New and Impressive Brand Designs

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Amazing Brand Designs in 2021


Recent Brand Designs That Will Amaze You

September 28, 2021
6 minutes


In 2021 branding continued to be one of the most experimental and creative design fields. From companies following brand design trends to others completely rejecting classic styles in favor of creativity, here are our favorites so far.

At the beginning of this year, we spent some time researching the expected design trends in 2021. It came to no surprise that minimalistic design, floral designs and natural color palettes were among the most prevalent trends.

Brand identity design was not an exemption to them, so we decided to look through some famous graphic design platforms and social media pages, and find our favorite recent brand designs. Here are the top 10 we found.

1. Plump: Hip photorealism and bold colors

This online platform that curates and sells skincare products choose the tbpmx branding agency to create a bold, yet personable and friendly look. It offers a touch of futurism while staying youthful and reliable.

The agency created a “modern graphic universe that portrays futuristic touches that express its tech-savvy personality, expertise and trust behind all its carefully handpicked products”.

The logo design itself is incredibly modern and quirky: pictures of balloons with a metallic shine comprising the word “Plump”, making the most unique sans serif font there is. It might be the only logo that uses photorealism to this degree that I have seen, and I certainly like how creative it is.

The packaging, marketing materials and the labels, everything goes perfectly tied to the youthful and spontaneous character of this brand, with pastel colors and confetti that simply scream fun.

plump 1.jpg plump 2.jpg

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2. NRSH: Organic typefaces and a neutral color palette

This cool branding design created for a farm-to-table restaurant by the designer Dasha Bychkova successfully encapsulates the organic and contemporary spirit of the place. The restaurant is organic and vegan and pays great attention to focusing on the origin of the plants.

The designer created a contemporary and minimalist logo, letter mark and custom typeface, which she juxtaposed with hand-illustrated patterns and illustrations of vegetables and fruits that look like a collage made by Matisse.

The mood board behind this creative branding was drawn colorful and vibrant fruits and vegetables paired with a neutral color palette, contemporary layouts, and organic typefaces.

nrsh 1.jpg nrsh 3.jpg nrsh 2.jpg

3. Roots: Simple geometric shapes unique for the industry

Wineries’ branding designs usually tend to look similar to one another, with luxurious serif typography and colors such as dark red, gold and black being mostly used in the logo and labels.

However, this Ukrainian company that sells prime wines from all around Europe decided to stick to a modern and minimal approach, using royal blue and gray as the main brand colors. Still, the most surprising little element in this design done by Apo Design agency is the letter “O”, which is in the shape of a grape.

roots 1.jpg roots 2.jpg roots 3.jpg

4. Snap Pies: Modern twist in a traditional recipe

Everything about this brand is unusual: it’s a business of a vegan that used to work in a butcher shop and wanted to make pies for other vegans to enjoy. The name comes from the Yorkshire term for lunch—snap—coming from the snap tins that coal miners used to bring their lunch to work in.

So, a traditional pie that instead of steak and kidney uses lentils and peas needs a fresh branding, right? That is why the branding agency picked warm colors, a very interesting typeface and catchy slogans that will make people laugh and want to order another one.

snap 1.jpg snap 2.jpg

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5. Morano: Contemporary twist of Art Deco

This online store that concentrates on small manufacturers and unique products needed a logo that is strong and stable but also has movement and balance.

The branding agency that developed the design used the Belle Époque era, historic boutiques, and an exotic yet modernized twist on Art Deco.

They created an authentic, unique logo with a lot of personality, with brand resources based on the product journey, such as stamps that reveal the product’s origin, destination, environmental awareness, and history.

morano 1.jpg morano 2.jpg

6. Basa Studio: Futuristic & Bauhaus

This German agency for matchmaking clients and creatives needed a fresh and expressive brand identity, for which they hired branding designer Guille Lasarte.

The brand identity is meant to show both dazzling professionalism and inventiveness in order to represent the artists’ high level of experience.

The designer’s solution was this: a strong black and white presence, as well as a fresh Neo-Grotesk font, which was used to reflect their sophistication. Bursts of vibrant colors in a galaxy-like theme bring us back to what this agency is all about: finding productive outlets for outstanding creativity.

basa 1.jpg basa 2.jpg

7. Piqualé Hot Sauce: Nature meets Southwestern-American art

As someone that quite enjoys watching shows like Hot One, I’ve seen plenty of hot sauce packages in my life. And they are all either cartoonish or straight-out horrifying: zombies, monsters, nuclear bombs and such.

Piqualé, on the other hand, successfully marries a drawing of thistle, the national flower of Scotland taken to honor the Scottish heritage of the sauce creator, with a Southwestern American design style.

The thistle also bears a striking resemblance to the cactus, a common symbol in Mexican and Southwest American iconography.

piquale 1.jpg

8. Grow Deal/Horizon Vertical: Unique typography

Grow Deal is the first vertical farm in Toulouse, growing mushrooms, rare herbs, edible flowers and micro-vegetables under the Horizon Vertical brand.

Grow Deal’s founder desired a comprehensive overhaul of the company’s visual identity. They chose a strong graphic and typographic system that was different from the normal codes used in the food and vegetable industries. The typogram employs a tight geometric framework as well as curves that produce outgrowths, evoking plant budding.

On this foundation, a shape system improves the visual language and serves as the backbone of graphic applications used in areas as diverse as monochromatic labels, textiles, and social media. There will be a lot of new versions in the future.

grow deal 1.jpg grow deal 2.jpg

9. Fable & Mane: Nature illustrations and motion logo

Fable & Mane is a modern hair wellness brand inspired by Ancient Indian beauty secrets. Suitably, the agency behind its branding decided to use the tiger as the main symbol, an animal long used in Indian art, mythology and culture as a symbol of beauty, power and fierceness.

The label’s structure is a modern spin on traditional Indian beauty product packaging, which frequently employs devices or containers to carry text and imagery.

Symbols are an important part of the F&M brand. The designers came up with a simple keyline iconography design that feels current while also having an antique feel to it. The visual style and hand positioning, in particular, are influenced by traditional Indian culture.

The original logo is also animated, and you can check out the whole project here.

fable & mane 1.jpg fable & mane 2.jpg

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10. Runda Jewelry: Natural richness

The final entry is a classy and timeless brand design that uses the colors of natural ore as a base for its color palette. Gold, terracotta, bronze and pearly white make a lot of sense for the packaging and labels of a jewelry manufacturer. At the same time, the logo is a simple wordmark in a subtle serif, combined with an indented brand mark that looks like a classical wax stamp.

runda 1.jpg runda 2.jpg

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Stefanija Tenekedjieva

September 28, 2021

Journalist turned content writer. Based in North Macedonia, aiming to be a digital nomad. Always loved to write, and found my perfect job writing about graphic design, art and creativity. A self-proclaimed film connoisseur, cook and nerd in disguise.