Tips and Tricks for Great Social Media Posts

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Improve Your Social Media Presence With Well-Designed Posts

7 Tips for Eye-Catching Social Media Posts

December 17, 2021
4 minutes


Follow these simple tips and create eye-catching posts that will attract attention on social media and build recognition for your brand.

Social media is the most cost-effective platform for business marketing, and no wonder it has become a highly competitive place. Brands have recognized its benefits, and social media marketing is no longer optional but the most efficient way to reach the target audience and stimulate growth.

There is an overwhelming amount of information presented with each scroll. If brands don’t develop and execute a robust social media strategy, they can get lost in the crowd.

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We compiled a list of seven handy, easy-to-follow tips for eye-catching social media posts that will make sure your messages get noticed.

1. Keep it short

On social media platforms, nothing is long-lasting. The attention span of online users is measured in mere seconds. There is a very short window of opportunity for you to win their curiosity.

When creating your content marketing, use real-time information, create bite-sized videos and animations, keep your sentences short, split long paragraphs and trim the text to its essence.

Don’t forget to end each promotional post with a short CTA that will increase the click-through rate.

2. Use text in images

While visual content wins over text, the combination of both seems to work the best. When you add text to your images, the viewer instinctively transforms into a reader and can’t help but read the typography. Source: Behance

3. Communicate visually

Strong visual communication is paramount on all social media platforms. Unless the post is a live video, graphic designers can use their talent and skills to create eye-catching images to help the posts stand out.

There are a few basic design rules to follow for creating strong visual content.


Creating a sense of balance is very important. When elements are well-balanced, the image simply feels right. That way, the viewers don’t focus on the design but the message.

Both symmetrical and asymmetrical designs can be balanced.


Hierarchy is another major principle in social media graphic design. By assigning a different level of importance to the visual elements, you are guiding the viewers through the individual regions of the image. Source: Lush

4. Mind the different sizes for each platform

The recommended image size for all social media platforms varies. Additionally, they regularly change for each platform, so it’s best to check for the latest updates.

If your images are too big, you might lose some content. If they are too small you’ll end up with borders around the image.

5. Use bold and bright colors

Bold and bright colors attract attention, and it’s in people’s nature to be drawn by them.

Unless your brand is associated with elegance and luxury, in which case deep and dark tones are more suitable, an image with vibrant colors will catch the viewers’ eye more effectively.

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6. Use stock photography as little as possible

Yes, it’s convenient to use digital media providers for the imagery of your posts. Everybody is doing it at the end of the day, and well, that’s precisely what makes stock photography bland.

If you want to inspire trust for your brand, consider hiring a photographer or simply start taking photographs with your phone. Genuine content will make your posts stand out better than the generic photos of smiling faces or models in suites at a business meeting.

Instead of depending on photography, you can create your own graphics, design infographics, illustrations or use typography for your posts.

7. Keep consistency with the brand

Your social media presence should reflect your marketing strategy. Include your logo, color schemes, and your brand’s unique style in all posts. Branded content builds recognition and awareness.

Long story short

  • Bright colors attract more attention.
  • Typography in images ensures important messages get to the audience.
  • Generic stock photography can hurt the authenticity of the brand.
  • Original visual content and consistency with the brand are essential.
  • Create eye-catching social media posts with a creative and unique style of presentation.

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Miodrag Magyar

December 17, 2021

An experienced creative talent with a demonstrated history of working in the advertising industry for more than 18 years. A strong creative writing professional with a special focus on creating content for marketing and social advertising projects. I have a Master's degree in Theater Directing. I love hiking, enjoy obscure music and European cinema. I am an avid fan of UFC!