7 High Quality Spa Brochure Design Examples

Check out these spa brochure templates and examples to learn more about effective layout to promote your spa center.

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October 3, 2023

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Check out these spa brochure templates and real examples, to learn more about making an effective layout to promote your spa center.

Even though it is the era of digital marketing and social media, handouts prove to be an effective marketing tool, especially in the hospitality and wellness industry. If you own or manage a spa center or another type of business offering spa services, you might want to consider honing the powers of good graphic design and making a beautiful brochure that informs and educates your potential clients on the benefits of getting a spa treatment at your place.

To help you start working on your own spa brochure, here are some examples of brochures and flyers, with an explanation of what makes them good.

1. Savoy Spa: perfectly organized layout

The Savoy Spa brochure is a great example of a clean and readable design, in which the essential information is perfectly paired with hero images. The simplicity of this brochure is what makes it effective: no one wants to read crammed information that is hard to skim through.

The fresh and contemporary cover design, together with the clean typography, enables this brochure to include many details about the treatments, from day spa packages to pedicure. Still, it never looks overdone or chaotic.

savoy 1.jpg
savoy 2.jpg
savoy 3.jpg

2. Vivaly Wellbeing Resort: creative look

The overall branding and design of this wellness and spa resort is impeccably done, and the brochures and other handouts aren’t behind.

Instead of using a magazine, tri-fold, or bi-fold style of brochure, this spa business went with an unusual and foldable layout, that includes the brand colors and lavish embossed gold lettering.

Rather than promoting the services themselves, this brochure tells the customer why they deserve a nice treatment and creates a sense of urgency to visit.

vivaly 1.jpg

3. Poziom 511: luxury and elegance

This brochure design encapsulates more than just the spa since it is created for the whole hotel and resort. But the branding identity spreads throughout all the amenities, including spa and beauty salon, and rejuvenation zone. It is also reflected in the design, which is luxurious, elegant and bold.

In place of the usual pink, violet, light blue and fresh green, they use jet black and perforated lettering. The overall look communicates high quality, exclusivity and trustworthiness.

poziom 1.jpg
poziom 2.jpg
poziom 3.jpg

4. Moksha Wellness & Spa: uniform look all across the board

A good thing to do with your brochure is to match it with the rest of your print marketing materials, such as business cards, gift cards and menus. This precise example from Moksha Wellness & Spa reflects a sense of peace and quiet, as well as a welcoming and warm color palette.

moksha 1.jpg
moksha 2.jpg
moksha 3.jpg

Tri-fold brochure template: smaller cost

If custom magazine-style brochures are not something you plan on doing, or you want to save up on design, you can always opt for an editable template. Most of the downloadable templates can be edited in Photoshop, Indesign, or some even in Word, so they make it possible to have a well-designed brochure for much lower pricing.

However, custom design is always unique and closer to your brand image. If you want a middle-of-the-road solution for your costs, ManyPixels offers high quality design and an unlimited number of revisions for an affordable price. Check our work and pricing to learn more.

6. Nail spa tri-fold brochure: practical and eye-grabbing

If instead of the classical spa services, you own a nail spa offering premium manicures and pedicures, you should take a look at this cool template. With a simple layout and colorful, funny elements, it is available in PSD, EPS, AI and other editable versions.

7. Laavanya Luxury: gentle illustrations and typography

The final entry is a day spa bifold brochure for an ayurvedic spa center. Instead of plenty of hero images and large headers, this brochure is decorated with monoline illustrations, abstract color blots and beautiful italic serif typography.

Check out these spa brochure templates and examples to learn more about effective layout to promote your spa center.

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