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StefanijaSep 11, 2020

20 Restaurant Logos To Learn From

Everyone goes to their favorite restaurant mostly for the food, but a good logo design and restaurant branding is an extra spice that makes the place memorable. Here are some examples to inspire you for your own amazing restaurant logo.

Starting a restaurant, you have a lot to create, design, plan and nurture. From your menu to the interior design, there are many details to be decided on, and logo design probably didn’t spring up on your mind right away. Yet, you shouldn’t rely on a logo maker and get a free vector if you want to form a memorable brand.

Luckily, there are plenty of beautiful examples of good restaurant branding and design to learn from. We’ve compiled some of the best restaurant logos for you to marvel at (and hopefully be inspired from).

Hip logos that will attract even the pickiest foodie

Lately, a restaurant is more than a place to go to and get food. It’s an experience—the presentation, the branding, the photogenic factor of the dish. A cool logo is a magnet for foodies and Instagrammers, and maybe it’ll help your business be memorable for anyone.

1. That Ramen Place

Have you seen Blade Runner? You know when Rick eats delicious ramen in a cyberpunk scenery, and it’s perfectly futuristic yet sensible? That’s what this restaurant logo reminds me of, with the neon colors, East Asia-inspired aesthetic and bold typography. The fact that this emblem logo is basically made to be signage of a boutique-sized ramen spot is very suitable, and there is something effortlessly cool in this restaurant name.

The creators behind the branding concept built the idea around the keywords “fast food”, “night”, “contemporary”, “young” and “Asian”, and made sure to use recyclable packaging as an additional impact this restaurant wants to make.

that ramen place Concept by Possima ™. Marian Ok and Mariel Villaveiran

2. Jiǎ Contemporary Chinese Dining

The ingenuity of this logotype is that it manages to arrange alphabetical letters in a way that makes them look like a Chinese character. It is a great example of using a simple typeface to create something unique and close to the brand—in this case, it’s a Chinese contemporary eatery, which is reflected in the overall aesthetic and the logo itself.


3. Call Me Burger!

If your whole brand identity is taking pride in doing something really, really well, you’d want to exclaim it as loud as you can. That’s the case with this business name and fast food restaurant logo, which focuses only on the fact that they make gourmet burgers. The exclamation mark and flowy handwritten typography make this a straightforward and minimalistic, but still cool logo.

call me burger

4. R40

Imagine a crossover between Argentinian folklore motifs, contemporary design and Art Deco. Sounds like an unlikely mix? Well, this example of a creative restaurant logo will show you otherwise.

This fine-dining spot was named after a roadway that runs through the whole of Argentina and offers traditional dishes from the Latin American country with a personal twist from the chef, who traveled through to learn the secrets of this cuisine.

The logo creator (and full branding concept creator) included design elements based on Argentinian heritage, but infused a modern vibe, resulting in a uniquely cool design.

r40 Concept by Steve Wolf

5. Bouldin Creek Cafe

Granted, this coffee shop logo isn’t technically a restaurant logo design, but it’s good enough to bend the rules a bit. The retro, flowy serifs, balanced choice of colors and emblem that seems like it’s almost three-dimensional, make this a success in my book.

bouldin creek cafe Concept by Steve Wolf

A taste of the evergreen with typography logos

As with simple recipes, not too many ingredients are needed to make a tasteful logo with only using simple design elements. Typography logos, or logotypes, are exactly that: simple designs that will stand the test of time and elevate the brand.

6. Nonna Nostra

This Italian restaurant called “Our Grandma” has a simple but playful logotype with lovely serifs, a colorful and youthful color palette and additional illustrations that just scream “Molto bene!”.

nonna nostra Concept by Estudio Torto

7. Sala Blanca

A place whose brand is based on allowing its customers to enjoy a spacious and light oasis deserves an equally minimalist, but great restaurant logo. This elegant restaurant and bar logo uses a subtly serif font, primarily in white or golden color. The additional emblem logo and branding assets are equally stylish and feminine. Just look at that intricate restaurant menu design!

sala blanca sala blanca 2 Concept by Roberto De Leon & Estudio Albino

8. Kombinat

If your restaurant name is in non-Latin letters, it’s likely harder to find restaurant logo inspiration. But Kombinat, a now-closed fish bar in Moscow made some funky typography choices with its Cyrillic logotype. The bigger width of the “O” and wavy swashes of the “A” give it some aquatic presence, whereas the palette is definitely maritime.


9. Enosteria Lipen

This wine spot and pizzeria has a quirky palette, as well as a geometric sans serif typeface: Geomancy Extra Bold. The arrangement of the letters gives this logotype a nice rhythm, but the cleanliness of the font ensures it’s still classy, and on the right side of funky. Just look how nice that logo looks on business cards!

lipen Concept by Dorothé Lenaerts

10. Lilot

This restaurant logo proves that graphic design is sometimes best at its simplest form. Using just a clean, serif font and the dot on the “i” bouncing to the left, the designer gave rhythm and movement to the simplest lowercase wordmark.

lilot Concept by Imédia Firme Créative & Marie-Joëlle Lemire

11. Fat Noodle

In a huge step away from simple finesse and minimalist restaurant logo ideas, we also include the concept for Fat Noodle, a bold, flowy and neon wordmark. It was “based on Italian-American restaurants and pizza joints from the 70s & 80s”, and looks very modern and fun in the era of revamping neon signs.

fat noodle Concept by Ross Bruggink

A slice of class and elegance

If your restaurant brand tries to reach potential customers interested in fine dining and luxury, a classy logo option is suitable. Here are some great restaurant logos on the classier side.

12. The Japanese Counter Sushi Bar

Believe it or not, even though this logo might make you think of a spacious, fancy restaurant, The Japanese Counter is a food truck in Riyadh. According to the designers of the brand, the main challenge was to show the Japanese identity and make a new identity in a modern and stylish way. The logo combines a Torii Gate and a simple wordmark in a sans serif typeface and goes best paired with Japanese art-inspired patterns, as you can see on the photo of the packaging below.

the japanese counter Concept by Mahmoud Said

13. Mirai

Yet another example of subtly infusing Japanese aesthetic into a modern logo design, is Mirai, this Japanese restaurant from Romania. The wordmark is in a custom serif typeface in lowercase. By using mostly red and white (the colors of the Japanese flag), and minimal black outlines, the designer created additional illustrations used for packaging and takeout bags.

mirai Concept by Oliga Padalco

14. Totem-Fork

This literal interpretation of the name makes for an elegant emblem. By combining a totem and a fork, the designer created a simple, yet effective restaurant logo.

totem fork Concept by Catur Argi

15. Zekiba

When the food traditionally comes from a culture known for its colorful motifs and patterns, you’d want to reflect that rich heritage in the logo design. Such is the case with Zekiba, an Egyptian food restaurant that uses common ornaments of doors, patterns and colors of the surrounding in its logo design.

zekiba Concept by Hend Wasif, Tareq Fawzy, Mahmoud Toby, Mohamed Ayman, Mohamed Fawzi & Magenta Advertising Agency

An illustration is sometimes the secret spice

Illustrations can always spruce up a design. Whether they are minimalist, cute, intricate, or colorful, they can be a great addition to your logo. Check out these examples that might inspire you for the logo of your own restaurant.

16. Melsúu

This lovely healthy food place in Baja California based its name and branding concept on the history and tradition of the Kiliwa, an ethnic group with deep roots in the northern lands of Baja California. In their language, melsúu means blue.

As the designer underlines, the brand is a representation of the supreme deity of the Kiliwa mythology, Meltí, which symbolizes wisdom, magic and death.

He successfully infused the mythology and heritage of this people by creating an illustration of Meltí, which means Coyote-People-Moon.

melsuu Concept by Carl Forssell

17. Dodoli

This lovely design for a Korean tofu pot brand isn’t even an illustration—it’s carved in wood! It is named after South Korea’s ancient mountain god and the raw material for tofu—soybean plants. Since there is no specific figure to represent the mountain god, the artist chose a deer as the avatar and carved it into a soybean-shaped frame for the logo.

dodoli dodoli 2 Concept by: Midnight Design

18. Bicicletta

If your pizzeria is promptly named “Bicicletta”, Italian for bicycle, why not illustrate a delivery man on a bike? Combined with a font vaguely resembling the “Godfather” one, it makes a cool choice for an Italian restaurant logo.

biciccletta Concept by Ilian Iliev

19. Durango

Another logo inspired by cultural heritage is this Mexican restaurant’s luchador mascot wearing a sombrero. The illustration also sneakily incorporates a skull, representing the Mexican “Dia de Los Muertos” holiday. Add a vintage, decorative Wild-West font, and you can expect great tacos from a place with such a detailed logo.

durango Concept by Márcia Quintela Viana, miguel souto & meh. design studio

20. Mocha Museum Cafe

Lastly, we include an illustrated cafe logo inspired by the location: Mona Lisa in a postmark frame, representing Paris. It’s a subtle nod to her permanent home since this cafe is a Parisian-style one.

mocha museum cafe Concept by Camille Coumaillau
Not enough inspo for your new logo?

We hope this list gives you plenty of food for thought. And yet, we appreciate that unless you’re a logo designer you still don’t know how to create your perfect logo. But don’t fret and don’t turn to free logos and logo generators yet. Our designers at ManyPixels can help create your logo design ideas. Check out how it works, maybe you’re closer to your own logo than you think.

In the meantime, find more inspiration on the ManyPixels blog.

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