7 Free CEO Business Card Templates

Famous CEO business cards are minimal and powerful. Our 7 great free templates are modern versions of simple and classy design perfect for any CEO.

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May 12, 2024

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As a CEO you should always have professional business cards ready to give out and network. Our amazing free templates are here to help you get new business cards, on a budget.

One of the most famous CEO business cards is definitely Mark Zuckerberg’s “I’m CEO, bitch.” It’s funny, unique and minimalistic. In a sense, it shows what any good chief executive officer business card should do: show confidence in a simple, understated manner (while the language of that one isn’t understated, the design certainly is!).

When you’re the top person in the company, a plain name card with your title and the company logo is often all you need to make an impact. However, since you’re probably not Mark Zuckerberg (hi Mark if you’re reading), you may need your overall design to stand a little bit.

We put our talented graphic designers to work and created these awesome free business card templates. To use them simply:

  • Click on the picture or link to download a MS Word or AI file.
  • Download and edit with your contact information
  • Export as PDF and send it to the printers!
CEO Business Card how to download.jpg

Logo business card

Good logo design lasts. The iconic apple on your iPhone or Macbook has had a few alterations, but the basic idea remains the same since 1977. Apple is a company known for elegant, simplistic design so it’s no surprise that Steve Jobs’ business cards followed this approach: stripped down to the core with just the famous logo design and contact information.

A similar design was used by Larry Page, founder Google, as well as Evan Williams, former CEO of Twitter. The social media platform has one of the most distinct and memorable logos which makes for great and modern business card design (the backside of the card is just the blue bird against a white background).

Our own example is a colorful modern twist on the classic business card which will help you feature your logo prominently.


Steve Jobs’ Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak famously said he created his metal business card to cut steak on airplanes. Whether or not that’s true, the futuristic design of his famous business card can serve as a great source of inspiration for CEOs who are as cool and quirky as Woz!

Our own business card design adapts the futuristic approach in a more understated way. Purple is super popular in SaaS design, so if you happen to be a tech company CEO, this unique business card might just be right up your alley!


Gold elements appear on the business cards of many famous people, but two good examples to compare are  Barack Obama and Donald Trump. As a United States senator, Obama’s card featured the golden eagle emblem. As CEO of a business corporation, Tump’s name card featured a luxurious and heavy golden ornament. In the first case, gold was used to symbolize authority and importance and in the second wealth and power.

Our graphic designers went with a more understated look, pairing an elegant, matte gold ornament with a classy black business card. This can be a terrific choice for the CEO of a fashion company or anyone in the hospitality industry.

Solid color

If you’re the chief executive officer, you don’t need bells and whistles to show that you’re important. On the other hand, a plain white name card may look boring and even sloppy. A great alternative is going with a bold, solid color that will help create a beautiful and creative business card that’s still highly professional.

This great modern business card design would make a great choice for almost anyone, from tech to design company CEOs. One thing to note that this design is absolutely unforgiving when it comes to typos. Always proofread everything and make the same mistake as Eric Schmidt, former CEO of Google, whose title ended up being a ‘Chariman’ instead of Chairman.


As we said in the beginning, there’s something about CEOs retaining a sense of mystery—you won’t see many top people sporting a smiley photo business card. Going with your initials is a step in that direction, as a way of enforcing your own personal brand, which is very important for any chief executive officer.

With this design we opted for a vertical orientation to give the card more interest and a bright orange color. This color is often associated with optimism and communication so it might be a great choice for CEOs of nonprofit organizations. Bill Gates’ retro Microsoft business card was orange so if you’re in the tech business, there are strong historical reasons to go with this color as well!


Walt Disney was nothing if not a timeless man, so if you’re looking for famous people to provide business card design inspiration, he might be one for you. His simple name card contained just the basic contact information. And if that doesn’t scream confidence I don’t what does!

Again, as a CEO you might not be at Walt Disney’s level yet, so consider this simple business card with just a few details that will help you stand out from the crowd. You can choose the typography that best suits your brand. This classic business card would look equally well with a modern sans-serif as well as an elegant serif font.


Jerry Yang, co-founder and former CEO of Yahoo had a fun illustration on his business card way before it was cool. The retro style featured a human figure seemingly jumping for joy (which relates to the company name).

However, illustrations can also be very elegant. This unique business card is a great choice for both CEOs as well as independent consultants. The simple nature-inspired illustration also fits perfectly with several industries including pharmaceutical, fashion, food etc.

Want more business card designs?

We hope you’ve managed to find your favorite high-quality CEO business card in this list that you can use to network and grow your business further.

If you’re not quite sold yet, make sure to check out our list of 13 Google docs business card templates and these elegant black business cards.


Famous CEO business cards are minimal and powerful. Our 7 great free templates are modern versions of simple and classy design perfect for any CEO.

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