future changes seem like a natural transition.

It’s also readable and handy for subtitles (Youtube uses it for closed captions).

4.Open Sans (free)

This classic font takes it up a notch and is a great one to use in the actual video, as it is legible even in smaller sizes.

It’s also an excellent choice for professional or educational videos.

5. Lato (free)

Another sans-serif font that will make your videos look professional and sleek. It’s a little more stylized than the aforementioned—so if you’re looking to add a bit of a twist to a more serious topic (like a professional ‘how to’ video), you might want to give this one a try.

Remember that sans-serif fonts are usually a better option for subtitles, as they are easier to read than serifs.

6. Bangers (free)

If you’re feeling adventurous - comic fonts are an awesome way to go! Inappropriate use of mostly Comic Sans has given them a bit of a bad rep, but these typefaces are actually a fantastic way to draw people’s attention on Youtube.

Bangers, for example, will give your thumbnail a playful side, while not committing you to anything overly specific.

Because it’s so unassuming it works quite well with an array of other fonts. The eclectic youtuber Rclbeauty101 uses it a lot for her thumbnails.

Bangers font youtube

7. Badaboom BB (free for personal use)

Another cool comic font, which is definitely not as versatile as Bangers, but certainly a terrific choice if used intelligently.

The ever-colorful Wengie was a big fan of this one, and it really fits perfectly with her quirky, fun videos.

Badaboom BB font youtube

Aesthetic fonts: cute and quirky, just like you!

These soft, beautiful fonts are an absolute favorite for lifestyle or DIY vlogs. If you’re looking to build a name in the sphere, then it’s really worth checking some of these out.

8. DK Mandarin Whispers (free for personal use)

This one is both whimsical and eye-catching since it only comes in uppercase. It’s cool and quirky, but not too “girly”, which means it can be seamlessly integrated with different color pallets and pictures.

It has been a long-term favorite of Youtuber Sierra Furtado.

DK Mandarin Whispers font youtube

9. Beauty and the Beast (free for personal use)

This font is aptly named—the ornaments can make it seem very gentle, and still it can make a fantastic, bold title font.

Youtuber Alisha Marie used it a lot previously for titles as well as quirky details like a LOL or an OMG.

beauty and the beast font youtube

More recently, she has switched to simpler styles.

10. Lobster Two (free)

Another super-cute script font, often used for makeup/hair tutorials. It’s romantic, but elegant. However, be careful with smaller sizes, as they might not be legible.

You can also check out these 9 alternatives for Lobster Two if you’re looking to kick this classic up a notch.

11. Brusher (free)

Remember—while script fonts like this can be gorgeous, always use them with caution as they tend to be hard to read.

12. Amatic (free)

This edgy, hand-drawn font in all caps is very playful and great for cute title covers. It’s got a clean, stylized design, making it a good fit for arts and crafts tutorials and videos.

13. River Drive (free for personal use)

This heavy chalk font marries romance and adventure, which seems like a perfect choice for travel-related content.

Video maker Gabriel Conte used it on occasion, like this snazzy honeymoon edit.

River Drive font youtube

Dramatic fonts: for those willing to go the extra mile

14. Roadster (free)

If you’re an old soul that also wants to make a statement, this is a great one for you. The elegant, retro letters would make a perfect title for your road trip video.

15. Nexa Rust Bold (free)

Chunky and rustic, Nexa Bold seems to be a great fit for any kind of food blogging - imagine how well it would work with a tutorial on how to cook the perfect steak!

16. Long Shot (free)

Slanted edges give this one a cinematic quality, making it a perfect fit for movie review videos, as well as edgy music-related stuff.

17. American Captain (free for personal use)

This font is still quite understated (we could easily have included in the first section), but also works really well with all sorts of gaming content.

However, since it’s not overly dramatic, it can also get people’s attention for a video of a completely different nature - such as this one on the ‘truth about youtubers’ from Jimmy Tries World.

American Captain font youtube

18. Bernhard (free)

This beautiful modern typeface serif is both very elegant and unique. You could easily see it as an excellent choice for booktubers, but then Zoella too has recently switched to Bernhard in her thumbnails—giving her channel a fresh, funky look!

bernhard font youtube

19. Blacklisted (free for personal use)

This is an awesome bold font with a sleek twist. It can be both elegant and dramatic, depending on your topic and intention.

20. Budmo (free)

Want pizazz? Then you will love this bold, dotted marquee sign font! You might recognize it from the videos of content creator Liza Koshy. She did a great job at combining the glitzy letters with funny thumbnails like this one.

budmo font youtube

Whether you’re looking for class or sass, fonts can really help those click rates go up. Think of your audience, goals, and inspiration—and don’t forget to experiment. If used correctly, a very clean basic font can be as impactful as a more creative option.

If you need further ideas on how to make your channel look as good as some of the youtubers’ from the list, check out these 19 thumbnail ideas or start with creating the perfect YouTube banner.

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