21 Law Firm Logo Designs You Cannot Object To

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21 Fascinating Law Firm Logos No One Can Object To

21 Law Firm Logos You Can’t Object To

Professional law firm logos don’t have to be boring! Get inspired with this list of creative designs for lawyers and law firms.

October 2, 2020
10 minutes


Creating the best law firm logo is no small feat: you want something that’s equal parts professional and makes for great branding. To help you brainstorm, here are some great legal services logo ideas.

Attorneys at law, judges, or legal consultants all have very serious professions that aren’t commonly associated with flashy branding or marketing. And yet, even legal practices have their competition to beat and the right clients to attract.

Law firm logo design needs to uphold the professional standards of the industry but still correspond to the basic principles of good logo design. To give you a taste what that might look like here are 23 different lawyer logos that you can use as inspiration.

Classy monograms

I have a few lawyers in my family and I think most of them would agree that a monogram makes the perfect attorney logo. It’s simple, classic and most importantly, personal. It’s a great way to create a strong personal brand identity in the mind of your clients.

1. Anna Kubica Law Office

When we think monograms, the first thing that comes to mind is usually classic serif typography or elegant script font. But those are not your only options. The graphic designer behind this logo created a very modern and minimalist legal logo that’s extremely sleek and sophisticated.

oh.my By Syzmon Gollis via Dribbble

2. Neilsons Lawyers

A simple monogram can also work for both a small law practice and a big firm. This decorative letter “N” was created from the law firm’s old logo and adapted to suit their new modern rebranding.

It still has a classic feel to it, which fits well with their law firm website. However, the vibrant blue color and the decorative typeface make this law firm logo fitting for a contemporary legal practice.

oh.my By Ryan Romanes Studio via Behance

3. Luiz Mantovani

Before settling on a design for your own legal logo, it’s important to consider which practice area you specialize in, and what kind of logo design your clients will expect. For example, criminal law attorneys are probably better off with more serious monograms and wordmarks, while family law practitioners lawyers can consider a more personal and creative approach.

This is a branding project for Luiz Mantovani, a criminal defense attorney. The sleek serif monogram is both modern and professional, and the gold and navy color combination give this custom logo a more refined look.

oh.my By Zarco Design via Behance

4. Law Firm K

Many of your competitors will have logos that exude professionalism and strictness. However, an intrinsic part of being a good lawyer is also understanding what your client is going through and more often than not, providing psychological as well as legal support.

That’s why this law firm logo concept is such a great piece of inspiration, as the monogram is embellished with a gentle nature-inspired design element. The elegant curvature of this lovely serif typeface gives the logo a very classy look.

oh.my By Insigniada Branding Agency via Dribbble

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Timeless wordmarks

Most big law firms use wordmarks for their logo design, since this type of logo is inherently more professional. Going with a simpler, sans-serif typeface might ensure that your logo design stays relevant for a longer period of time, rather than experimenting with a wacky script or slab serif typefaces that might look inappropriate.

5. Atticus

Atticus Finch is probably one of the most famous lawyers in literature (and film), so it’s probably a law firm name that most non-lawyers can recognize and appreciate.

This legal consultancy gives free consultations and connects clients with attorneys or law firms that are best suited to their case. Because of its unique approach to law services, the company opted for a unique and less rigid brand identity. Their website features numerous illustrations that are meant to provide a more humane approach to legal matters, but the logo designers opted for a more classic approach with this clean serif typeface that adds a more serious twist to their fun branding.


6. Galicia Abogados

If you want to add some interest to a simple wordmark you can always consider combining two typefaces and use them for your company name and tagline. This is a good example as the name of the law firm is written in a legible typeface, while the word “lawyers” (or abogados in Spanish) is written in a humanistic script font.


7. Mancuso Carey

These real estate attorneys’ tagline refers to their specific practice area. For this reason, they went with a simple wordmark, with professional sans-serif typography. However, the graphic designer added a quirky and interesting detail by including this icon. It may represent a pine cone and since oak is one of the symbols of Connecticut where this law firm is located it’s perfectly fitting.


8. Jackson Philipps

If you happened to google creative business card ideas, you might have come across that famous divorce lawyer’s business card that can be split in two. This logotype created for a design contest follows the same elegant but powerful approach with two circles (or wedding rings). Since a portion of one of the rings is missing it’s a powerful, albeit sad reminder that what once was meant to be.

oh.my By Robin Belen via Dribbble

Edgy and modern law firm logos

If you want to exude a sense of tradition, a classic crest or emblem logo is probably a good option, but modern law firms need contemporary logo design.

13. Grodecki Rybacki and Partners

This monogram is very dynamic and modern, while the sleek monochrome palette is perfectly fitting to a professional logo. It could easily make a great financial logo, but as a law firm logo, it’s exceptionally cool and somewhat unusual.

oh.my By Tofu Studio via Behance

14. Martha Athanasopoulou

This great modern logo was developed for a lawyer based in Piraeus, Greece. It combines Martha’s monogram with a modern take on the traditional scales of justice symbol. The color scheme of this personal brand identity is also great, as it contrasts an elegant dark blue with matte gold.

oh.my By Panos Statelis via Behance

15. Eugenia Canepa

This commercial and civil law lawyer logo is a combination of the attorney’s monogram and a Roman pillar. The logo design is simple yet modern and would make a great seal, or fit perfectly on stationery or letterheads.

oh.my By Koma Diseno via Behance

16. Henn Haworth Cummings and Page

Many law firm names are made up of the partners’ last names. A creative logotype design might mean including all these names and initials without making the final result too busy or cluttered.

This law firm logo is a great example of how to do that right. The clean sans-serif font and simple rectangles that represent the first letters make for a very clever design, but adding some color gives this professional logo a more interesting look.

oh.my By Brian K Gray via Dribbble

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Danica Popovic

October 2, 2020

Having lived and studied in London and Berlin, I'm back in native Serbia, working remotely and writing short stories and plays in my free time. With previous experience in the nonprofit sector, I'm currently writing about the universal language of good graphic design. I make mix CDs and my playlists are almost exclusively 1960s.