20 Free Summer Fonts to Warm Up Your Designs

We’ve made a list of the 20 best free fonts for your summer campaigns. From elegant to eye-catching, these fonts will infuse your designs with seaside vibes.

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May 20, 2024

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If you need playful summer fonts and typefaces to spruce up your social media posts or visual ads, here’s a list of 20 free fonts that will bring a summer breeze to your design.

Summertime is a season we associate with playfulness, relaxation, beaches, and fun. It’s a season when everything has more color and zest and feels like all the chaos slows down for a while. And you probably want the typography in your social media posts, designs, and printables to reflect that summer state of mind.

Here’s a list of fun fonts for your personal use (and some for commercial use).



Handmade fonts have a genuine light and unassuming quality. They are often free-flowing and light, just as the summer vibes you’ll want to translate with your graphic design.

1.Summer Vibes (free)

This font is 100% free for both personal and commercial use. It is characterized by thin lines and gentle strokes. It is a cute font you could on itself or combined with a stronger, bold one for a heading.

summer vibes.jpg

2. Surfer Bay (free)

This font is a work in progress, according to the creators at Zansari. It’s free for personal use, but you can donate the price of your choosing to the designer if you want it for commercial use. It is a hand-lettered brush font with an adventurous and playful feel, perfect for all things summer.

surfer bay.jpg

3.Rock Salt (free)

Another handwritten script font created with felt-tip markers. It’s not as free-flowing as the previous examples, but really has an original quality and feels almost as if it belongs only on paper.

rock salt.jpg

4.Tomatoes (free)

This font is the definition of thin line and cursive. It has a beautiful, light appearance. But be wary about its use—it might not be the best choice for a display font since it’s a bit hard to read. It’s free for personal use, but you can contact the author for a commercial use license.



Fonts with hearts, extra strokes, and scribbles in them? Yes, it sounds risky and you might overdo it if the design is already colorful and noisy. But, with the right amount of flair, a retro and decorative font can impress.

5.Palm Beach (free)

This bold, wide-lettered font has a palm leaf pattern all over it. It is very unique and perfect for your summer projects. Just imagine it on a monochrome t-shirt.

palm beach.jpg

6.Hawaiian Punk (free)

Travel bloggers, assemble. This serif font would be perfect for a featured image. The Hawaii-inspired typeface with cartoonish characteristics is a fun and appealing one.

hawaiian punk.jpg

7.Tiki Tropic (free)

This font family is here to brighten up any design. Tiki Tropic had multiple graphics to discover: jumping dolphins, palm trees, flowers, and Tiki masks. It also supports more alphabets, not just the basic Latin characters.

tiki tropic.jpg

8.Summer Light (free)

This font family is a rare combination: sans serif and elegant, yet fun and decorative. Typography is a hell of a creative market, folks. It is also a completed typeface with multilingual support.

summer light.jpg

9.KG Summer Sunshine (free)

Another fun and playful font family. The three-dimensional letters have a retro quality, and it reminds of the DIY “graffiti” names kids used to draw in their notebooks.

kg summer.jpg

10.Wishful Waves (free)

The clue is in the name: it’s wavy. This font is perfect for a go-with-the-flow, surfer vibe. If that doesn’t scream summer, what does?

wishful waves.jpg


If a font is sleek and elegant, it doesn’t mean it has to also be professional and dull. Here are some beautiful fonts that merge the summer vibes with standard and clean design well.

11.Esencia (free)

This original font by CastleType is inspired by a Spanish stock certificate from 1941 with 11 beautiful Art Deco style letters. It has elegance and flair but is still dynamic and summery. It supports most European languages, even Greek and Cyrillic.


12.Palm Beach (free)

Don’t let the same name confuse you, cause this font is as far as it can be from the eponymous one. This font is very light and elegant and vaguely reminds of a tidier and more professional version of the Papyrus font.

palm beach 2.jpg

13.Vibes (free)

This font was originally designed for Arabic. According to the description the creator provided on Google Fonts, it was designed to be a mixture that radiates energy, flexibility, and cuteness.


14.Camar Vintage (free)

The author was inspired by art deco when he originally designed this font for a set of postcards. Still, he sensed that it has a calm rhythm and a modern feel, so he decided to publish it.

camar vintage.jpg

Textured letters

Some fonts are created with brushes or have a watercolor-like texture. They bring some extra uniqueness and color to the table, so you might consider using them if you want an impressive design.

15.Summeron (free)

This font has a pure vintage Californian vibe, so you can’t go wrong with it even though its heavy and bolded.

summer on.jpg

16.Tropical Asian (free)

This font by Konstantine Studio radiates relaxation and being carefree. It’s created with a brush and ink on paper. The demo version is free, but the complete pack has to be bought.

tropical asian.jpg

17.Maltese Watercolor (free)

This beautiful font has both an SVG and a solid variant. The creator described it beautifully: “Embraсing lightness and maritime grace, this watercolor font will steal your heart once and for good. You'll barely tell it's digital, that's how authentic it looks with its texture”.


Bold and Cool

Lastly, we have a selection of bold and fun, flowy fonts that will easily attract attention and still look light.

18.Pineapple Slice (free)

This font is like digital calligraphy: lots of circular finishes and gorgeous swashes and ligatures. It is perfect for a personal DIY project or social media post.

pineapple slice.jpg

19.Beachday (free)

This is a fun and playful display font: it’s well defined and easy to read, but still has summer joy in it.


20.Reborn (free)

Urban and stylish, with a youthful character, this font is very easy to imagine on a tote bag or as the centerpiece of a headline.


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