19 Architect Logos for Modern Architecture Businesses

Discover 19 creative logo designs help you develop the logo concept for your architecture firm or studio.

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December 11, 2023

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As creative professionals, architects need unique logos that will represent both their professionalism and creativity. Here are some great ideas to consider when designing your own logo.

I know many architects that double as graphic designers, but the truth is that although there are similarities between two disciplines, creating custom logo designs takes both knowledge and practice in this particular field.

If you’re an architect who’s never done logo design, you might be thinking about turning to online logo makers and downloading an editable EPS file that you can customize. But remember that a custom approach from the get-go is the only way to create a standout and truly unique logo.

Check out these wonderful custom logos that will inspire you to come up with a unique concept for your own logo!

Modern minimalist logos

Although minimalism is a long-standing trend, in this particular industry, a minimalist logo also serves to show a sense of style and elegance, which potential clients will certainly appreciate. On the other hand, a minimal logo design can be seen as a sort of blank slate, signaling to potential clients that your style and vision are adaptable to their needs.

Moreover, simple logos are easy to adapt for a variety of users: from business cards to professional architecture website design!

If this sounds like something that defines your architectural firm, then check out the following modern and sleek examples!

1. Miles Brandão

This architect logo consists of three shapes: an organic one (curved line), geometric (square), and a simple shape that represents a light fixture (or that “light bulb” moment of inspiration). It’s modern, versatile and makes a very nice alternative to monograms which are used by many architecture studios.

2. Georgia Cannon

This interior design studio logo is the epitome of impactful simplicity. The logo reflects the designer’s style, which relies heavily on mid-century modern aesthetic and raw forms. It may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but a strong brand identity means something that will speak to your target audience. For people who appreciate a minimalist aesthetic, Georgia’s branding will immediately stand out. Her initials are also incorporated into the logo, for a more personal touch, but in a very elegant and understated way.

3. Tiago Cruz

This modern architect logo concept has two variations: the crisp wordmark and the pictogram which looks awesome on this modern business card mockup. It’s another example that seems to be inspired by the mid-century modern and Bauhaus design styles. It’s also a good reminder of how to effectively use colors to make a minimal black and white logo pop.

4. Inco Architects

This architectural firm logo is a modern wordmark that uses very minimalist lettering, inspired by geometric shapes. Since this logo belongs to a big architectural firm that handles both the design and overseeing the implementation of projects, it makes sense that their logo represents professionalism and trustworthiness.

5. Vyazimonova Selvinsky

The two pentagons and hexagon found on this unique logo actually represent the company’s initials. The minimalism of the geometric shapes, in this case, is used very well since it bears a strong connection to architectural drawing. It’s a very trendy logo, fitting for modern startups.

Creative architecture studio logos

Personally, I’m not a fan of minimalism and I think more intricate designs are a great way to stand out from tons of free logos that have been slightly modified. Of course, this doesn’t necessarily mean overcrowding your logo with details. Check out these examples that strike the perfect balance between being quirky and very professional.

6. Grein Studios

So this logo is neither minimalistic nor overly intricate, but I love the concept of it taking inspiration from natural forms and lines. After all, many basic design principles come from the natural world and how we perceive it. It has a very organic feel, without using any of the conventional tropes like flowers and leaves icons.

7. Roome Architects

This logo design concept takes inspiration from the timeless architecture of the city of Rome, as well as ancient Roman mythology. The logo incorporates the curves of the Pantheon’s dome and the owl which is a symbol of the Roman goddess of wisdom Minerva. Making a strong connection to your location is another great architecture logo idea if you want your business to speak to local audiences.

8. Astique Wood Architecture & Design

Forest animals are very popular with woodworking logos, but since this field shares similarities with interior design, this kind of imagery also lends itself well to this type of design studios. This logo concept is very elegant paired with the serif typography which can be used in letterhead and business card design.

9. Atharv Consultancy

This modern and creative logo would make an equally good choice for a construction website or real estate logo thanks to its simplicity and recognizable imagery. Yellow is a logo color that symbolizes optimism and communication—skills which are integral for graphic designers, architects, realtors and anyone working closely with clients from different industries.

10. Cural

Creativity doesn’t always mean bursts of colors and all sorts of bells and whistles to draw attention. This great logo design uses simple techniques that make it distinguishable from dull templates or DIY logos made with online logo makers. Each letter differs in size slightly and instead of the A, the logo creator used a minimalistic window-like shape. The color palette on this brand identity is also gorgeous, combining very professional tones.

11. Kcos

This logo creator behind this concept wanted to create something that resembles the process of dreaming and creation: how little pieces are deconstructed and pieced together into something new. The letter K which represents the business name actually consists of four pieces of a circle. The custom lettering has an equally interesting and unique look.

12. Aclinic

This creative architectural studio logo concept was created with a specific target audience in mind: hospital branding. The combination of the wordmark and graphic element makes for a very unique brand identity and the coral color palette give s a fresh and modern look.
By Gabriel Bodnar, Edu Debiasi and Nexa Brand

Professional logos for big architecture businesses

With a logo for a freelancer or small architecture studio, you’re probably allowed to have much more creative freedom. But if you work for, or want to build a big architecture firm, then one of these more corporate looking examples are going to be a useful source of logo design inspiration for you.

13. Ipek Koray Design

This unique abstract design was created for a logo design contest and is now used by the Istanbul-based architecture and design studio. The logo designer took inspiration from the Fibonacci spiral, also known which is a visual representation of the numbers in the Fibonacci sequence. An abstract design like this would work equally well for a budding design startup as well as a large architectural firm.

14. Bauen

They say that you should always dress for the part you want, and this is also quite true for logo design. If you work in a very niche field, you probably want your logo to have a quirky and creative look that will speak loudest to the selected few. But if your long term goal is to build a big and successful business, then you should opt for a more serious, professional-looking architecture logo design. The following example would make a perfect fit for any branding purpose: from professional stationery design to social media covers.

15. Boho Studio

Of course, professional architecture logos aren’t always found in strict monotone color palettes. The following example comes from an interior design studio, and it’s a perfect marriage of professionalism and creativity. Although simplistic, the logo has a unique look thanks to the fresh color palette but maintains a modern and clean layout that fits the design style of this architecture business.

16. Arch logo

Architectural forms can make a great source of logo design inspiration, so long as you can ensure that the overall design isn’t too busy. This is a wonderful example since the arch is incorporated seamlessly into the typography. Thanks to the rounded lettering the whole design feels very elegant and organic.

Classic wordmarks

Just like realtors, graphic designers and consultants, many architects work alone and require a refined personal brand. A wordmark or monogram can be a great logo for this reason. However, bear in mind that grabbing a free logo design template and just adding your own name isn’t enough to make your brand stand out. Make sure that all the design elements like typography, color, balance and the like all work to create a high-quality brand image.

17. Pedro Martins

The takeaway from the following example is yet another reminder that when you’re creating your new logo you need to take into account how it will complete the rest of your brand image. In this case, the logo itself is a rather simple wordmark with very dainty sans-serif typography. On its own, it could have easily been a good boutique or fashion logo. However, paired with a vibrant, yet elegant color palette everything ties together really well to create a uniquely personal brand of a highly creative professional.

18. Bang

You might think that an online logo generator is useful for creating a very simple wordmark, but this can be surprisingly tricky even if you have some design knowledge. Creating an impactful wordmark takes great skill, and if you choose this route for your own logo remember that you need to start with a strong concept, rather than anything readily available online.

The style of the logo needs to fit your brand, but the letters also have to have a certain flow; it should feel like the design choice was a conscious one rather than a template that anyone else could have used. This example is a wonderful design idea, with letters that are very bold and impactful, yet perfectly reflect the relevant industry. If you look closer, each letter is actually written in a single stroke, showing the design skill and mastery of the architecture firm.

19. ScèneDeVie

This D and S logo takes a really creative approach to a monogram. The little monogram is perfect for use on things like business cards and social media profiles, while the complete wordmark is something you would find on more official documents like letterheads or presentations.

scene de vie architect logo

Having lived and studied in London and Berlin, I'm back in native Serbia, working remotely and writing short stories and plays in my free time. With previous experience in the nonprofit sector, I'm currently writing about the universal language of good graphic design. I make mix CDs and my playlists are almost exclusively 1960s.

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