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DanicaMar 23, 2020

7 Health Vector Ideas – How to Raise Awareness with Good Design

In case you haven’t heard already, right now you only have one job. Staying at home. This and washing your hands are the most effective way to protect yourself from COVID-19 and help prevent further contagion. However, there is another thing you can do from the comfort of your own home: spread awareness on the importance of these measures.

A few months ago you probably couldn’t have imagined that people would be looking up hand washing tutorials. And yet, if everyone washed their hands regularly, an estimated 1 million deaths would be prevented annually.

While coronavirus has reached more or less every country on the planet, it’s impossible to overestimate the importance of precaution.

On a personal level, if you are taking this advice seriously, try to convince those around you that they should be following suit by staying home, washing their hands regularly and using disinfectants.

On a professional level, if you run a business, work for an agency or organization, you can reach even more people and make the commitment to support your community a part of your brand. If you are in a position to influence people, we encourage you to use your platform to speak out.

If you find yourself at a loss of words (we all do these days), you can always consider using visuals to get the message across. We have just updated our free illustration gallery with some brand new health vectors and today, we’re sharing ideas on how to use them to spread awareness on how to behave during the virus outbreak.

1. Flyer

Atchoo! Use a playful illustration for an informative flyer to leave at your local school, kindergarten or community center. You don’t have to sneeze directly at someone for those germs to escape and latch onto a surface that someone else might get in contact with.

Use a tissue, your sleeve or, if all else fails even the flyer to protect those around you!

health vector flyer.jpg

2. Social posts

You know those 500 friends you have on Facebook (or probably more if you started using Facebook before me)? It’s very likely that some of them are not even considering social distancing due to, for example, financial concerns.

While we should all be empathetic to this, it’s never a bad idea to encourage people to practice social distancing through positive reinforcement. In other words, share your own positive experiences of social distancing: possibilities of remote work or extra income; that DIY project you finally got to finish or share a review of a good book.

A health vector like this is a great reminder of the dangers outside, but also that we can spend some quality time indoors – when was the last time you felt like you had time to read anyway?

health vector social media post.jpg

3. Email banner

Did you know that 83% B2B companies use e-newsletters as part of their marketing strategy? If you haven’t yet jumped on this marketing bandwagon, we highly recommend you do so!

However, in the current situation, you could also use your company’s regular update to gently remind customers and collaborators to look after themselves. This way you’re not just making a valuable contribution to the cause of spreading awareness and preventing further outbreaks. You’re also keeping your brand relevant by communicating about things that matter.

You could even use this health vector to create a gif and kick up your regular update a bit.

health vector email banner.jpg

4. Facebook profile picture frame

You’ve probably noticed a couple of your friends already using ‘Stay at home’ frames on their Facebook profile picture. I don’t know about you, but when I see people from different countries using the same frame, I get the sense that whatever is happening is a big deal.

Create a cool frame with this illustration and ask people around you (family, colleagues, friends) to use it as well. If you’re a content creator (Youtuber, Instagrammer) you might have a wide following among kids and teenagers. Invite them to use this kind of frame and help spread awareness with their peers.

health vector profile pic frame.jpg

5. Infographic

Let’s face it: we’re all overwhelmed by information at this point. Unfortunately, this is a new peril we’re facing and it’s probably impossible to draw definite conclusions now. Still, you should definitely not question the whole hand-washing hype. It’s important and it does work.

But if you don’t want to do what everyone else is doing, give hand washing tutorials a new twist by creating a shareable infographic with some trusted, reliable information on the disease and how bacteria spreads.

Use these washing hands illustrations to give a thorough step-by-step guide (if we’ve learned anything so far it’s that we’ve all been washing our hands all wrong!)

health vector infographic.jpg

6. Merch

Every year there’s a lot of hype in the UK on people wearing a Remembrance Day poppy badge. It may seem trivial at first, but the truth is that statement pieces like this can create a lot of talk. And if you’re looking to spread awareness, this is definitely a method you should be utilizing.

Sure, in these times of financial uncertainty, not many people will happily invest money into creating merch. However it’s usually quite inexpensive and, like we said, a great way of getting people talking. And if you’re looking to also lift spirits, a nice freebie is never a bad idea!

Moreover, if you use a cute illustration like this, chances are they will actually use/wear it. We suggest you show some support for those brave medical workers and include a caption to this doctor illustration!

health vector doctor illustration merch.jpg

7. Door sign

If you run a shop or a restaurant, we hope you’re keeping track of how many people are inside at the same time!

Of course, remind them to wash their hands, ideally as soon as they enter the premises.That way, you should be able to continue to run your business without fear of disease spreading.

A sign on the door with a cute hand washing illustration like this will grab people’s attention and hopefully send them straight to the sink for some meticulous hand scrubbing!

health vector door sign.jpg


We truly are in all this together. And most of us will have some small way of helping those around us: be it offering to go shopping for your elderly neighbor or just staying indoors.

For more free illustrations you can use, feel free to check out our illustration gallery (we update it regularly with new designs!) Stay home, stay safe and take care!

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