6 Professional and Free Business Card Templates for a Law Firm

Download free business card templates for law firm owners and attorney professionals. You can edit and customize them in MS Word and Adobe Illustrator.

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October 29, 2023

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A law office should have proper business cards to reach potential clients. Check out these free and easy to edit law office business cards made by our designers!

As a professional lawyer, the design of business cards probably isn’t the focus of your work, but your law firm isn’t exempt from the need for good branding. If you can’t afford time and money to get a customized business card design, we have six downloadable templates that will help you reach prospective clients.

You can easily download the business card designs and edit them in Microsoft Word—no design knowledge needed! Here’s how to do it:

  • Download a Microsoft Word file.
  • Edit the business card template with your own information.
  • Export as PDF and send it to the printers!
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1. Minimalist attorney business card

This simple white business card and matte dark blue letterhead, with a monogram logo can be more than enough to leave a lasting impression, even without having too many details. The most important thing when making a business card is the good placement of the crucial contact information and basic branding assets such as the logo and colors.

Since law is a serious business with a more corporate tone of voice, using too many elements can make you seem unprofessional. Keep it simple and high-quality with minimalism.

2. Legal business card with Lady Justice

If you want to use an illustration or icons, you should stick to a symbol that immediately makes it obvious that you are in the attorney business. A classic lawyer symbol is Lady Justice or justice scales.

One hero illustration and enough space for a tagline in classy serif typography should be plenty for the front of your business card. In the backside, you can add and edit your contact information.

Since this design has a bigger illustration, the color scheme is again elegant and timelessly classy, so the overall look of your next business card isn’t too noisy.

3. Patterned and modern graphic design

If you want a quirky business card that goes beyond only implementing your logo design, this lovely patterned background has the pizzazz that you need.

By using icons depicting commonly used objects and symbols in law, our designer made a simple one into a great business card. However, it will be wise to bold some of the information, such as the phone number, so it is more visible against the background.

4. Divorce lawyer business card design

A while ago, every single design inspiration blog and website posted this amazingly witty business card for a divorce attorney. Since the pricing of such a creative and unique design might not fit your budget perfectly, we decided to include this 50/50 business card that can be split in two.

From a standard format, you get two square business cards, one for each divorcee.

5. Piercing and colorful lawyer business card template

In a world of corporate design and toned-down color palettes, some law professionals can afford a pop of color. We wouldn’t suggest it for a criminal attorney, but why not a family law professional?

The business card design features a multi-color geometric pattern that will leave a lasting impression and potential clients will want to keep it. However, be wary that you should apply your logo in black to avoid oversaturation of the design.

6. Black and white for a stylish and timeless look

Finally, the last design is an evergreen recipe for an elegant business card. A black and white color palette might not be the most innovative approach, but it’s classic and fitting across industries, styles, and most importantly, it can handle any branding color or logo design.

A B&W design can also be suitable to apply your own QR code to a website if you want to include a fast approach to your online contact information too.

We hope you’ve found a law firm business card template that will fit your style and taste well. If you’re not quite bought yet, you can check out this longer list of  13 Google docs business card templates. And if you’re still working on your branding design, check out our guide for law firm branding and list of curated lawyer logos and best law firm websites.

Download free business card templates for law firm owners and attorney professionals. You can edit and customize them in MS Word and Adobe Illustrator.

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