9 Infographic Examples Elevating Web Design to a Whole New Level

Infographics can transform your site into an immersive experience. Don’t believe us? See for yourself! These 9 infographic examples prove our point.

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The options to create stunning infographics are endless with animations and interactive design. But have you ever considered an infographic-driven website design? Get inspired by these stunning infographic examples transforming websites into an immersive experience!

What is the purpose of an infographic?

Considering the answer to the question “what is the purpose of an infographic?” it becomes clear that infographics and web design are a match made in heaven.

The purpose of an infographic is to give a visual representation of complex information so that an audience can quickly comprehend it.

In a world where we’re constantly bombarded with information, infographics offer a refreshing alternative to this information overload. A good infographic is engaging, accessible, and digestible – which are the ultimate web design characteristics.

Infographics and web design

Infographics are the perfect solution when it comes to web design. Did you know that users form an opinion about your website in a mere 50 milliseconds? Google confirmed this stat in their own research, finding that some visitors are even faster.

If there is one way to quickly present information in a visually appealing way, it’s through infographics.

Infographics can drastically benefit your content strategy. A good infographic can:

  • Improve decision making – Visual information is processed much quicker. If your infographic is well-structured, you can apply a visual hierarchy and instantly show your audience what you want from them.
  • Enhance readability – Infographics convey a primarily visual story, which adds to the readability of a website. As we become an increasingly visual society, content will leave more of an impact if people can quickly understand what it’s all about.
  • Build brand credibility – You can educate your audience via a detailed infographic with high-quality data. By positioning yourself as an expert in your industry, you’ll build credibility amongst your audience.
  • Enhance shareability – If you have a stunning infographic, chances are people want to share it. This leads to backlinks, which in return, is great for SEO purposes.
  • Help tell a story – Using visual aids such as charts and graphs, infographics have a clear structure and can share intriguing stories.

Maybe you envision examples of infographics in 2D form by now. But it’s 2022, and animated and interactive web design options were never greater. Put two and two together, and the question is: why wouldn’t you elevate your web design by making your page infographic-driven?

If infographic-driven web design doesn’t ring a bell, don’t worry. We’ve dug through the Internet in pursuit of the best examples of infographics in web design.

The best infographic examples in web design

Below is an infographic web design galore showcasing nine infographic examples. Ready to be blown away? Then keep scrolling!

1. In Pieces

In Pieces is an interactive exhibition created by award-winning designer Bryan James. It’s an ode to 30 of the world's most endangered species. Each of them is designed piece by piece, making for an origami-like interactive infographic design that is simply beautiful.



It’s a bold move that, paired with these illustrations, definitely works. Keep scrolling as you digitally walk through MailChimp’s 2020 in numbers (and illustrations). Browse further, and you’ll find a few of their customers’ year-in-review highlighted. A great way to actively involve customers if you ask us!

       MailChimp uses colorful illustrations with animated elements to show their achievements.    

       Oceaneos took a more classic infographic approach to highlight the dire situation our ocean is in.    

Through outstanding use of striking visuals paired with charts and maps, the reader is taken on the migration. Add in the element of exceptional storytelling, and it’s clear why this infographic-driven web design deserves a spot on our list!

A good infographic reels in its audience and visualizes an assortment of information and data, which is exactly what The Great Tree Migration does.

One of their publications is The Great Tree Migration, an immersive digital experience about the cultural and ecological story of tree migration in Maine.

       Stunning visuals are mixed with clear infographic elements in The Great Tree Migration.    

Studio Ping Pong’s year-in-review shows how creative you can be when it comes to designing an infographic. Adding moving elements and enticing copy makes even the dullest statistics scroll-stop worthy.

Rather than jotting down their results and calling it a day, various statistics are represented by different animated visuals. From their shortest vs. longest projects to an overview of where their money went; everything is displayed in an engaging way that you can’t help but want to know every detail.

       Studio Ping Pong's colorful year-in-review.    

This infographic design goes to show that you don’t necessarily need a lot of graphics or colors. Interactivity and animation are sometimes enough to grab your audience’s attention.

The landing page for Basement Grotesque typeface is not only very easy on the eye, but also jam-packed with information about the typeface.

       Black and white elements showcase the typeface Basement Grotesque.    

Haven’t seen the movie yet? Then you might want to watch it before visiting the website, as it’s full of spoilers.

Website creator Matthew Dempsey takes visitors through each level of the movie without using any images or videos. And still, the result is a crystal clear explanation of what happened throughout the film.

       Through simple icons and interactive elements the movie Inception is explained.    

This year in review also offers some inspiration about which topics to include. Norwest made theirs more personal by allowing investors to share their insights. Rather than boasting about achievements, it’s an informational piece that adds value. Exactly like an infographic should be!

Instead of pouring these massive amounts of information into a report, their interactive page highlights achievements. It’s easy to navigate and hands over control to the audience, keeping them in charge of diving deeper into the information.

Norwest is a venture capital and growth equity firm that operates in the big league. This means they’re managing incredible amounts of funding and have a wide variety of clients.

       Norwest's interactive year-in-review page.    

The screenshot displays the Mac Pro. If you’re not pressed for time, click on any of their products and plunge into their immersive key features landing pages.

Apple does this by creating stunning pages that animate while scrolling, revealing a piece of information as you go. An otherwise dull page filled with statistics is now a fun and interactive experience.

Products, especially when complex, make for good infographic topics. You can break down your product into its most prominent features and help your audience understand everything better.

       The infographic-like product page for Apple's Mac Pro.    

Regarding the design process, Bryan mentions the following:

Bryan hopes to educate and inspire visitors to the jaw-dropping website. Doing this through interactive and stunning design is, in our eyes, the exact way to emphasize an uncomfortable yet essential message.

       The interactive exhibition In Pieces by Bryan James.    

 “Born out of tinkering with a simple property, this project is unabashedly part-digital experiment. The core technology used here is just good old CSS – no Canvas or WebGL witchcraft.”

This is one of those websites on which you keep discovering new things, pulling you in right from the start. Everything is clickable, and even though the project contains a variety of resources, information is presented in an easy-to-digest way.

2. Apple

How do you showcase complex information in a way that it’s visually striking and easy to understand for everyone? Leave that up to Apple. Each release of a new product means a new page to drool over, resulting in a website filled with infographic examples to take inspiration from.



3. Norwest Venture Partners

Ever heard of Norwest Venture Partners? Neither did I, until stumbling across their stunning year-in-review report. Spruce up dull data with an attractive infographic design, just like NVP.



4. Inception Explained

Inception is a complex movie where you have to pay attention full-time. If you secretly still don’t have a clue what went down in that movie, Inception Explained is here to save the day. This infographic breaks down the entire movie, one scroll at a time.



5. Basement Grotesque

Basement Studio is a boutique studio based in Argentina, focusing on branding, visual design, and development. Naturally, when a studio like this releases something like a typeface, they do it in the most striking way possible.



6. Studio Ping Pong

Another year in review infographic design, this time by Studio Ping Pong, a small design studio based in India. This refreshing annual overview is filled with trendy design and humorous surprise elements.



7. They Carry Us With Them: The Great Tree Migration

They Carry Us With Them: The Great Tree Migration is a project by ​​Chelsea Steinauer-Scudder and Jeremy Seifert for Emergence Magazine. This online magazine (with an annual printed edition) features a theme through the innovative use of digital media.



8. Ocean Seeding

Oceaneos is an organization with revolutionary technology to save global fisheries. The cause is fighting climate change, which harms fisheries worldwide.



There are various factors at play here. Oceaneos needs to explain why the cause is relevant and how their organization will help. They do this with an infographic-driven website that shows all the relevant information in a visually pleasing way.

Ocean Seeding is an infographic example that is more of the classical approach to infographics. It’s filled with illustrations, icons, and charts. The added  animation that reveals a piece of information as you scroll makes it much more enticing.

9. MailChimp

MailChimp, who doesn’t know the friendly marketing gorilla? This is the first example of an infographic that does things slightly differently. Rather than scrolling vertically, this infographic design moves along horizontally.



In MailChimp’s infographic, you can clearly see how storytelling is used as the main component. You step through their year in numbers in one giant horizontal illustration. There are no distractions; besides the navigation and the share button; there are no interactive elements.

Although interactive elements can be great components of your infographic web design, especially if it’s a landing page or a homepage, in this year in review case, it’s not necessary to include clickable items. It shows that your infographic doesn’t have to be very complex to be engaging.

Final thoughts

We live in an increasingly digital world, where everyone competes for attention. Infographics are excellent partners in web design since they can convey information quickly and clearly.

The diversity of the nine infographic examples listed shows endless possibilities. Bear in mind that you don’t have to pull out all the stops and completely transform your whole web design. You can also start smaller by adding one infographic to your next blog article. Or by designing this year’s review into an infographic.

If you hadn’t considered infographic-driven web design, these examples of infographics hopefully planted a seed.

Need more infographic design inspiration? Take a look at our selection of infographics created by ManyPixels designers, or read up on infographic design here.

Infographics can transform your site into an immersive experience. Don’t believe us? See for yourself! These 9 infographic examples prove our point.

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