5 Instagram Tips for Businesses on How to Use Slideshows

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5 Reasons to Use Instagram Slideshows to Improve Your Business

5 Tips to Take Your Business to the Next Level with Instagram Slideshows

July 13, 2020
8 minutes


Instagram slideshows are a good way to rake in potential customers and keep your brand up with the latest marketing trends. This article will help you learn how to do exactly that.

Instagram has become one of the most important social media platforms for marketing and social outreach in recent years among businesses and influencers alike. When Instagram introduced the slideshow feature to the public back in 2017, its primary function was to help reduce clutter on the platform (we all know that one person who posts five photos in a row of the same thing).

Since then, however, it has become an excellent asset for content creators, brands and the like to better connect and engage with their audience, without having to flood subscribers’ feeds with an avalanche of posts. Too much of a good thing is never good.

What is Instagram slideshow?

Instagram slideshow refers to a collection of photos and videos that can be compiled in one post (otherwise called carousel posts). This special function opens the door to the possibility of posting longer videos, better telling your story and overall making your feed and brand look crisper and more professional.

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How to create an Instagram slideshow

The technical aspect of creating an Instagram slideshow is pretty straightforward. Here are the four simple steps:

  1. Tap the “+” icon at the bottom of your Instagram page to import photos
  2. Activate the stacked boxes icon in the bottom right corner of your recent picture
  3. Select up to 10 items from your iPhone or Android camera roll that you wish to upload
  4. Tap “Next” at the top right corner to proceed to editing

Instagram slideshow how-to (1)

Here you can edit each of the items separately or apply the same filter to all if you choose to. You also have the option to rearrange the order in which you wish for them to be displayed in the photo slideshow. Tap and hold the photo or video you want to move, and slide it left or right.

Instagram slideshow how-to (2)

Now that you have the logistical part down, let’s move on to some simple advice and tricks on how to make slideshows that are effective and engaging for your audience.

Five tips for making a great Instagram slideshow

Let’s go through the top five tips on how to optimize the use of this feature and take your Instagram slideshow posts to the next level.

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1. Cover maketh post

We tend to form assumptions quickly based on what we first see, and the online world is not any different. The more content that is available, the fewer time people are willing to spend on a single post while browsing their Instagram feed. Realistically, you have a matter of seconds to catch someone’s attention before they scroll away.

This is where your cover photo comes in—it is the first image that users initially see, as well as the image that goes on your Instagram feed. Therefore, how good your cover photo is will determine how many people see the rest of your slideshow.

Stefan Kunz’s Instagram post is a great example of a creative way to entice the user to swipe on. The cover photo with the text “in 4 steps” almost serves as a cliffhanger, leaving the follower curious to see what is hiding to the right side of the image. The number 4 as well as the word “ease” also come into play together. It gives off the impression that you can learn a useful skill in an easy and digestible way quickly.

Another important tip—making the user feel good (about themselves or other) is your primary concern when it comes to choosing content to post. The better you can make them feel while looking at your content, the more likely they are to return for more.

Stefan Kunz

2. Expand the view with panoramas

A great trick that is enabled by the slideshow feature is the possibility of posting panoramic photos. This can be a great tool for increasing interaction with users, revealing a new product, showcasing detail and in general adding some pizazz to your feed.

The following slideshow by Rolls Royce is a wonderful representation of utilizing the panorama function for maintaining the detail of a product while still keeping it cohesive. Users get a glimpse into the beautifully intricate detail of the hand-painted cherry blossom interior as well as see the overall ambiance it creates in the interior of the car.

Rolls Royce slideshow.jpg

Another excellent example of a Panorama is by photographer Vjeran Pavic. Notice how the extra space provided by the Panoramic function allows for showcasing all three states of the phone in a single post—thus reducing clutter as well as saving customers their time.

Samsung phone slideshow.jpg

Here’s how you can learn more about making a panoramic slideshow.

3. Get personal with behind-the-scenes

Audiences seem to enjoy getting a glimpse into someone’s personal life (after all, that is why reality shows do so well). The same rule applies to businesses and brands; do not be afraid to embellish your feed with more personal content.

While the main focus of your Instagram page should be your product or services, your platform can also benefit from letting followers in to see snippets of what goes on behind closed doors.

Whether it be a photo compilation of an event, showcasing your team and the efforts put into delivering the product, a step-by-step process of building up your business or letting the public in on some inside jokes, you will facilitate greater trust towards your brand as well as build a more personal connection between you and your followers.

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In an endearing cartoon comic, pilates instructor and YouTube influencer Cassey Ho opens up about her experience growing up with an Asian father, and how it has shaped her into the person she is today. This is not much relevant to her fitness career, yet it is a vulnerable topic that gives users a glimpse into her personal life as well as provides an opportunity to connect with her on a deeper level. It also showcases the hard work that went into reaching the success she has today.

Blogilates slideshow.jpg

Gule Food Truck’s post does wonders to establish a personal connection with its followers with a slideshow of a behind-the-scenes teambuilding event. Seeing the team’s close-knit dynamic, as well as their willingness to be so open as to post photos taking a swim in a river gives a whole new meaning to the word “personal.” Hence, it establishes a strong sense of community with its users.

Teambuilding slideshow.jpg

4. Involve your followers

The success of a business is directly influenced by its customers. So why not feature them on your page? Letting followers know you hear their suggestions and value their feedback, as well as showing an initiative to maintain a connection with users will help build trust in your brand, generate engagement and build a stronger sense of community with your clients.

In the following Instagram slideshow, hair product brand Let’s Curl Up compiles reviews of their products, allowing results to speak for themselves. These posts are uploaded regularly by the brand, thus showing the credibility of their products, ensuring they are consistent in quality.

Let-s curl up

Every business will always try to put its best foot forward and portray itself in the best light. But it’s not always enough to convince someone to become a client. Your customers, therefore, are your greatest asset in proving the quality of your services.

5. Sharing (information) is caring

There is no shame in sharing your opinions on certain events, fun facts, or interesting pieces of information on your Instagram page. It will give credibility to your business as well as show that your brand is in the loop when it comes to important global events. Whether it be facts about your company, the industry that your business belongs to, or the location where your brand is situated, users will appreciate a chance to acquire useful information.

Likewise, it is a great way to get exposure as these facts may be relevant and useful to a larger audience outside of your immediate reach.

This informational chart about a list of top 50 countries that comment the most by Social Bakers serves as a great example. It’s a series of infographics that provide information while being aesthetically pleasing. The “Part 1 of 3” text at the top of the image gives users a clue that there is more information to be discovered, making them spend more time on the post and consequently their page.

Social bakers

Infographics can also be used to increase user interaction by creating quizzes, tutorials and how-to’s, as it places users from a passive into a more active role. A cool example is this quiz by Marvel.


We hope these tips will come in handy when creating your next Instagram slideshow. Try out the different styles and functions, and choose what best fits your page aesthetic and resonates well with your followers. Happy Instagramming!

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July 13, 2020

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