Best Steampunk Fonts to Create an Amazing Vintage Design

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21 Quirky Steampunk Fonts for a Cool Vintage Design

21 Quirky Steampunk Fonts for a Cool Vintage Design

Graphic design
April 29, 2022
7 minutes


The world of cinema is full of sub-genres, and Steampunk is one of them. It is a retro-futuristic sub-genre of science fiction. Steampunk fonts mainly drive inspiration from the 19th-century steam-powered machinery and feature unique character styles that look great on vintage designs.

Vintage graphic designs are still popular among graphic designers and businesses alike due to their ability to roll back the years and stand out from contemporary designs.

In this article, we will give you a list of 21 spectacular steampunk fonts; and we will also answer some of the fundamental questions like “what is a vintage design?” and “how can you make a design look vintage?”

So, let’s jump into the article.

What is a vintage design?

Vintage or retro design refers to the broad range of graphic design styles inspired and influenced by different historical eras and retro design styles, making them significant and valuable in today’s world.

Some people misinterpret vintage as old-fashioned, but it is not. Vintage items are nothing but timeless classics that never go out of style.

Vintage design styles can be applied to various designs like home décor, interior design, business cards, product packaging, and logos for famous luxury brands.

21 Best Steampunk fonts for your design

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1. Fabulous Steampunk(free)

Steampunk fonts come in multiple variants, and Fabulous Steampunk is one of the most popular ones to create a retro layout design.

The character design is bulky and masculine and can be a great font choice for construction logos or other industrial fields.


Image Source: Font Space

2. Steampunk (free for personal use/donationware)

Vintage graphic designs can be given a nostalgic and industrial feel with the right steampunk fonts.

Steampunk, created by Marta van Eck, is a fantastic option for its unique character design. The circular characters come with a spikey design on the edges, perfect for retro designs.

Many steampunk fonts are known to be inspired by the 19th-century industrial revolution, and this font stays true to the traditions. You can outsource your graphic design requirements to the right person and make the most of this unique font.


3. Shadow of Xizor (free)

Based on the Shadow of the Empire video game and comic, Shadow of Xizor is a futuristic font that comes with narrow serifs. The font has a nostalgic 90s feel as it was a popular font choice for video games and MS Word WordArt designs.


4. Gear Crank (free)

Designed by Andrew Babb and free to use in any project, Gear Crank is another excellent font for vintage-style designs.

Gear Crank comes in uppercase, lowercase, and various symbols and signs. The font’s character style is heavily inspired by spinning wheels and can be an excellent choice for logos and business cards of vintage car companies or even clock companies.


Image Source: 1001 Fonts

5. Starship (free)

This lovely antique typeface comes in various styles, including one with a texture, a 3D version, and several ligatures. It’s a TTF and OTF collection with decorative features that will give you plenty of opportunities to try new things.

Vintage designs look the best when coupled with antique fonts. Starfish can be a good font if you want to add an antique feel to your designs.


6. Basica Industrial (free for personal use)

Basica Industrial font is an all uppercase font style that is free for personal use.

This font looks the best when used in color, predominantly yellow and black. The font’s character design is sleek and professional, and it will look the best on logos and business cards.


Image Source: DaFont

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7. HerrFoch (free for personal use)

HerrFoch comes in two different variants: trash and gradient. You can choose whichever variant you want according to your vintage page designs.

HerrFoch font is slightly different from some of the aforementioned steampunk fonts because it does not feature gears or spinning wheels. However, the font has a retro look in both variants and can be suitable for titles, headings, and letterheads.


Image Source: DaFont

8. Steamwreck (free for personal use)

Created by Pixel Sagas, Steamwreck is another excellent font for vintage designs. It is a condensed, ‘western-style’ typeface with tall alphabets; this unique design evokes this font’s ‘steampunk’ feel.

The font comes in four different styles: regular, bold, italic, and bold-italic. It also features stylish punctuation marks and other symbols.


9. Timepiece (free for personal use)

Another fantastic font designed by Pixel Sagas, Timepiece, is a bold, near-gothic design with heavy gear and needle elements in the upper-case letters. This font style was created exclusively for steampunk-themed projects!

The font style comes in regular and italic styles and features a complete set of alphabets, punctuation marks, and other characters.


Image Source: Font Space

10. Veinline (free for personal use)

Veinline is a typeface combo. Its ornamental swashes are inspired by vintage ephemera such as letterhead prints, beer labels, certificates, billheads, lithographic design, and sign shops from the late 1800s and early 1900s.

Veinline is ready to use and will make your designs look modern and dynamic. The font is available in two styles: regular clean and hand-drawn.

Ornamental swashes make the combination of this font excellent for label design, headlines, logos, signage, posters, certificates, all forms of commerce, book covers, and many other applications.


Image Source: Font Space

11. Hemera II (free for personal use)

Hemera II belongs on a whiskey bottle because of its long and beautiful ligatures. It allows you to experiment with your designs as it comes in 3D style and 27 additional glyphs.

Due to its versatility, Hemera II would look good on vintage page designs.


Image Source: Font Space

12. Victorian Fonts Collection (purchase only)

Nothing looks better on a vintage graphic design than Victorian fonts, and this fonts collection can be a great solution to your retro design requirements.

This one solid package comes with two font styles: King Edward and Queen Victoria. Both the styles ooze the Victorian-era feel because of their classical, ornamental, and decorative character design. The victorian font collection is multilingual and comes with 200 alternate characters.


Image Source: Envato Elements

13. Classic Heritage (purchase only)

Classic Heritage is a Victorian font design with a distinctly retro look and is ornamental. English and German characters, 13 style variant letters, and a vector design in .eps and .ai files are included in the bundle.


14. Fisherman’s Knot (purchase only)

As the name implies, Fisherman’s Knot is an exciting typeface inspired by the knots found in fishermen’s nets. It is based on the classic Victorian style, although it has its distinct character. This font is an excellent buy if you need a label because it has an editable label template in vector format.


15. Atlantis (purchase only)

JumboDesign’s Atlantis is one of their antique-style steampunk fonts. This typeface comes in six different variations, and its unique retro style works well with various types of vintage styles.


16. Stay Alive (purchase only)

Stay Alive typeface has influenced many Victorian-era posters and signages. The designer sought to combine modern and vintage fonts with features with solid shapes to draw people’s attention and encourage them to examine it more attentively.

It’s perfect for logos, t-shirts, posters, labels, letterheads, book covers, and other retro and steampunk projects.


Image Source: Envato Elements

17. Victorian Letterhead (purchase only)

Another Victorian-era-inspired typeface, Victorian Letterhead, is a font style that looks excellent on labels, letterheads, and packages.

Its ornamental character design adds an extraordinary vintage feel to your designs. It comes in three styles: regular, alternate, and serif.


Image Source: Envato Elements

18. Black Spot (purchase only)

Black Spot is a vintage, decorative font that features elegant curves and stylish serifs. This font style is a layered font and comes with two layers: the font itself and the shadow layer.

Black Spot comes in multiple variants and looks the best on logos, whiskey and beer labels, letterheads, and packaging designs.


Image Source: Creative Market

19. The Crow (purchase only)

The Crow is one of the best spooky fonts out there, and it definitely adds a touch of horror and mystery to your designs.

This retro grunge style display font is created by Cruzine and features eight different vintage styles. Its versatility allows you to use it in Victorian-style designs or even spooky-style designs.


20. Arlington (purchase only)

Letterhend Studio designed the Arlington layered typeface. Vintage lettering signs and art inspired this font.

This influential, sturdy typeface has a Victorian feel and is full of beautiful decorations. This typeface comes in uppercase, lowercase, punctuations, symbols, and numerals, and it’s perfect for packaging, steampunk ads, branding, headlines, and more.


Image Source: Creative Market

21. Andimia Layered (purchase only)

This font reminds me of the old Disney movies. Andhimia is another layered font family in seven different styles: an embossed style to a silver textured style.

Due to its multiple variants, it looks great on posters, letterheads, and other design projects.


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How can you make a design look vintage?

Vintage designs are inspired by 19th and 20th-century elements, but they are popular even in the 21st century.

If you need to boost your brand with the help of incredible vintage graphic designs, then hiring a professional graphic designer can be the right way, to begin with. They know which font suits your brand image and which colors would best represent your company.

But it would be best if you are prepared to splurge because the best graphic designers come with a hefty price tag.

The final word

You can find freelancers on various talent platforms, but working with freelancers might have other hassles that you might not want to deal with.

Hiring full-time graphic designers can burn a hole in your pocket, and hiring a graphic design agency might be another costly affair.

So, what to do?

An unlimited graphic design service like ManyPixels can be just the right thing to fulfill all your graphic design requirements.

We deliver design on a daily basis for a flat monthly fee and allow free revisions. If you need a dedicated graphic designer for your design demands at a fraction of the cost, we even provide that!

Not convinced?

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Guest Writer: Rohit Mane

April 29, 2022

Rohit is a novelist (not a NY Times Bestseller!), an avid reader, a passionate content writer, and does YouTube on the side as a hobby! When he is not researching and writing content, he loves to read books and watch movies, TV shows, and anime.