30 Professional and Free Graphic Design Fonts for Building the Perfect Construction Company

The right font style can help your construction company create a unique brand image. But which fonts to choose? Here’s a list of 30 free graphic design fonts.

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October 3, 2023

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Choosing a font style to represent your construction company’s brand image can be tricky. You have to choose a font style that can encapsulate your business’ values and stick out as professional, sleek, stylish, and reliable - just like a construction company should be.

The right font type will allow you to use it in logos, brochures, business cards, document letterheads, print ads, and even websites. This will help your company build brand consistency as Apple has done with the Sans Francisco font style.

This comprehensive article will reveal 30 free graphic design fonts to help construction companies build a professional and reputable brand image and a strong brand following.

We will also reveal answers to some of the most common questions you might have, like: “can I download fonts for free?” and “where can I find free fonts?”

30 Best Free Graphic Design Fonts for Construction Companies

1. Riven (free)

If you have the alphabet “V” in your company’s name, then Riven can be a good font style for your logos; it also makes a good font choice for business cards.

If you are looking for free fonts for graphic design, Riven comes in various shapes and styles. It can be a great choice if you want your business cards and logos to look professional and sleek.

Image Source: DaFont

2. Nonchalance (free)

Nonchalance is one of the best free graphic design fonts and can be used for personal and commercial purposes. The Nonchalance font style is popular among architectural companies for its clean and professional typeface.

The curvature of the fonts adds a dome-like feel to your logos, business cards, and even websites, thus, making it a perfectly suitable font choice for construction companies.

Image Source: DaFont

3. Montserrat (free)

This is another sans serif typeface that is free to use. Montserrat is a popular font choice for logos, headlines, and business cards.

You might not know this, but Montserrat has deep roots in architecture and construction. The name itself is inspired by the posters and buildings of a neighborhood in Bueno Aires, Argentina.


4. Moderna (free)

The Moderna font is quite famous as one of the free graphic design fonts. Moderna is a clean and modern font style designed for logos, headlines, and short texts. The font has a neutral appeal and comes in multiple variants and even alternate characters and symbols.

Nowadays, construction companies must maintain a well-designed website to attract clients organically, and Moderna’s neutral and clean look makes it a perfect choice for website text.

Image Source: DaFont

5. Luxerie (free for personal use)

If you plan to go with a display font for your construction company’s branding, then Luxurie is one of the great free fonts.

This font looks the best on logos due to its bold and all-caps font style. It comes in various shapes, styles, and symbols and is free for personal use. Luxurie adds a touch of luxury to your brand image, thus making it a good font choice if your company deals with luxurious architectural projects.

Image Source: DaFont

6. Grand Duke (free for personal use)

As stylish and bold as it is, the Grand Duke font is a simple, clean, and versatile typeface with multiple variants. It also has stylish symbols and characters that look good on business cards, logos, and letterheads for documents.

Image Source: Cufon Fonts

7. Cornelia (free for personal use)

Font duos are pretty popular among businesses, and Cornelia font duo is a serif + script typeface. However, only the serif typeface can be a good choice for construction companies.

Cornelia is contemporary and elegant and can make your logo pop with style.


8. Gobold (free for personal use)

Gobold is a bold and stunning sans serif typeface in numerous styles and shapes. It is one of the best free fonts and is versatile enough to be applied to various business uses.

Image Source: DaFont

9. Coolvetica (free)

Inspired by the American logo designs of the 1970s, the Coolvetica font is one of the awesome free fonts for graphic design. Some designers consider it a modified version of Helvetica with funky curls, mixed-case, and effects.

Many of the letters in this typeface are designed to allow tighter spacing. Coolvetica is a modern display font that is more suitable for logos and headings than small texts.

Image Source: Free Fonts Family

10. Butler (free)

Butler is one of the best free graphic fonts that combines the styles of the Bodoni family and Dala Floda. Butler contains a total of 334 characters in different shapes and styles.

One of the best free fonts for logos, Butler looks great on posters, letterheads, and headings.

Image Source: DaFont

11. Audrey (free for personal use)

Audrey is a striking and handwritten font that bears the name of the iconic Hollywood actress Audrey Hepburn. There’s an aesthetic contrast between its curvy geometry and the hand-drawn lines. It comes in three weights and various accented characters, glyphs, and numbers.

Image Source: DaFont

12. Asterone (free for personal use)

Construction companies like to blend the elements of strength and boldness into the brand image; for that purpose, Asterone can be a good font choice. It looks the best on letterheads and business cards.

It is bold and impactful; however, it is not available for commercial usage unless you purchase its license.

Image Source: DaFont

13. Adolphus (free)

Many people won’t believe that this stylish font is free, but it is!

Adolphus is one of the best free graphic design fonts for construction companies. Adolphus’ slender and fluid script font style makes it look professional and stylish on your business cards, logos, and letterheads.

Image Source: 1001 fonts

14. Knucklehead (free)

This antique font family, which includes ten typefaces, is available in two styles. It’s influenced by western American culture and has a nostalgic feel. However, be aware that this contains just uppercase letters.

Image Source: DaFont

15. Obrazec (free)

Obrazec is a sans serif font with a strong industrial vibe. The lack of fanciness and minimal use of strokes make it a reasonably straightforward font, and the solid and bold design conjures up images of concrete and steel.


16. Wrestlemania (free for personal use)

Bearing the name of the famous annual wrestling event, Wrestlemania is one of those free fonts for graphic design that can allow you to blend boldness with creativity.

It has a distinct look because of the two horizontal lines and extended ligatures of the letters, but it’s still bold and powerful enough to convey your company’s authority. The font designer requests a $10 donation if you want to use it for business purposes.


17. Derivia (free)

Yes, Derivia might not be the ideal choice for a construction font, and it’s light, if not feminine, but it’ll look stylish and aesthetic with metal engravings on a corporate emblem or your office door.


18. Vivant (free)

If you are looking for minimalist yet stylish free graphic design fonts, then Vivant should definitely be on your list. This font style is inspired by classic 20th-century fashion.

This tasteful and elegant font will add style and essence to your logo and business cards. It comes in four varieties of stylish sets and additional ligatures.

19. Lemon Milk (donationware)

Another sans serif all-caps font that blends style and minimalism, Lemon Milk is a fantastic font choice for business cards and letterheads.

Lemon Milk’s clean design and sharp angles make it a simple yet effective typeface for a construction company.


20. Optimus Princeps (free)

The broader circular letters of Optimus Princeps make it a beautiful and recognizable typeface. It stands apart for its configurable height of the letters, which means that the first letter of a word is larger than the rest, even though all of the letters are capital.

It has thin ligatures, mild serifs, and two weights.


21. Maveryk (free)

Maveryk is a thick and robust industrial typeface and features some modest serifs and uneven edges that give it a hand-drawn appearance. If you want your logo to have both a vintage and an industrial look, go for it.


22. Cornerstone (free)

If you are looking for a simple, minimalistic, yet impactful font, Cornerstone can be one of the best free graphic design fonts. It is more of a subtle font and makes a good option for a wordmark or can be combined with an icon as a base font style.


23. Mixolydian Titling (free)

Mixolydian Titling is a technical sans serif font that takes inspiration from the U.S. Federal Highway Administration Standard alphabets, otherwise known as Highway Gothic.

All the letters have a defined width and rhythm that makes them look professional and easily readable to the viewer.


24. Market Deco (free for personal use)

Art Deco fonts are considered suitable for construction logos because they are deeply rooted in architectural designs, buildings, and decorative elements. Market Deco is one of the most straightforward and minimalistic Art Deco fonts.

This font is heavy and sharp, with no ligatures. Market Deco is a perfect blend of a deco-inspired font with a regular, non-decorative sans serif font.


25. Poiret (free)

A modern geometric grotesque with a touch of Art Deco and constructivism. Poiret is a one-of-a-kind typeface with light, elegant lines. It is elegant and straightforward, has sleek lines and flowing curves, and is based on geometric forms.


26. Parking (donationware)

Parking is another Art Deco style font that comes with condensed all-caps letters, and the industrial appeal of this font gives it a distinct characteristic.


27. Architectural (free)

This is one more Art Deco-inspired font style that features elongated and unique construction. Architectural is a sleek and sophisticated font that features condensed width and unusual height.


28. Neothic (free)

Neothic is a strong serif typeface, but it’s also elegant and stylish. The ligature in the letter Q and the extra strokes at the ends of each letter gives it an aesthetic appeal.


29. Timeline (free)

Timeline is a sans serif font with just the correct number of strokes and sharp, heavy lettering. It looks as if being built out of beams.


30. The Bold Font (free)

This font style is exactly like its name sounds. The Bold Font is a heavy, bold, sans serif font with definitive shapes and noticeable appeal. This font is sure to spruce up your design.


Can I download fonts for free?

Yes, you can download fonts for free. Many of the fonts in the above list are free to use. Some of them might be allowed for only personal projects, but you can buy their commercial license to include them in commercial projects.

Some fonts like Wrestlemania, Lemon Milk, and Parking are available on a donation basis; donate as much as you want and get the commercial license.

Where can I find free fonts?

There are multiple websites where you can get popular fonts for free. We have listed some of the most reliable websites below:

  1. 1001 Fonts
  3. Google Fonts
  4. DaFont
  5. Fonts Free
  6. Free Fonts Family

The final word

Suppose you do not want to compromise your core business duties and waste time deciding on font styles for your construction company’s brand image. In that case, you can outsource this task to either a freelancer or a design agency.

However, you should know the right way to outsource your design requirements before doing so.

The best solution for you would be to choose an unlimited graphic design service like ManyPixels that can take on your graphic design requirements right from day one and deliver quality results.

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