19 Movie Production Company Logos to Inspire Your Design

Discover these 19 inspirational movie production logo designs, sorted into 4 categories: Classic, Wordmarks, Minimalist and Unusual & Colorful.

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June 17, 2024

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Logo design isn’t the first thing filmmakers think about, and that’s okay. They produce plenty of creative work, so the perfect logo should be someone else’s business. But that doesn’t mean that a template or a free logo is enough for a respectable film production company. A custom logo is the base of a successful and recognizable brand, and what a filmmaker can do with a camera and a good script, a graphic designer can do with a base idea and a brand story.

To prove our point, we’ll show you some film production logos that you surely know and love, as well as others created for small companies that use a more contemporary style.


Classic production company logos that define the genre

We don’t suggest you have the budget or long tradition in filmmaking to match these studio logos, but you can definitely learn from them and apply their characteristics when making your own logo.

1. Disney

For almost a century, seeing the Disney logo at the start of a film brings joy and excitement. From the custom typography to the castle that suggests a wonderful fairy tale behind the corner, the film studio knew exactly what the logo would relay to children (and eternal youngsters such as myself) when seeing it.

By Kristina Borovik

By Casign

By Ania Chistowska

By the branding people

By Bring It!

By Maskon Brand

By Alex Aperios

By Sava Stoic

By Aleksey Busygin

By Luca Fontana

By Yiğit Karagöz and Utku Yazıcı

By ale. lampart





2. Paramount

Paramount’s is another movie logo that immediately gives off the impression that you’re going to watch something high-quality, coming from a respectable company. The story goes that the mountain in the emblem comes from the hometown of founder William Wadsworth Hodkinson, and the stars around it, 24 to be precise, are the 24 movie stars that originally signed a contract with the company. The idea was to add a star in the frame for each actor that joins, but the industry progressed so quickly that they ultimately had to give up on the idea.

3. Metro Goldwyn Mayer

MGM’s lion is perhaps the most recognizable mascot logo, and maybe the first example of motion graphics in logo design in history. It was created in 1916, and the film executives chose the lion as their symbol, in honor of their alma mater—Columbia University. The roaring king of the jungle is framed in golden film strips, which I always believed to be a visual pun. 24 frames per second, 24-carat gold. Prove me wrong, MGM!

4. Warner Bros.

Warner Brothers have a classy emblem design, with a recognizable shape that frames the letters nicely. However, the company decided to lose the golden badge in favor of a new logo—a flat designed blue and white badge.

These four examples might seem on the nose, but one thing that connects them is that they all went with the same strategy: translating the company story and brand values into their logo design. This is exactly why you also need a custom logo. Now, let’s move onto the lesser-known video production and film production companies whose logos we curated for you.


From a startup to the richest company in the world, many brands use wordmarks. Production companies aren’t exempt, as wordmarks make their names recognizable and memorable.

5. Gloria

The film production company owned by actors Diego Luna, Pablo Cruz, and Eric Bonniot, chose to use the ‘I’ in the name as the tool in editing software that marks a pause and cut, as well as using it multiple times to create what looks like a film strip.

6. 0307

The 0307 production company had its logo redesigned recently, to represent perfectly the two owners in a bold, simple and conceptual manner. The stark difference between the two halves is there to represent one producer and one director: one logical and practical, and the other creative and abstract. The color palette of black and red with a white for the negative space is captivating and classy, sure to make this logo memorable.

7. No Prob

Want to make your company name look like a clapperboard? No prob… This cool logo shows the ingenuity of graphic design to create a symbolic visual language just by using typography. And it looks amazing on black business cards.

8. Organic

You might think there’s nothing organic in a rectangular and square shape, but the professional designers behind this logo incorporated different screens and ratios to match perfectly the slogan of this production company: ‘Films for all screens’.


Minimalism is going to keep being a prevalent style, and is one of the design trends for 2021. Some companies decided to stick to it, and create a simple but attention-grabbing logo.

9. Reframe Studio

Reframe’s logo uses blocks that are typically seen in editing programs, which make it recognizable for members of the industry, but at the same time open to different interpretations. That way, the visual identity is continually changing, can be adapted for any channel in new ways, and conveys the brand’s originality and readiness to evolve.

10. Passiflora Films

The Passiflora Films symbol is a combination of the form of the letters 'P' and 'F', reflected in basic figures such as the triangle and the circle. At the same time, the symbol resembles a camera shape. The logotype is made in the Helvetica Neue typeface.

11. Mauris Film

This brilliant, but extremely minimalist logo belongs to Mauris Film, a distribution company that exclusively works with films directed by Quentin Tarantino. The M is visible, whereas the F is seen in the negative space. However, the two lines that create the negative space are an equal sign, standing for Mauris Film = Tarantino, reflecting the exclusivity.

12. Eyeconic

Iconic, seen with the eye, making only high-quality films, and a logo to encapsulate all of that. Eyeconic shows an open eye, framed with film strips, and a gorgeous slightly serif font.

13. Film Co.

This unused concept shows a camera shutter making the shape of the letter ‘C’. t=The company ultimately chose not to use this brand mark, but it is a cool and versatile solution.

14. Unequal Productions

Who doesn’t love a good visual pun? This clapperboard makes a crooked ‘=’ sign, so it’s unequal, just like the company name.

15. Rio Negro Records

This might not be a film, but a music production, whose name translates to ‘Black River Records’. So, you see where the inspiration for that symbol came from.

Unusual and colorful

In case you’re not a fan of minimalism, and would like to create your unique, recognizable and creative look, here is a selection of modern, flat design, quirky, and other types of logos.

16. Molo

This Mexican production company and creative space wanted to relay a feeling of friendliness, accessibility and creativity. They translated it into a brand design that uses vibrant colors, cool icons and youthful typography.

17. Soundity

The logo that belongs to the second music production company on this list is that of  Soundity. It is a combination of a whole note sound and the letter ‘S’. It also imitates a wave, similar to how sound produces waves.

18. Virtual

In a more colorful and later-style approach, Virtual has a warm and bright color palette, and a flat icon design. The typography is simple and legible, which balances out the logo nicely.

19. Punchy Shots

The Hollywood nostalgia of the 60s and 70s are perfectly depicted in this cool logotype, using a 3D lettering that connects the two letters ‘H’ into a film strip. It’s a burst of color, and a pretty dominant and noticeable retro logo design.

Journalist turned content writer. Based in North Macedonia, aiming to be a digital nomad. Always loved to write, and found my perfect job writing about graphic design, art and creativity. A self-proclaimed film connoisseur, cook and nerd in disguise.

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