Best Instagram Themes to Consider for Your Professional Profile

If you’re wondering how to theme your Instagram account, check out these 10 appealing themes and tips on making your feed unique.

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October 3, 2023

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Looking for Instagram theme ideas? Creating a solid theme for your Instagram account is important, as it helps your profile look as nice as possible, encouraging people to follow your account and engage with your content.

If you need some inspiration as you try to decide on a theme for your account, check out these ideas and tips to help.

What Is An Instagram Theme?

The term “Instagram theme” refers to the visuals of your Instagram profile as a whole. There are dozens of different Instagram themes, from a simple black-and-white aesthetic to more complex themes. Brands will often include their brand colors as part of it. Whatever your theme looks like, the key is consistency. In a good Instagram theme, all of your photos will look alike and in the same art direction.

Why Do I Need An Instagram Theme For My Profile?

Cultivating an Instagram theme can help your account grow. A good Instagram theme makes your profile look visually attractive. If people stumble across your page, they’ll be more likely to follow if you have an aesthetic group of posts rather than inconsistent colors and images.

It’s also a way to share your story and communicate information about your brand. Instagram is a platform that places an emphasis on visual storytelling. Tap into that as much as possible, leveraging social media visuals to help advertise and introduce your brand.

10 Instagram Theme Ideas

Now you know what an Instagram theme is and that you need one to help your account grow. But you might not feel sure where to start.

Here are 10 Instagram theme ideas you can use to start building an aesthetically pleasing Instagram page.

1. Black And White

One of the easiest Instagram themes to produce is a black-and-white theme. A black-and-white Instagram theme is completely made up of black and white photos. It’s ideal for photographers or for refined, high-end brands who want to communicate a feeling of elegance.

Alan Schaller, a London-based photographer, has mastered the art of the black-and-white Instagram theme. His Instagram page @alan_schaller is filled with beautiful photos in shades of black, gray, and white that grab the eye because of their simplicity.
Image credit: Alan Schaller on Instagram

2. Bright Colors

Using lots of bright colors in your Instagram theme can be a fun way to catch the eye. Incorporate your brand colors to increase your brand awareness. And don’t forget to mix up your posts so different colors are dispersed evenly across your feed.

The Instagram account of Partake Foods is filled with bright colors and Instagram fonts scattered across the page. Shades of orange, blue, purple, and pink are all integrated into the color scheme. It sounds like a lot—but Partake carefully balances out the different colors so each one is included just enough. An Instagram planning or scheduling app can help you see your grid in advance so you can decide what to post to continue your theme.
Image credit: Partake Foods on Instagram

3. Color Blocking Feed

In a color-blocking theme, the background of each photo you post is a bright color. For example, the Museum of Ice Cream posts photos with solid color backgrounds side by side. These blocks of color catch the eye and are a fun type of theme to use.
Image credit: Museum of Ice Cream on Instagram

4. Minimalist Theme

A minimalist Instagram theme is simple and uncluttered. When you browse accounts that use this type of theme, you’ll see lots of white space and images with minimal subjects. This theme is often very similar to a black-and-white theme. It’s beneficial because it’s an elegant way to showcase your products, and it’s easy for people to take in your entire profile at a glance.

Fittingly, The Minimalist Wardrobe has a great example of a minimalist Instagram theme. This Instagram feed includes simple photos and basic black-and-white graphics. It’s straightforward and easy to take in.
Image credit: The Minimalist Wardrobe on Instagram

5. Puzzle Theme

A puzzle Instagram theme incorporates several posts to create one big picture. Companies or celebrities often create a puzzle theme in advance of a product launch or big announcement. Puzzle themes pique the curiosity of your followers and get them engaged. While they take a little extra work and planning ahead, they make for an amazing visual when you look at your Instagram feed as a whole.

6. Borders Theme

Using borders around each of your photos can help your individual posts stand out — and make your entire feed look more cohesive at the same time.

In this example, each image Macamilk posts has a white border around it with colorful doodles. The doodles often connect from photo to photo, creating a puzzle theme in addition to the borders. It’s a unique and cool way to do Instagram marketing.
Image credit: Macamilk on Instagram

7. Same Filter Theme

The same filter theme is simple: You use the same filter (whether that’s a VSCO filter, Lightroom preset, or something else) on every photo you post so all of your images coordinate.

All of YouTuber Kiara Madisen’s Instagram photos look cohesive and attractive — likely because she uses the same filter on each one. This helps all of her images look alike even though the pictures were all taken in different places with different lighting.
Image credit: Kiara Madisen on Instagram

8. No Filter Theme

Not a fan of filters? There’s no rule that says you have to use them. Throw out the filters and post whatever you want instead! While using the same filter on every photo can make your account look more cohesive, not using any filters is a way to help your account be more unique. The no-filter theme can be a good fit if you’re short on time to edit your Instagram photos.

Ontario-based business Rustic Urban Furniture doesn’t add filters to photos of its products, yet the company’s IG feed still looks cohesive because all the photos are of similar items.
Image credit: Rustic Urban Furniture on Instagram

9. Seasonal Themes

Adjusting your Instagram theme based on the season is a fun way to promote your products throughout the year. Keep an eye on the calendar for upcoming holidays. Then incorporate that holiday’s colors and other themes into your Instagram photos leading up to the holiday.

Insomnia Cookies gave its Instagram feed a makeover for Valentine’s Day: Lots of bright pinks, strong reds, and heart-shaped products appeared on the gram starting a month ahead of the holiday.
Image credit: Insomnia Cookies on Instagram

10. Geometric Theme

A geometric theme uses shapes to grab an Instagram user’s attention. Essentially, you create this theme by consistently posting photos that have eye-catching patterns and shapes. Over time, your Instagram grid will be filled with attractive patterns.

Here, naqsha.designs brings geometry to life, advertising hand-painted designs using a geometric theme.
Image credit: Naqsha Designs on Instagram

Use These Instagram Theme Ideas To Grow Your Account

Your Instagram theme should be a major part of your Instagram strategy. Focus on the visuals of your account to make your profile more attractive to visitors. By working to create a beautiful Instagram theme, you’re helping both your Instagram account and your overall business grow as much as possible.

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