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20 Fonts for Creating a Fancy Business Card

20 Fonts for an Elegant and Impressive Business Card

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Aug 28, 2020
7 minutes


A good font choice is a crucial part of making the perfect business card design. Find 20 business card fonts in different styles that will fit perfectly and help you make a good first impression.

A business card is not just a means of sharing contact information. It’s a staple of professionalism, reliability and a way to show your personal flair in a corporate setting. And to make a good business card design, you will need to find the right font as well.

Here are some of the best business card fonts, from classic fonts like Helvetica to quirky script fonts that will add a unique vibe.

Sans serif fonts for a fancy and professional look

A sans serif typeface is the most common choice for a business card, as sans serif fonts are more conventional, serious and classy. They also improve legibility and have a simplicity that is perfect for a more corporate style.

1. Helvetica (free)

Sometimes the best font is the simplest one, such as the widely used Helvetica. Its simplicity, legibility and versatile features make it a perfect font choice for business cards, as well as body text and even logo designs.

helvetica business card.jpg Credit: Hoban Cards

2. Futura (free)

As far as free fonts go, Futura is a perfect solution because it has different weights, styles and is also available in the Cyrillic alphabet and localized for multiple European languages. It is a sans serif typeface inspired by the Bauhaus style and geometric shapes, especially circular shape. It was produced in 1927, and the font family grew since, expanding with more styles and weights.

futura business card.jpg Credit: BP&O

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3. Arial (free)

This elegant font is the cousin of Helvetica: it was created in 1982 by Robin Nicholas and Patricia Saunders, for Monotype Typography. The designers wanted it to be metrically similar to the then preferred typeface Helvetica, with similar character widths. It is perfectly clean, crisp and legible, which are attributes that perfect for a business card. It comes in different weights, styles and font sizes.

arial.jpg Credit: Yakub Karakhanly on Behance

4. Myriad Pro (free)

This simple sans serif typeface is bulky for high readability but still elegant, so it makes an excellent choice for a business card. It is often used for letterheads and headlines, so it will be a good choice to write your company name in it.

myriad pro.jpg Credit: Pinterest

5. Campton (free)

If you are in the startup business, Campton is a geometric sans serif that has a very modern, techy vibe. It’s similar to the very popular Bebas Neue, but bulkier and more round. It will make an impressive business card font choice because of its authentic, but still conventional and corporate style.


6. Code (free)

The Code font family is inspired by Futura and other classic fonts but has a modern twist. It is a clean and elegant typeface that will look good on your business card, and offer a breath of seriousness as well.


7. Arthura (purchase only)

Arthura is a sans serif font with a reverse contrast, especially visible in the ultra-bold “Black” style. It comes in six weights, with Italic versions as well. It has simple geometry and humanist nuance that adds warmth. It is a great font choice for print, so it’s fitting for business card printing as well.


8. Nevis (free)

Nevis is a strong, angular typeface ideal for headings and text. According to the creators, “it’s assertive and bold, but manages to retain a friendly tone”. It’s full aesthetic power comes to shine best when used in uppercase.


Script fonts for creative professionals

Let’s take a step away from traditional fonts and conventional designs, and take a look at some more authentic and brave fonts that will offer a personal and eccentric flair. Of course, calligraphic, decorative and handwritten types of fonts aren’t suitable for any field of business. If you are looking for a serious, corporate type of design, this is not the selection for you. However, if you’re in a creative field, some quirk can do wonders!

9. Kensington (free)

If you want a script font that looks like a signature, but still has readability, Kensington is a great choice. Keep in mind that you’ll need to combine any handwritten font with a simple sans serif one for the body text, numbers, etc. You surely don’t want to write down your email and phone numbers in a script font!


10. Sugar Rush (purchase only)

Sugar Rush is a feminine and light script font with pen-line strokes. It is perfect for charming business cards, as well as other types of handouts. In the mockup below, it’s also used as a background, resulting in a cool and modern design.

sugar rush.jpg

11. Crystal Sky (purchase only)

Crystal Sky is a simple and modern calligraphy font that will be a wonderful addition to a minimal design business card. It’s long ligatures and simple strokes will elevate your personal card. But, keep in mind that sweet things should come in small sizes, so don’t use it too much because the final design might be too noisy.

crystal sky.jpg

12. Broadway (purchase only)

As far as design elements go, a texture script font is enough to decorate a business card, and Broadway will do that easily. Its ease of flowing and decorative flair will be perfect for the business card of an event planner, fashion designer, florist, or any kind of creative professional.


13. Bontella (free)

Bontella is a bulkier script font, with long decorative ligatures and a dancing baseline. As the creator notes, it is perfect for business cards, wedding invitations, posters and anything in between. It contains more than 420 glyphs and many alternate styles, so it can be perfect to mix and match them for a cool design result.


14. Tosca Beauty (free)

This elegant signature font is thin and classy and will make an authentic and handcrafted-looking design. It is available in alternative versions and ligatures, as well as uppercase, lowercase, numeral, punctuation symbols, ligatures and multilingual support.


Serif font style for a classic look

If you want your next business card to include some of the most popular fonts, you might think of a serif font. It’s not as crisp and clean as a sans serif font, but it’s still conventional and legible. So, it’s a great compromise if you want to impress, but also have professional business cards.

15. Times New Roman (free)

Okay, love it or hate it, Times New Roman is a traditional font and old-style serif that everyone knows. Your graphic designer might be in the “hate it” group, but remember that the font is widely used and has been popular for a long time. The reason for that is that it makes a great body text font, so you might opt to use it as a secondary font.

times new roman.jpg

16. Reptile (free)

This cool modern font is called Reptile because it’s based on the physical characteristics of snakes, lizards, and alligators and applied as design motifs. It comes in both uppercase and lowercase characters and can make an impressive primary font choice.


17. Butler (free)

Butler is a very versatile and widely used serif typeface, and it comes to no surprise that it pops up often in our blog. It has 334 characters, 7 regular weights and 7 stencil weights, text figures, ligatures, fractions and many other additional characters, suiting many languages. It’s inspired by the Bodoni font, known as one of the most used fonts in fashion logos.


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18. Apple Garamond (free)

If you want to feel like a CEO with a cool business card, look no further than Apple’s Garamond font. You’ll easily recognize it as the 90s era of Apple ads, and it will spruce up your business card with a retro-modern touch.

apple garamond.jpg

19. Trajan Pro (free)

If you want a more imperial look, Trajan Pro is a font inspired by ancient Roman inscriptions. It is sleek and simple, but also very decorative. It will be an excellent choice to show power and elegance.

trajan pro.jpg

20. Corporative Slab (purchase only)

This font is a slab serif, which is a different font style characterized by big “shoes” on the ends of the letters. Its thick terminals give it a strong personality and distinctive traits, making it a recognizable choice for anything related to branding.

corporative slab.jpg

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Stefanija Tenekedjieva

August 28, 2020

Journalist turned content writer. Based in North Macedonia, aiming to be a digital nomad. Always loved to write, and found my perfect job writing about graphic design, art and creativity. A self-proclaimed film connoisseur, cook and nerd in disguise.