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12 Fonts for an Irresistible Pizza Logo

12 Fonts for the Most Appetizing Pizza Logo

September 4, 2020
Anna Kindyakova


Are you on the hunt for the perfect font to use in a pizza logo or menu at your local pizza parlor? Then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve compiled for you a list of 12 pizza fonts to inspire your cheesy and doughy creation.

A good font is just like toppings on a pizza. Pick the right ones, and it becomes divine. Pick the wrong ones (pineapple, as some might say), and it’s not going to be perfectly cohesive.

The right font can transform your whole establishment into a put-together, professional-looking pizzeria. It can also highlight and enhance an aspect of your pizza parlor that you wish to emphasize. Keep scrolling to see some good examples of fonts that will help create character and represent your pizza restaurant in the best possible way.

Serif fonts

As one of the oldest typeface families dating back to the 1400s, serif fonts are a great option to bring an air of history, authority and class to your text. If your pizzeria has a rich backstory or is a more high-end establishment, the serif font family may be a great choice for you.

1. Modesto Text Light (Purchase only)

Inspired by the 19th and 20th-century sign painting letter style and somewhat resembling old English, this font screams class and quality. The even serif strokes on each of the letters give the font a uniform and put-together appearance, perfect for an elegant and refined establishment.

The Singaporean-based Italian Pizzeria La Scala utilizes this font to take its customers on a trip back to the Italian summers of the 1950s. For a restaurant that is inspired by the esteemed Milanian opera house of the same name, this font is a perfect choice to capture the rich culture, exquisite art and taste of the pizza served.


oh.my Design by Bravo

2. Truens Two Shadow (Purchase only)

Coming from the vintage display typeface family, this font features a shadow—hence the name—which gives the text a stronger presence and a more robust, 3D appearance.

Cinepolitana pizzeria’s logo doubles on the used snag font to create a custom typeface which is very similar in appearance to Truens Two Shadow. The star inside the letter “O”, as well as the two herbs above and below the text, give it a true Italian feel, while the colors used in the logo resemble the three colors of the pizza’s homeland flag.


3. Albra Black (Purchase only)

This elegant high-contrast typeface is a perfect choice for a pizza logo, as the stark differences in the width of some parts of the letters, as well as the soft curves paired with sharp slanted serifs, make it beautiful on the eyes.

Without a lot of modifications, the font makes a great logo just by itself, as in the example of Big River Pizza. The intricate appearance created by the overlapping of the letters “R” and “I” is enough to capture the eyes of customers without any extra design details needed.


oh.my Design by Alec Gilbertson

4. Blacker Pro Titling Bold (Free for personal use)

A free for personal use serif typeface, this next font is full of character with its sharp edges and stylish ligatures. It is perfect for titles and larger sizes of text, including a logo.

The pizza restaurant Salve uses the font for its logo in efforts to Neapolitan-inspired, loud yet simple and traditional logo to capture the friendliness of the Italian people while making it look hip. The exclamation mark at the end of the word adds a nice sympathetic touch, mirroring the welcoming and friendly attitude of the waiters as you order pizza.


Sans serif fonts

The more clean and professional-looking counterpart of the serif typeface, this family of fonts is great to use for newer, more modern pizzeria establishments, as sans serif fonts are great at conveying an approachable, youthful and humanistic feeling. Most web fonts are also sans serif as they tend to display better on-screen, hence if you are going to create a website for your pizza restaurant along with the logo, opting for fonts from this category may be a better option.

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5. Gill Sans Nova Shadowed Outline (Purchase only)

Another shadowy entry in the list, this font requires no photoshop to create the shadows as it already comes with them. It is a “bolder than bold” font that will catch the eyes of the bypassers and bring them to any pizza place.

As in the case of Pizzeria Libretto which uses this font for its logo, it works great on the storefront glass, creating contrast while maintaining its readability.

Gill Sans Nova Shadowed Outline

Pizzeria Libretto

6. Fonarto (Free)

Although sans serif fonts are known for being more clean and tidy, that by no means suggests that they cannot be full of personality with some special element composing it. The Fonarto font is a perfect example, as the disconnected and hand-drawn terminations add an element of complexity and character to it. The tail on the letter “O” makes it look similar to a Firefox logo, although in our case the fox is more likely to be surrounding a pepperoni pizza than earth.

As in the words of the Pizzarella restaurant logo designers who utilized Fonarto font, the design is “modern and surprising but inviting and fun”—a perfect summary of what the font can offer to your own pizzeria.


7. Hansief Rough (Free)

Rough edges and a worn-out texture are some of the characteristics that make this font a great choice for printing your pizza place logo on a cardboard box. The textured appearance of text is something that can be found frequently in the food industry, as it resembles the texture and appearance of food.

The textured look of Mario’s Pizza and Grill logo makes it clear to the clients that the place serves no ordinary, mass-produced pizza, but that every pie is handmade—just like the appearance of the font.

Hansief rough

oh.my Design by Jordan Gilroy

Script fonts

The beauty of script fonts is in their highly customizable nature. Typefaces in this family often include handwritten fonts, which is the perfect choice for adding a personal, homemade touch to your pizza establishment.

8. Lobster (Free)

One of the most famous script free fonts out there, Lobster is thoroughly refined in all of its not boring elements. Its bold nature gives it a more casual cursive font feel, perfect for composing a logo to signal the heaps of fun your customers will have while dining at your pizzeria.

Prime Pizza uses the font for its logo, and the result is wonderful—it is universal and simple enough to not exclude anybody, and the script font gives it a friendly and casual feeling making the customer feel welcomed.

Lobster font

oh.my Design by Neil Hubert

9. Nickainley (Free)

Even though pizza dough needs kneading and has to go through incredibly high temperatures, a pizza can still be delicate. If that’s the case for your pizzeria, Nickainley is a great choice of font for composing the logo. Its curvy shapes and monoline style will add a touch of elegance to any pizza joint, as well as convey character and give a specific feeling to your establishment.

The Texas-based Neapolitan-inspired Community Pizza & Beer garden uses a personalized version of the Nickainley font to give the pizzeria a wild west appearance, with the curves of the letters made to resemble bird wings that populate the sky.

Nickainley font

10. Pan Pizza (Free)

Perhaps the most quintessential pizzeria typeface, this free Pan Pizza font brings it back to when posters were handwritten with a fat marker. It is a simple but effective font that is playful, informal and full of character to make your pizza joint logo look artisan, just like the pizza coming out of the oven.

Pan Pizza

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A typeface family that is categorized by the ornaments and embellishments for decorative purposes, this category is by far the most custom and features the most style variations. This makes it a perfect choice for your pizzeria, as adding that extra personal touch will make your pizzeria stand out among the rest.

11. Macabro Danger Regular (Purchase only)

Fonts with lots of texture are always a great choice for simple and modern logos that don’t exactly need a drawing or an icon in its composition. Macabro Danger Regular is a hand-drawn irregular font that can make a great logo for a pizza place.

Balcone Pizzeria goes one step further to customize the font by making prints of a tomato and pizza slice to create shapes to replace letters “O” and “A” in the pizzeria name. As the prints come out textured, the textured nature of the font goes perfectly with it, making for a wonderfully creative logo that represents the carefree and informal style of a Neapolitan pizza place.

Macabro Danger Regular Font

Balcone Pizzeria

12. Stereonic L Contour (Purchase only)

This Art Deco-inspired font originally intended for 90’s music posters is a great option for a fancy and alternative pizza place logo. The outlines and geometric forms give this font a lot of character and intrigue the eye, allowing for the text to be the star of the show without extra clutter needed.

Grazie Napoli Pizzeria uses an exclusively developed typography, which highly resembles Stereonic L Contour font, to represent the industrial architecture, pipes and antique furniture found in the structure of the restaurant, resulting in a highly customized and exclusive logo design.

Stereonic L Contour

oh.my Design by Mucci

For more inspiration for creating your pizzeria logo, refer to our Pizza Logo article to get one step closer to creating the perfect logo for your beloved pizzeria.

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September 4, 2020

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