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The 25 Best Free Commercial Fonts

25 Free Commercial Fonts for Your Design Projects

Graphic design
Oct 21, 2020
7 minutes


Need to spruce your commercial projects with awesome fonts that don’t cost a dime? Here’s a list of lovely free fonts you can use.

There are heaps of awesome fonts you can find on the Internet, however, if you intend to use them for your business, you might have to pay for a commercial license.

We know it can be pretty frustrating to find the perfect free font, only to discover that it’s free for personal use, but commercial use requires payment. So to save you the trouble of browsing, we’ve compiled a list of diverse typefaces with free commercial use!

Sans serif fonts for professional projects

Crisp and legible sans serifs are the most popular font style in the professional context, because they perfectly complement modern, minimalistic designs. On the other hand, they are also a great choice for busy, colorful designs as they can ensure that text is legible.

1. Aganè

This free commercial font is available from Font Squirrel and created by designer Danilo de Marco. It’s inspired by older sans serif typefaces Avenir and Frutiger and makes a wonderful choice for pretty much any industry. The letters have generous spacing between them which will allow your designs to breathe, and the soft edges give this professional typeface a more humanistic appeal.

agane free commercial font.png

2. Less Sans

If, on the other hand, you’re after something with a more stern, professional look, this minimalist typeface could be the perfect choice for you. This crisp, elegant font is great for headings as well as blocks of small text, due to its high readability. It comes in three weights, light, regular and bold, in OTF and TTF font format.

less sans free commercial font.png

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3. Kompakt

This all caps typeface created by graphic designer Jaume Mercader exudes Swedish minimalism since it’s both youthful and very professional. It comes in uppercase only, meaning it could make an awesome logo design font, or a terrific choice for signage in your store.

kompakt free commercial font.png

4. Merge

Sans serif fonts don’t all have to be geometric and rigid. This gorgeous free font has a much more humanistic feel, with its soft edges and lettering of different widths. It has 275 glyphs, fitting for several languages that use the Latin alphabet.

merge free commercial font.png

5. Higher

This futuristic typeface is a perfect thematic font for a number of design projects, including yearbooks or book covers! It includes only upper case letters and numbers 0-9, so it doesn’t allow plenty of room for experimentation, but it could make a pretty eye-grabbing display font.

higher free font.png

6. Atiba

This typeface combines geometric curves with solid, straight lines. It’s a very modern font with a very unique look. It could easily make the perfect font for your logotype; the interesting lettering would probably make a great monogram.

atiba free commercial font.png

7. Fivo Sans

This strong but smooth sans serif typeface is a great free commercial font. It comes in 7 font styles, so if you’re looking to do branding on a budget, this font family will give you plenty of room to experiment.

fivo sans free commercial font.png

Free serif fonts for elegant graphic design

Serif fonts are the older font type, characterized by decorative strokes at the end of the letter stem. Serifs can sometimes have poor readability in small point sizes, so this is something to be aware of.

8. Cardo

This font is a great way to add an old-school vibe to your business’ designs, without spending a dime on typography! This lovely vintage font was designed with classicist scholars and linguists in mind, so it’s a great choice for businesses that need to command a sense of trust and tradition. For that reason, it can make a terrific option for law firm branding or realtor branding.

cardo free commercial font.jpg

9. Carnivalee Freakshow

If you want a vintage font that’s incredibly fun and free for commercial use, this one might be it! This old West style font has 221 glyphs, including some cool dingbats. If you’re looking for a cool barbershop logo this all free font can be a great match for hipster barbershop branding. It comes in uppercase only, so you’ll need a secondary font to use for blocks of text.

carnivalee freakshow free commercial font.jpg

10. Wanderlust

This slab serif typeface created by designer Jan Henkel is a perfect mix of rustic and modern. The chunky lettering can make a great heading font. Although lowercase letters are included, the readability with this decorative font can be a problem with smaller point sizes, so we recommend using it on a larger scale.

wanderlust free commercial font.png

11. Qanaya

This free commercial use font is unique and professional. It’s a round serif font, and includes uppercase and lowercase letters, and numbers. It’s beautiful and versatile so it can easily fit almost any of your professional design projects.

qanaya free commercial font.png

12. Migur

This gorgeous font is characterized by stark contrasts in the weight of the lines and lovely ligatures that make the lettering much more dynamic. It’s an all lowercase font, but because of its distinct look, it would make a classy display font, for magazine covers or fashion logos.

migur free commercial font.jpg

13. Vollkorn

This elegant font family comes in 4 weights, in both regular and italic styles. It’s a more modern font that’s visually similar to classics like Book Antiqua or Georgia. Grab it from Font Squirrel and feel free to use it on practically anything: this adaptable font will probably fit your needs.

vollkorn free commercial font.jpg

Retro fonts with a free commercial license

Retro design isn’t going out of style anytime soon, so if this is your groove, make sure your typography also has a nostalgic feel. Whether you’re in the market for 1960s-inspired slab serifs or geometric Art Deco fonts, here are some amazing free commercial fonts for you!

14. Platonic NF

The bi-line lettering of this cool font is reminiscent of the 1920s and 1930s Art Deco. It comes in all caps with the basic characters. It could make a great header font especially in the field of culture and entertainment.

platonick nf free commercial font.png

15. Shagadelic

This incredibly groovy freebie font will appeal to the 1960s and 1970s nostalgics and can give your designs a great retro vibe. It’s definitely not the most readable font because of its weighted bottom lettering; however, it could make for incredible signage.

shagadelic free commercial font.png

16. Deco Caps

It’s a little hard to believe that this gorgeous, decorative font has a free commercial license, but it’s true! If you are looking to amp your restaurant menu design game, this stunning Art Nouveau-inspired typeface could be just the thing you need.

deco caps free commercial font.png

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17. Postino

This vintage slab serif is available from Adobe fonts and looks like a throwback from a 1960s TV show. It’s fun and playful, but it could still work on a number of different design projects, including, for example, great package design. It comes in two styles, regular and italic.

postino free commercial font.png

18. Berg

This huge font family includes 7 typefaces: Regular, Extrude, Inline, Shadow, Ornament, Western & Rough. It’s inspired by vintage sign painting, so it could make a great choice for retro signage for your business. These chunky letters could also make a great label font or fit perfectly on a hip craft beer logo.

berg free commercial font.jpg

19. Sabo

If you love retro arcade games, this awesome pixel font will probably be your favorite from the list. It comes in two styles, filled and outlined. You’ll definitely need a secondary font with higher readability to accompany this one.

sabo free commercial font.png

Romantic script fonts

There are several industries where a gorgeous handwritten font is suitable, like beauty salons or luxury hotels. These fonts generally don’t have the highest readability but they can pair really well with more traditional serifs.

20. Magnolia

Although it’s generally true, not all script fonts are hard to read. This lovely monoline handwritten typeface has great readability thanks to the generous width of the letters and simple ligatures. It’s also the only font on the list that includes Cyrillic characters, so considering that it’s free for commercial use it’s really worth the download!

magnolia script free commercial font.png

21. Bitter Rose

This gorgeous brush font might be a great option for Youtubers. It’s striking, but also quite versatile: you’ll also receive 5 bonus Adobe Illustrator textures with this free font! The dynamic swashes on this modern font would make for a striking poster design.

bitter rose free commercial font.png

22. Buffalo

Not all script fonts have to be overly feminine and delicate. Buffalo is a great monoline font that looks quirky and cool. The uppercase letters are quite very unique, while lowercase letters are simpler and have better readability.

buffalo free commercial font.jpg

23. Miama

This lightweight calligraphy font is a very elegant choice for professional design. It has a particularly sweet origin story, as the cursive lettering is apparently developed from the graphic designer’s girlfriend’s handwriting. It has beautiful ligatures and very ornamental glyphs, but do bear in mind that because of the thin strokes you should probably aim for larger font sizes with this one.

miama free commercial font.png

24. Atmosphere

Another great brush font that makes for an amazing freebie, since it comes together with bonus watercolor splotches! You can easily picture this one on gift or greeting cards, but even cool book covers. As the name suggests, this free commercial font will give any design a touch of atmosphere.

atmosphere free commercial font.jpg

25. Ludicrous

Grab this super cute free commercial use font, if you want to spruce up your social media graphics or YouTube thumbnails! It comes with some great bonus dingbats so if you need something sweet and decorative, this is the freebie to get!

ludicrous free commercial font.jpg

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Danica Popovic

October 21, 2020

Having lived and studied in London and Berlin, I'm back in native Serbia, working remotely and writing short stories and plays in my free time. With previous experience in the nonprofit sector, I'm currently writing about the universal language of good graphic design. I make mix CDs and my playlists are almost exclusively 1960s.