Why Agencies Choose ManyPixels for Outsourcing Marketing Graphics

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ManyPixels & Creative Agencies: How We Deliver Quality Marketing Graphics

How Agencies Outsource Marketing Graphics With ManyPixels

Graphic design
March 11, 2022
8 minutes


How can graphics programs be used in marketing? In many ways. But then again, as a CEO of a creative agency, you shouldn’t really have to go to design school to get high-performing marketing graphics. There’s a better solution. Learn how different marketing agencies outsource their design needs effectively with ManyPixels.

Our mission here at ManyPixels is to democratize good design. That means making quality design accessible to businesses of all sizes.

Many people consider us an effective design solution for small businesses (primarily because of affordability). But few know what a great choice unlimited design can be for creative agencies.

Today we’ll explain how we bring together graphic design and marketing to help creative agencies scale up!

Is graphic design part of marketing?

Short answer: absolutely. Unless you want to do PPC marketing exclusively, graphic design is vital for any marketing campaign.

So, how can graphics programs be used in marketing?

A number of ways. Here are some of the most common types of marketing graphics that agencies need:

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Social media graphics

Michael Quinn is the owner of an SEO agency that used our services to create social media graphics for his company. These digital marketing graphics need to correspond to the latest social media trends and capture people’s attention even in an oversaturated newsfeed.

That’s why our designers used bright colors and a fun combination of fonts that gets the message across. Since it’s also vital to build brand recognition for My Site Ranked, they incorporated a photo of Michael as a way of helping potential clients remember the brand (face) better.


Display ads

Our team has created web marketing graphics for Codeless, a content marketing agency. Since their main focus is content writing, their team loved using our service for quick, diverse marketing graphics.

6_-Web V2-_CT06.jpg

Web design

Web design is one of the most complex and often the most expensive design projects you can request. Luckily, our service provides a much more affordable solution for high-quality website design.

Here’s a fun example of our work created for a marketing agency that caters to law firms. The focus of this task was to find the right balance between our client’s industry (marketing) and their target audience (law firms).

The web design suits the creativity of the marketing industry, with fluid forms and illustrations. However, it also maintains a more serious, professional tone befitting legal professionals through color and minimal fonts.


Logo and branding

Even if your agency constantly works on developing successful brands, there usually comes a time when your own look needs a bit of makeover. Many agencies just starting out hire our service to create a unique brand identity for themselves.

Here’s an example of our team’s brand guide for a marketing agency. The unique look will appeal to a specific target audience and help a brand stand out from its competitors.


Landing pages

The most important aspect of web design is definitely landing page design. And this is something that marketing and advertising agencies need a lot of!

Learn how to create a high-performing landing page with templates from the web

Download our landing page guide

Campaigns often have specific landing pages. So, you can imagine that paying a freelancer every time you need one or getting your team to do it can be expensive and time-consuming.

Our online design service can create dozens of unique landing pages at a fixed monthly rate. Here’s an example of our design created for Rontar, an advertising solutions provider.


Email marketing graphics

Here’s another day-to-day task that can take up a lot of time and mess up your campaign calendar.

We create plenty of email marketing graphic designs which help our agency clients run campaigns more efficiently. You can even request a marketing graphics pack with everything you need, from email banners to custom email templates that you can reuse.

What types of agencies can outsource graphic design?

Is graphic design part of marketing? Absolutely. Does that mean every agency has a graphic designer on their team? Definitely not.

We know this better than most, as our client list includes agencies and modern marketing companies of different sizes and an array of approaches.

Our comprehensive services and flexible business model means we can cater to different teams and meet various design needs.

Take a look at what kinds of agencies we work with:

One-person agencies

Some people like to call themselves marketing consultants; others establish an agency from the get-go (usually hoping to grow in time). It goes without saying that in this case, one person can hardly focus on graphic design and marketing (plus building client relationships).

That’s where we step in.

The most significant benefit we bring to the table for these micro agencies is cost-effectiveness. A full-time hire would cost thousands of dollars, and freelancer rates are unpredictable and can pile up quickly.

With our service, agency owners can outsource all their graphic design needs and pay the same flat rate.

We’ve helped many agencies get a foot in the door by providing quick and reliable designs for their clients. With the help of our team, they were able to expand their service offering and, of course, create a powerful brand identity for their own needs.

One such agency is called Moxie Marketing. CEO Jeanette Knutti didn’t have an in-house designer when she started it, so she resorted to DYI programs like Canva. But, of course, she soon realized that it was a waste of resources for her to spend so much time trying to figure out designs.

After signing up with ManyPixels, Jeanette and her team requested lots of different marketing graphics, YouTube thumbnails, and Instagram posts. ManyPixels helped these marketers build a stronger online presence by pairing their quality content with quality design.

Agencies without a design team

As we said, there are many types of marketing agencies out there. Some offer SEO or content writing services, and they aren’t ones to create branding designs or very elaborate marketing campaigns. So, where do we come in?

Well, marketing graphic design and content go hand in hand. Whether a social media post or an infographic for a blog entry, marketing graphics improve readability and boost engagement. And marketers know this.

One of our long-term customers, Codeless, is a content production company. Before ManyPixels, they used to work with designers on a one-off basis which proved expensive and ineffective.

With ManyPixels, they can get different types of designs and multiple variations for their clients. Since they also produce landing pages, we can provide draft versions of UI/UX design that help speed up the development process.

Agencies with a design team

So-called full-service agencies are usually large creative companies that offer clients an array of services, from copywriting to web development. These agencies often have larger budgets (and client fees) and a much more comprehensive range of projects they work on.

An unlimited design service like ours is an effective white-label solution for these agencies. That means we handle smaller, day-to-day projects. Their team then can focus on ideation, providing art direction to their clients, and developing the thinking behind each piece of design.

Of course, it’s also a way for big agencies to provide more to their clients while cutting down on costs. With our designers creating speedy variations of a specific design, there’s no need to hire extra team members. At the same time, their clients get more options and better service.

Learn how to get started with our unlimited graphic design service

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Why choose ManyPixels?

Now you know what kinds of agencies we work with and the different types of creative marketing graphics they get from us. So, how about a quick recap on how our service can benefit any kind of agency?

Here it is!

Cutting down the costs

Graphic design and marketing are inseparable. So unlike (some) small businesses, agencies need design all the time.

Our service means a reliable design team at a fraction of the cost of a full-time hire (average salary for US designers is around $4,000). Moreover, our flat rates mean that whatever you need designed is within the campaign budget.

You get more for less!


Agencies don’t just need design - they need diverse design. Catering to different clients and producing various forms of marketing graphic design usually requires more than one designer.

Whether it’s an array of different styles or projects compiled in a marketing graphics pack, our team made up of dozens of skilled designers provides the variety agencies need.


A copywriter or artistic director shouldn’t waste time on simple design. Our team delivers most smaller projects in 1-2 business days, so you can always count on your designs being ready in time. We also provide initial feedback or ETA within 1 business day.

Busy periods and long campaigns? No worries! We’ll be the wind beneath your wings to help you keep everything on track.

Want to write your success story with us?

Want to grow your agency or supercharge the design production process? We hear ya. Choose your subscription plan and get started with ManyPixels today! There’s also a 14 days risk-free guarantee on all our plans, so you literally have nothing to lose!

Reservations? Still?! Then book your FREE demo session for a 1:1 consultation with one of our reps. Your chance to ask us any questions and see how we can cater to your specific needs!

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Danica Popovic

March 11, 2022

Having lived and studied in London and Berlin, I'm back in native Serbia, working remotely and writing short stories and plays in my free time. With previous experience in the nonprofit sector, I'm currently writing about the universal language of good graphic design. I make mix CDs and my playlists are almost exclusively 1960s.