12 Tidy Massage Brochures to Help You Win Customers

Find elegant templates for massage brochures to impress and attract customers. Sorted into 3 categories: Bi-fold, Tri-fold and Magazine.

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October 3, 2023

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If you’re a massage therapist, chiropractic, or beauty salon owner, you probably need a good brochure for customers to learn more about the services you offer. Here are 12 massage therapy brochures that will inspire you to design your own.

Massage therapy, skincare and the wellness culture are finally getting into the spotlight. People want to take a break, unwind, relax and give in to the skillful hands of massage therapists. With more demand, the competition is great too, so as someone who offers massage services, you probably need more than a simple brochure template found online.

In order to stand out from the crowd, you will need to have a unified and good design of brochures, gift certificates, business cards, stationery, etc. If you have your massage logo and main elements of visual identity, you can build everything else from there. In this article, we’ll focus on brochures split into 3 categories: bi-fold, tri-fold and magazine-style layouts.

Bi-fold massage therapy brochures

1. Skinsation Massage Center

This bi-fold brochure design by Dusan Vladisavljevic is simple and classy, but still extremely informative. It offers information about the benefits of massage, location, links to social media, reservation information, as well as etiquette and rules upon visiting the massage salon.

Using elegant toned-down golden shades combined with white and gray, the graphic designer created a stylish bi-fold massage brochure filled with simple text and photos of the facility.

skinsation 1
skinsation 2
skinsation 3

2. City Club Radisson Blu Kayseri

This spa brochure by Nur Dirgenali uses the products and interior to remind clients of the benefits of massage, as well as the connection to nature and relaxation properties. Using simple white overlay over photos of the massage products, the designer added prices and information about each massage, successfully managing to fit a lot of text into two pages.

city club kayseri

3. Spa Salon Brochure Template

This clean and modern brochure template by Brochure Design is available to purchase as well, and can be edited in all sorts of file formats in different software like Indesign and Microsoft Word. It has a peaceful and attractive background, and the small number of photos and icons makes it easily customizable and versatile. The combination of script fonts for letterheads and headings and sans serif font for body text makes it a suitable marketing material for different massage services and facilities.

bifold template 1
bifold template 2

Tri-fold massage brochure templates and used designs

4. Asia Beauty Spa

The design of Moscow’s Asia Beauty Spa massage brochure is contemporary, cute and simple. It uses only two colors: the ever-so-popular white and trendy salmon red, as well as simple icons and typography. The designer Margarita Shedraya managed to fit in as much information as possible in a tasteful and classy design.

asia beauty spa 1
asia beauty spa 2

5. Free massage therapy tri-fold brochure template

This free brochure template by Free Mockups and Templates in PSD is a great solution if you can’t afford to hire a designer for your small massage business, since it’s easy to edit and suitable design with mute pastel colors, elegant and free fonts and well-placed letterheads.

free template 1

6. Spa Parlor Brochure

Yet another free design that you can easily edit, this time from designer Al Nur Tarique. The green and white color scheme evoke a sense of connection to nature and relaxation, and the placement of blocks and letterheads allows the brochure to contain a lot of information without looking too noisy and overwhelming.

free template 2

7. Massage Brochure Trifold

And now, for something more feminine and gentle. This free template by Brochure Design uses a simple lilac and pink color palette, and a photo of a delicate orchid flower, often used in massage logo designs. The bulkiness of the font balances the light color, so it is still legible.

free template 3

8. Minimal TriFold Brochure

Another free template created by the same studio, Brochure Design, in a more minimalist and fresh look. The design comes in three different color schemes and has a clean placement of different items. This is a more contemporary and sophisticated example of graphic design in brochures, that you should opt for if you want something really clean and straightforward. It is a broader design, not just for massage services and beauty salons, but it is customizable and easy to personalize.

free template 4

9. Osiris Brochure Design Concept

If you want a design with ground colors to remind your customers of their connection with nature and the feeling of being grounded after a relaxing massage therapy session, this concept by Rokhsana Yesmin Borsha can be a fine inspiration. It allows for more photos to be used, and the fonts are crisp so typography doesn’t drown the rest of the design.


10. MALINA Trifold Brochure + Pattern

This is the final free template from Brochure Design, and again, a simple design apt for wider use. It comes with a unique custom pattern design and feminine, pastel colors, that will evoke a sense of calmness and gentleness for sure.

free template 5

Magazine Style Brochures

11. Creative Portfolio brochure template

If a bi-fold or tri-fold brochure doesn’t allow you enough space and freedom to tell your business’ story, and you want more detailed brochures to get even closer to customers, you can go with a magazine-style brochure that will allow you to fit even more photos, infographics, testimonials, etc.

You can use this template by Graphic Resource as an example of how to structure and place information and resources in your brochure.

The design is clean, tasteful and versatile, so you will easily be able to transform this magazine template into a great massage brochure.

magazine 1

12. Multipurpose Brochure

This last example by Design Stock is another magazine-style brochure but has more detailed backgrounds, feminine fonts and simple icons and decoration. You can still easily adapt it to your needs and make an amazing brochure for your spa center or massage salon.

magazine 2

Find elegant templates for massage brochures to impress and attract customers. Sorted into 3 categories: Bi-fold, Tri-fold and Magazine.

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