Best Coffee Shop Websites to Help Brew Design Ideas for Your Café

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14 Coffee Shop Websites with Inspiring Designs

14 Coffee Shop Websites with Enviable Design

We’ve compiled a list of 14 cafés with some of the best website designs to get you inspired for your coffee shop’s website.

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August 28, 2020
11 minutes


Modern coffee shops are known for great and creative branding, and it’s often through great web design that they are able to convey the brand’s story.

With the third wave of coffee (artisanal, ethically sourced coffee), coffee companies across the world have been coming up with creative ideas to attract young, hip customers. From eye-catching logos to original spaces, coffee shops have great branding down to a tee.

But we all know that if a business doesn’t exist online, it can hardly stay afloat. While social media is without a doubt an immensely important channel for connecting with customers, coffee shop websites are platforms to really focus on your brand identity: tell your story and show what makes you different.

So today, we’re looking at the best coffee shop websites, which you can use as design inspiration for creating your own web pages.

Coffee shop websites with a simple user interface

No matter how beautiful and edgy a website looks, if it’s not user-friendly it’s not doing its job right. A great user experience (UX) means that the information is presented in a clear and accessible way, and all the technical optimizations work towards providing users with a seamless experience (quick loading, optimization for mobile devices, etc.)

A classic cafe website layout might include sections like “our coffee shops”, “coffee products” or “customer testimonials”. Here are some coffee shop websites that utilize this simple user interface to help visitors find the relevant information quickly.

1. Monmouth Coffee Co.

You might at first think that this particular coffee shop website is way too simplistic to be on the list. But it does a lot of things great.

First, let’s talk about the big image. If you know anything about coffee or next to nothing, you know how important coffee beans are. This beautiful image of coffee beans, surrounded by generous white space is a great way for any company to show how seriously they take their craft.

The web design is effortlessly elegant: from beautiful typography to a minimal use of images. It allows you to dive deeper into the topic, like read up on the origin of your favorite coffee, but from a user interface point of view, its simplicity is refreshing.

On top of that, this website also has a live chat, which is a great CMS feature that will improve the user experience of your website.

monmouth coffee shop website.jpg

2. Cafe Integral

If your dream is to build a large coffee business in several cities or even countries, then a simple website layout can provide visitors with relevant information without confusing them with location-specific issues.

Cafe Integral might not have the most unique design, but it’s pretty, and the website as a whole works very well. You could probably do something similar with a simple WordPress theme like Divi, but whatever website builder you decide to use one thing you can learn from this example is how to make it visually appealing.

The monochrome background image on the landing page works well to give visitors a moment to pause and skim through the top menu, or scroll down and see colorful images of different types of coffee plants. It can attract both people looking for a cool coffee house to meet their friends at, as well as serious coffee aficionados.

Although it looks very professional this website isn’t impersonal. For example, I love that in the top menu, instead of “Location” or “Cafes” they use the word “Drink” which helps people find the correct coffee sport: New York, LA, or Chicago.

cafe integral coffee shop website.jpg

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3. Perennial

This cafe website is comparable to Monmouth in terms of simplicity, yet they are quite different in two ways. Where Monmouth has a serious coffee connoisseur in mind, Perennial’s website helps convey the feel of the actual coffee house with its colorful, yet well-curated gallery.

They have a whole page entitled “Location” with a handy Google map, and another photo of the cafe’s exterior to help people find this great place. The information is minimal and to the point: menu, gallery, contact. Use this as a coffee shop website template if you want to establish a local presence and attract potential customers from the area.

It’s another great example of stylish typography, so if you’re looking at typefaces to help your web design stand out I recommend you check out our list of 12 coffee shop fonts.

perennial cafe coffee shop website.png

Landing pages with big images

A simple cup of coffee or a smiling barista may be all you need to inspire that caffeine craving with your customers. There are some awesome website designs out there that utilize the power of one strong background image.

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Powerful background images are awesome for parallax scrolling (they move differently than the rest of the content when scrolled).

4. Campos Coffee

What’s really awesome about this website design is its powerful message: every coffee lover is a barista in their own right. The clever website design serves to deliver this message with a nice photo of a guy making coffee at home and the tagline “For every barista”.

The overall website design makes great use of white space to help the relevant information stand out, such as products in their online store or company updates. Another great feature on the website is the coffee shop owner’s story—how one magnificent cup of coffee changed his perspective from casual coffee lover to becoming passionate about coffee culture.

campos coffee shop website.jpg

5. Single O

What’s better than one big image to make a statement? Several big, eye-catching visuals that help tell your brand’s story.

Singe O’s homepage has a slider gallery with images of their coffee packaging, wonderfully made cups of coffee as well as the fun, “Wild West” style exterior of one of their coffee houses.

The website has a classic “clickable” layout (instead of one long page for scrolling), which is great since they offer different types of resources. Aside from their online store, you can also find interesting reads on their blog/news section, as well as specialized topics for baristas.

They also feature a really cool gallery of original artwork (the project “Random Acts of Art”), which artists and coffee lovers produced for Single O’s packaging.

single o coffee shop website.jpg

6. The Bunker

When you think of a coffee shop the first image that pops to mind is a steaming hot cup of coffee. But we all know that many modern coffee shops offer so much more, including cold drinks and eats.

The Bunker makes a bold choice with their homepage showing a “sweating” ice tea on a hot day. And it works! The drink is appealing and the bright image invites you to explore the website further.

The Bunker is different than some of the more puritanical coffee shops on this list since it’s a cafe, eatery and event space. Although the first few images of food and drinks are inviting, what really helps this website stand out are customer testimonials, strategically “sprinkled” across every page. They help give the business a more human, local feel and make you think of a place where “everybody knows your name”.

the bunker coffee shop website.png

7. Happy Bones

Want something very minimal, yet extremely cool? Then check out this awesome New York cafe’s web design. They literally have 3 pages on the whole website: location, online store and history section (which is just 2 paragraphs).

This website relies on cool photos and plenty of white space to create a sense of a local small business that brings together art and coffee. If you were in the neighborhood, there’s no way you’d like to miss this cozy, effortlessly cool space with a commitment to great brews!

happy bones coffee shop website.png

Best coffee shop websites with motion design

Good animation and motion design work don’t come cheap; but if you want your coffee house to really stand out in terms of web design, there’s arguably no better way to do it.

Remember that this is the part where you really need to make sure that your website is responsive. A web page that takes ages to load or glitchy animation can seriously harm your online presence.

8. No Coffee

This stunning website belongs to a Chinese coffee company and is surely one you’re going to remember.

The motto of the coffee shop is ‘Where coffee meets design” and this sleek website certainly reflects that. The landing page features a short video clip of a girl coming out of the coffee house, but even with this busy background the focus is on the clean white menu found in the center. There’s also a few more clips of baristas preparing coffee in meticulously designed spaces.

Hovering over the menu changes the background to different images all related to this stylish cafe and coffee roasters.

The best thing about this website is that even though there is a lot going on, it’s still very responsive and easy to navigate. Text is used sparingly just as a side note to the beautiful, moving images that tell most of the brand’s story.

no coffee shop website.jpg

9. Soyuz Coffee and Roasting

A little bit of motion design can go a long way to make your website design truly unique. The web designer behind this coffee company’s website did a terrific job, helping the unique and beautiful photos pop with simple movement.

The overall website design is pretty wonderful as well, as the moving pictures create a kind of a unique collage at any given moment. It also ties well into the company’s geometric logo, since these elements (triangles, squares) appear throughout the website.

soyuz coffee shop website.jpg

10. Couvee

This website design combines the power of a large background image with some motion (if you hover over the two hands holding the coffee cups they move). There are some other simple motions with text boxes or call to action (CTA) buttons, which make the whole website feel a little more dynamic.

Outside of that aspect, Couvee’s modern design also utilizes a beautiful and fitting color palette (toque, light brown). The website has a light and airy feel thanks to plenty of white space and great use of photos: they are unique but still fit into the color scheme perfectly

couvee coffee shop website.jpg

11. Ceremony Coffee

When you have a range of products and services, it’s very easy to make a website look busy and overcrowded.

Ceremony Coffee company does the exact opposite with this modern, breezy design that will appeal to all trendy coffee lovers. The header section features a slideshow of different products and offers, all set to calming, muted backgrounds.

Product shots are elegant and minimalistic, and fit into the overall layout perfectly. Remember that a well organized menu is your best friend. This is also where you can learn from this coffee shop website. The most important sections are included in the top menu (offers, locations, subscription, wholesale), while the bottom menu contains further information on the company itself, contact details, etc.

ceremonycoffee.com_ (1).png

ceremonycoffee.com_ (2).png

Fun websites that go the extra mile

If you’re a coffee shop owner who wants to highlight how unique your small business is, any old website simply won’t do. These great coffee shop websites have very unique design and content, so if you decide to build your own website with the help of a program like Elementor, take notes from the following examples on how you to make your website unique.

12. Little Skips

Little Skips is a New York based coffee company found by “3 badass immigrant women”, and sure enough this is the first piece of information you see when you land on their website. This makes you want to learn more about this unique coffee business and the rest of the well designed website is there to help you.

The website design is complemented by nice bits of illustration, and the content is excellent, bringing together a love of coffee and standing up for important social issues. The colorful visuals make a great contrast to the engaging, yet serious topics you can find here. And props to these guys for keeping their website up to date! In the COVID-19 era, you can see equally nice and colorful photos of people enjoying their coffee outside and wearing masks.

Their ecommerce store is also exceptional with handy features like “quick view” which allows you to take a quick closer look at some of the fun merch that you can buy.

little skips nyc coffee shop website.jpg

13. Onyx Coffee Lab

This coffee roasters website is very dynamic: there’s motion design, parallax, funky typography and an unconventional layout for good measure.

They do a lot of different things, from barista training, to catering, and even consulting small businesses in the coffee industry, and the futuristic and modern design found across their website fits perfectly.

They also have a really cool looking subscription section, where you can subscribe for regular deliveries of your favorite coffee. This website offers a totally personalized experience so you can choose between their most popular blends or even create your own!

onyx lab coffee shop website.png

14. Muchacho

If you’re looking for retro, colorful web design inspiration look no further than this incredible eatery and coffee house in Atlanta.

Their website design is riddled with colorful, funky images, but includes helpful details like a complete menu section and a Google map. What’s so great about this website is that it shows a fun, playful brand without much text; in fact it relies almost exclusively on fun visuals that look like they belong on someone’s social media channel.

muchacho coffee shop website.png

Ready to create your own coffee shop website?

We hope these great examples provide plenty of food for thought when you decide to create a unique web design for your coffee business.

You can always try the DIY approach with WordPress themes or other website builders, like Squarespace, Wix or Elementor. Of course, remember that going with a ready-made coffee shop website template might not give your business the most unique look.

As an unlimited design service, we can design custom landing pages and beautiful visuals that can help you vamp simple website themes. Check out how it works and let us know if we can help!

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Danica Popovic

August 28, 2020

Having lived and studied in London and Berlin, I'm back in native Serbia, working remotely and writing short stories and plays in my free time. With previous experience in the nonprofit sector, I'm currently writing about the universal language of good graphic design. I make mix CDs and my playlists are almost exclusively 1960s.