11 Types of Illustrations that Can Boost Your Business Growth

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How to Use Illustrations to Boost Your Business Growth

11 Effective Ways to Use Illustrations to Grow Your Business

Learn how to incorporate various types of digital illustrations and effectively boost your business growth.

March 21, 2019
3 minutes


Illustrations are a great way to capture visitor attention and add value to your content. We’ve compiled 11 ways to use illustrations in 2019 to grow your business.

Header illustrations

Probably the most popular type of illustration: Show. Don’t tell. Having a unique illustration in your header can tell your visitor about your service or product (and probably help with bounce rate too!), but not only, but it can also help with your branding.

BC company header illustration By Valeria Rimkevich

Coming soon illustration

If you do not have time to fully code or launch your service or product, a good way to validate future demand is to create a coming soon page with an illustration. Coming soon, pages are faster to create than landing pages, and you just need to communicate your value proposition / an email capture form and a beautiful illustration to get started.

FRIEND.finder illustration By Dmitrii Kharchenko

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Blog post illustrations

Blog post illustrations really help to share your content over social media or simply to make the post more attractive (like this one!)

Here are some of our favorite styles of blog post illustrations:

Illustration of boy creatively typing on laptop By Magda Koscianska

Warrior Lana Marandina By Margarida Mouta

Illustration of boy and girl reading books By Sloan

Illustration of a girl laying on living room couch By Magda

Illustration of dad playing with children and cats

Information Architecture Illustration By Tubik

Boy laying in bed on a rainy night by 初夏Ruby

Customer support doodle illustration

Features / product in action illustrations

Another way to use your product is to show characters using your product/service.

Tech features illustration By Dmitrii Kharchenko

Blog post promotion Facebook ad

One way to use illustrations is to retarget visitors from your website with an ad linking to your blog post.

Wrike is a work management solution that creates a lot of content and then use Facebook Ads to retarget it.

Wrike illustration

Ebook chapters illustrations

So you’ve created an Ebook? Now create small illustrations for each chapter!

E-book chapter illustration called Your Own Store

Illustrations for different use cases

Another way to use illustrations is to create a Use Case page to show how your product or service may benefit a certain type of clients and why. Slab is making good use of illustrations for their product.

How people use Slab landing page By JT Grauke

Social media post illustration

Another way to create engaging content on social media is to use illustrations for your social media posts.

This is an example from Tech In Asia.

Tech in Asia facebook illustrations

Long-form content illustrations

A very good example of long-form content and guide illustrations in action is found on the site of Backlinko, a marketing blog that recently wrote a guide about keyword research.

They first start with a very clear header and bullet points to show what they’ll talk about:

Keyword research guide by Backlinko

This is immediately followed by a clear call-to-action which prompts users to subscribe to the newsletter to download the PDF:

Screenshot of Backlinko PDF guide download

Followed by a small illustration set for each chapter:

Backlinko PDF guide chapters illustrations

And each chapter has its own illustration as well:

Chapter 1 Keyword Research Basics Backlinko PDF guide

All in all, it really makes the article structured and a pleasure to read, which probably helps rank Backlinko content higher in Google (try googling Keyword Research, for example!)

Illustrations for infographics

Infographics illustrations

Probably the most popular: Using illustrations for your infographics.

infographic showcase illustration

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