15 Creative Photography Logos That Will Make You Smile

Check out these creative photography logo designs and discover a style to fit your studio perfectly.

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May 20, 2024

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Are you in need of some branding inspiration for your photo studio? Then, strap in for some amazing photography business logos that will impress you.

Just like fashion or graphic designers, photographers are expected to show a sense of taste and style in their branding. That means that photography logo templates readily available online can seriously harm your business and suggest to prospective clients that you lack the talent, creativity and vision needed to make the perfect snap.

Instead of free logos found on online logo makers, we suggest you turn to some of these amazing photography logo examples that will inspire you to create your own custom logo.


Camera logos

Plumbers have wrenches, doctors have stethoscopes and woodworkers have chisels and hammers. Using your key tool—in this case, a professional camera—as part of your logo is a great way to enforce brand recognition. However, remember that cameras found on photography logo templates will probably leave people yawning. Go the extra mile and make sure that your business has a truly unique logo.

1. Charmy

A great way to take a more minimalist approach and stay relevant to your industry is to use only the image of a camera lens or camera shutter instead of a complete camera logo. This modern logo concept utilizes a stripped-down image of a camera shutter and some fresh colors for a more interesting look.

2. Snapicus

Photography is fun. It’s certainly fun for people in front of the camera, and I can only imagine it’s fun for professional photographers who choose it as their calling. This logo concept captures that sentiment, from the fun business name to the typography and design of this cute camera. The camera itself with the playful details would make an excellent brand mark to put on t-shirts, stationery and the like.

3. Ryan Grant Photography

This cool camera logo belongs to a lifestyle photographer based in Kentucky. It’s a great example of pairing a simple camera icon with a classy serif typeface to achieve a more high-end look. After all, almost anyone with a smartphone can take a good photo these days, but it takes a professional to capture big life events like weddings or create high-quality photos that you might want to use for commercial purposes.

ryan grant photography logo

4. Vilma Neres

If you’re looking for a logo design idea that encapsulates creativity, this a perfect logo to consider. At first glance, you might wonder whether a rose is necessarily the best choice for photography logo design, but if you look carefully, you’ll notice that this pretty flower is actually a stylized camera shutter. It’s creative and unique and definitely not something you’d find with free design templates you can purchase online.

Logotypes for professional photography brands

Many photography business names are actually the name of the photographer themself. So a wordmark or monogram with your initials usually makes a terrific choice for a professional photography logo. Here are a few examples to inspire you.

5. Eliza Jane Photography

This wedding photographer doesn’t just have a terrific logotype but also an amazing photography website. If you check out her work, you might notice that she likes to pair conventional images with an unusual twist (like an unexpected location or a sense of mystery). Her elegant wordmark follows suit with a cursive font that’s still not overly frilly. It’s not “too perfect,” and so you can easily imagine this being Eliza’s actual signature.

eliza jane photography logo

6. Christopher Allen Weddings

I blame gender stereotypes that most of us have grown up with, but when you think wedding photographer logotype, the first thing that comes to mind is “feminine” cursive fonts (maybe even a flower somewhere in the mix). This photographer covers luxury weddings and indeed, his wedding photography logo is an epitome of class with this crisp sans serif font and a stylish monogram.

christopher allen photography logo

7. Anna Leticia

Of course, if you’re going to take a more “conventional” approach, make sure that it matches your entire brand identity; this is where a free photography logo will probably fail miserably! This cute and quirky custom logo perfectly matches the youthful brand identity of this photography business. It belongs to a young photography professional and it’s likely her clientele is going to respond positively to this cute design.

8. Alexis Foust

This photographer and videographer’s tagline promises that her work is for those that love all things unconventional and this unique logo supports that promise. The custom lettering is simply stunning and the logo creator also came up with a very unique color palette that makes for an amazing brand identity.

Retro photography logos

It’s been said that millennials are particularly partial to all things retro and vintage, so if they happen to be your primary target audience, you might want to infuse your own photography logo with a nostalgic feel. Here are a few photography logo ideas to kickstart your thinking.

9. Sacha O. Rumpel Photography

There’s nothing minimalistic about this pencil illustration, but it makes for a perfect photography logo since it captures the creativity and artistic nature of anyone working for a photography studio. One thing to note about a logo like this is that it might not make for the perfect watermark, so you might need to create a wordmark or monogram for that.

10. Far Out Visuals

You wanted retro? Well, this logo is somewhat of a tutorial in retro styles, using the typography and color palette that look like they come straight from the 1960s or early 1970s. What’s great about it is that it still has a modern feel, rather than a vintage logo that’s been copied.

11. Sage Orville

This amazing photographer logo was inspired by Brutalism, one of the most famous retro styles relevant today. It belongs to a queer photographer specializing in documentary photography with a very interesting and genuine feel. This unique logo is a combination of a logotype and great monogram that’s perfect for use on business cards and as a watermark to put on your photos, so that people can’t just download a PNG and claim it’s their own work.

Modern photography logos

Online photography logo makers usually have the same type of “conventional” logo designs that aren’t necessarily in tune with the latest trends. Showing that you’re creative is perhaps equally important as using your photography logo design to show clients that you keep an eye on current trends.

12. Priscila De Campos Fotografia

This creative logo uses the moon as inspiration since the photography studio owner herself says this is something that inspires her. The elements to the left and right represent moon phases, and the camera lens is incorporated into the design also, but in an understated and elegant way. You can actually see the whole camera in the negative space, which is a great and creative way of using the staple image.

13. Photographer logo concept

Perhaps the key difference between professional photography and images we all post on social media is the photos’ quality. This great logo concept seems to take inspiration from the concept of a sharp picture. It’s another awesome design idea for use as a watermark.

14. Frsthand Photography

This unused concept for a photography studio’s logo takes a very creative approach, with the two hands framing the perfect shot. Images of hands are prevalent in other industries, for example, massage logos, so taking this unique approach could really make a photography business stand out.

15. Jakubeye Photography

We’ve all heard of the term “photographer’s eye,” so why not end this list with a photography logo idea that takes inspiration from it? This cool and edgy logo belongs to a photographer with a very unique, urban style. And this simple logo combining the image of an eye, camera lens and perhaps that spark of talent and inspiration makes for a perfect brand identity.


Having lived and studied in London and Berlin, I'm back in native Serbia, working remotely and writing short stories and plays in my free time. With previous experience in the nonprofit sector, I'm currently writing about the universal language of good graphic design. I make mix CDs and my playlists are almost exclusively 1960s.

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