10 Polished Cleaning Flyers to Use for Design Inspiration

Check out these versatile flyer ideas to help you create an awesome cleaning flyer to give to your clients.

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May 10, 2024

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There are many cleaning service flyer templates available online, but if you want to design your own flyer, these outstanding examples will provide you with the right tips.

There’s no doubt that word of mouth marketing is hugely important for house cleaning businesses. But if people can’t remember your business name immediately, or don’t know where to find your contact information, then no matter how well you did your part of the job, the recommendation to another potential client might not happen.

So before you head over to your next cleaning gig, make sure that you and your employees have some professionally designed flyers on hand that you can leave with clients.

Here are a few tips and ideas that will help you come up with the perfect cleaning flyer.


Hero images

A cleaner is someone you let into your home; a person who’ll get a very close insight into your personal life. So, it makes sense that you’d want this person to be someone that inspires trust. Some of these great flyers are perfect for maid services or residential cleaning businesses, putting the people behind the service front and center.

1. Cleaning service flyer

Using photos of your employees is a great way to establish a connection between the cleaners and their clients. Seeing a friendly and familiar face will prompt new customers to keep your professional flyer (perhaps also remind them to request the same house cleaner they’ve previously worked with). Of course, this option works best if you can invest in professional photography—high-quality photos are a must for this type of flyer design.  

cleaning flyer hero image 1

We hope some of these creative flyers have sparked your inspiration and convinced you that a professional flyer can help grow your business! If you’re interested in flyer design, or in fact any other type of graphic design for your business we recommend you give our simple, inexpensive on-demand service a try!

Creative Market


By Slayter

Fab Flyers

Trias Handoyo

OW Pictures

Jakub Staroń

MH Yousouf

By Ahasanul haque


2. Cleaning service postcard

A one-off design task, such as a professional flyer is a good opportunity to hire talented freelancers. You can always search for designers on freelancing platforms like Upwork or Fiverr, or find your next collaborator on portfolio platforms such as Behance or Dribbble by checking out their graphic design work! This great template is available for purchase and it shows you another way in which you can use hero images: showing your diligent cleaning staff in action! Also, it’s a very smart idea to give a custom cleaning flyer another purpose by making it into a postcard or notecard, where people can write down any additional info about your cleaning business.

cleaning flyer hero image 2.png

3. Digital flyer for social media

Like we said at the beginning, printable flyers are definitely very useful for professional cleaning service businesses. However, digital marketing is a must even in this industry, meaning a cool digital flyer that you can use on your social media or website is a great way to attract potential customers. This lovely flyer template has all the required elements: a place for your cleaning logo, tagline and a button that can lead customers to your website or special offers (Looking at the state of my apartment right now, I can’t think of a better Valentine’s Day gift than a cleaning service voucher!). The color scheme is lovely and unique: you’ll see a lot of blues and whites, so this modern yellow-purple combo is something that definitely catches the eye!

digital cleaning flyer

Simple and modern flyer ideas

If you’re in the business of office cleaning or commercial cleaning, then you’ll need a flyer that exudes professionalism and efficiency. This means clearly showing what type of cleaning you specialize in and of course all the relevant information, such as contact and pricing.

4. Blank Czysto

This cleaning business flyer for a Polish company is the epitome of professionalism. All the cleaning services are clearly listed with simple vector icons which help the graphic design communicate even more effectively. This crisp and breezy design evokes a sense of cleanliness, and thanks to its simplicity it’s likely one that’s going to be usable for a longer period.

cleaning flyer minimalist

5. Carpet cleaning flyer template

If you specialize in something like furniture or carpet cleaning, then a well-designed flyer has to communicate this with just one glance. This simple design uses the before and after effect to its advantage. It also includes a clearly indicated pricing plan for customers wanting to schedule regular maintenance for their carpets. If you like this template, you can even purchase the editable PSD format and use it for your business!

carpet cleaning flyer

6. Home cleaning services flyer

There’s no rule that says house cleaning flyers all have to include smiling cleaning professionals, and bright, vibrant colors. This cool flyer design turns the everyday cleaning work into high quality sanitary protection: you can even see the bacteria that these cleaning professionals will eliminate for your home! The cleaning checklist at the bottom is a good place to include the services you provide, as well as any information on how this is beneficial for protecting the healthcare of your family (and in the covid-19 era, this is definitely something people want to be reassured about!).

home cleaning flyer

7. Window cleaning flyer

Specialized window cleaning services is something that big commercial cleaning companies offer since you often require special equipment and training for these tasks (the very  thought of window cleaning on skyscrapers makes me feel dizzy!). So it makes sense that a flyer design for this type of service should have a crisp, corporate aesthetic.

window cleaning flyer

Quirky and fun flyers

Like any other small business, if you want to stand out as a cleaning company, boring free downloads that your competitors might have simply won’t do. If you’ve got a house cleaning company and want to communicate a sense of approachability and openness, then a colorful and creative flyer such as these examples will really help you reach potential customers.

8. Promotional flyer and rack card

Retro styles and typography are definitely not something you see often with cleaning business flyers, so this is definitely an example that stands out from the rest. A combination of cool patterns, illustrations and photos created a stunning flyer design fit for a youthful brand image.

retro cleaning flyer.png

9. Illustrated cleaning flyer template

If you’ve tried to create a DIY flyer in a non-design software like Microsoft Word (and we strongly advise against this), your design options are bound to be limited. One way you can certainly improve this solution is to add simple illustrations or vector icons. The flyer template below is a free download available on Vengage. But if you want to get even more creative, we suggest you check out our vast free illustration gallery and see if you can find something to match your idea for an original flyer design.

vector cleaning flyer.jpg

10. Carpet cleaning flyer template

A cute illustration can be all you need to catch the attention of potential customers, so you probably don’t have to overdo it with other design elements. This lovely flyer design has a great layout, providing all the important information with just one quick glance. The great use of typography (combining a chunky display font with a girly script), adds to the overall effect. It could be a great choice for a maid service that wants to communicate a sense of friendliness and good communication. If you like this template, you can purchase an editable file on Creative Market.

illustration cleaning flyer

Check out these versatile flyer ideas to help you create an awesome cleaning flyer to give to your clients.

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