21 Modern and Unique Interior Designer Logos

Get inspired by these unique and creative logo ideas for interior design and architect studios.

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May 10, 2024

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Looking for inspiration for an interior design logo? Check out these cool and contemporary examples that will help you think of a concept of your own.

As an interior designer, you probably realize the importance of good branding. From social media to business cards, every single step along the way on your road to establishing your brand and attracting potential customers is important. The first and most important element of your branding and corporate identity is going to be a good logo.

There are plenty of options to get a company logo with logo makers, free logo templates and cheap, ready-made graphic design products, but nothing beats a custom logo design.

Check out these logo ideas from the interior design industry we compiled to get you inspired to make your own.

Sleek and fancy monograms for longer business names

For an interior design business, a strong visual and brand identity speaks louder than words. Your portfolio is extremely important, but if your business logo and other branding assets don’t scream “aesthetic”, you’ll probably leave a wrong impression.

One way to show people that you know a lot about your work is to show a lot about your brand through a minimalist, monogram company logo. Here are some that work perfectly.

1. Xavier Van Lil

Xavier Van Lil is a Belgian Designer who has a simple and elegant style in making furniture, as well as exterior and interior decoration. For his business logo, the Hoet&Hoet branding agency created a unique logo in which every initial is perfectly symmetrical: the X horizontally, the V vertically, and the L transversally. It is a minimalist and contemporary design, just as the designs he creates.


Hopefully, you found our selection of interior design logo designs useful. If you want to read more about small business branding, check out our guide. Or hand it to a professional and book a demo with ManyPixels. Happy logo creating!

Design by Akshat Agrawal

Design by Anastasia Popova-Demidova

Design by Ester Nersisyan

Design by Paulina

Design by Alex Tass

Design by Mariia Fevraleva

Design by Muhammad Abu al-naga

Design by Emmanouela Desipri

Design by JT Grauke


Design by Aditya Chhatrala

Design by Nastia Sviatelyk

Design by Jesseca Le Roux

Design by Aditya Chhatrala





Design by Mohamed Amr Mahfouz & Marope Advertising Agency

Design by Vébé ®, William Mirante, Gaby Gentenaar, Chloé B. & Hoet&Hoet

2. Rehab Nabil

The graphic designer behind this square-framed monogram had a task to translate the architect and designer Rehab Nabil’s love for squares and use her initials for the logo. In order to create the best logo possible to exude professionalism, but still, keep her wish in mind, they managed to create this simplistic, but high-end evergreen logo design.

3. Julia Longchamps

I find myself writing this in every second article, but I really can’t stress enough the importance of simplicity in logo design. This beautiful monogram is the definition of “less is more” in logo design: plain sans serif typography and neutral colors make it a versatile but simple logo, with a plan B version of a full-name wordmark.

4. Alexandrea Rose

This modern logo is a good example of using and combining the right lettering for a great effect. There are two types of typography: a classic sans-serif font and a playful script font that adds some elegance and feminine touch to the final look. The monogram is framed in a circle shape, giving it a vague resemblance to a retro emblem style.

5. MM Interiors

This simple design resembles a house logo, even though it isn’t technically an illustration. The composition of the two capital letters M, one next to another look like a sketch of a house, and is perfectly fitting for an interior design firm.

6. Rafaela Noll

In another design concept that suits an interior design studio well, the monogram of Rafaela Noll is a sketch-like variation of a logo of two initials. It also resembles an “on” button, assuring potential clients that this designer is on the task.

High-quality typography logos for better company name recognition

Sometimes, a wordmark is better than any logo concept you can think of. Not only that it immediately makes your company name recognizable and memorable, but typography is also highly customizable. Here are examples to show you why your own logo can be a simple logotype.

7. Change Interior Design Studio

What better way to name your interior design studio than Change? That is exactly what people need when hiring interior design services. This cool logo is dynamic and creative and perfectly translates that name into a visual asset.

8. Gray House

Gray House is an interior design company that also sells ready-made furniture. Since they also manufacture and sell products, not just services, the wordmark concept is very simple and versatile to be used in many marketing assets, such as packaging design, labels, business card design, etc. There is an alternative monogram version as well.

9. Viktoria Barannik

Here is yet another wordmark with a very subtle serif font that hits all the marks. The two Ns in the surname Barannik are conjoined in an alternative logo mark, and the off-white and emerald green color scheme makes for a luxurious and classy color palette.

10. Sparrow

Decorators deserve a fancy, decorative wordmark, right? This interior design studio has a company name that is infused in the logo design too. The letter A is turned into a cute, minimalistic sparrow. The custom font is modern and unique, but it’s not an “out there” mascot logo as it could have been.

11. Kim Layne

If you’re a veteran in the business but need a new logo, here’s a nice strategy. You probably want to keep your logo straightforward, yet impressive, so you can add the year of the foundation of your brand.

Like this logo, a sans-serif font and a stylish color palette can be more than enough.

12. Fieldhaus

So far, all the wordmarks were in a more elegant, sans-serif font. But this beautifully simple logo uses a geometric, industrial-looking font, that fits the interior design industry perfectly. For an alternative, the designer created a fancy monogram of the letters F and H.

Modern interior design logo marks

Sometimes, brands need a symbol or what we call a logo mark as part of its branding identity. Or maybe combine a logo mark with the brand name and create a combination mark. Here are some logos of interior design businesses that used that strategy.

13. Rapth

This logo created for the brand of interior designer Natali Rapti consists of three elements that subtly shape the letter N, inside a circle shape formed by the longer “Natali Rapti Interior Design”. The symbols are inspired by common shapes of furniture, such as stairs, cushions and tabletops.

14. Mostafa Hashish

Apart from home interior, the designer Mostafa Hashish works with computational design, which is a concept of designing by implementing computational strategies when creating physical objects. While designers traditionally rely on intuition and experience to solve design problems, computational design aims to enhance that process by encoding design decisions using a computer language, explains ArchDaily.

The logo, naturally, reflects the innovative shapes by depicting the dimensions and lines of a computational artifact.

15. Anna Korotkih

For someone in the architecture and home interior business, a triangular ruler is what a pen is to a writer. The logo idea for Anna Korotkih shows a triangular shape, with her initials infused in the symbol.

16. Zona

This Z shaped lettermark was created for the Zona architecture studio and interior design firm. The three-dimensionality and blockiness give it a sense of modern industrial, yet it’s easy to see how it’s directly connected to the brand name.

17. Golt Studio

This creative and playful logo design looks like a visual riddle: the longer you look at it the more shapes you find. However, the basic concept is the lowercase letter G, which makes an awesome lettermark to use for branding and packaging purposes.

18. Laura Miller Design

How to design something that is a home logo, but subtle? Of course, a door is the most important symbol for a home and this logo design is very direct in that sense: the initials of the designer are put inside a frame that resembles a closed door. This is a common symbol used in real-estate logos as well.

Signature logos

Finally, another concept you can apply to your own logo design is to use the creator’s signature as the base. It is safe to presume that interior designers have good handwriting, right? So, here’s a few cool examples of this strategy.

19. Xenia Ko

This is a very stylish and elegant design and ticks all the boxes for simplicity and effectiveness. By both creating a standard wordmark version and a brand mark with the interior designer’s signature, the brand has two variations, both equally elegant and versatile.

20. Pernilla Interiors

Finally, we have a lovely design with a custom script font, utilized for the personal logo of the designer behind Pernilla Interiors. Subtly framed and using feminine and gentle pastel pink color for the alternative version, the design is aesthetically pleasing and versatile.

Journalist turned content writer. Based in North Macedonia, aiming to be a digital nomad. Always loved to write, and found my perfect job writing about graphic design, art and creativity. A self-proclaimed film connoisseur, cook and nerd in disguise.

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