20 Unique Typographic Logos to Spark Your Creativity

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20 Unique Typographic Logos to Spark Your Creativity
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20 Typographic Logos to Spark Your Creativity and Upgrade Your Business

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April 22, 2022
8 minutes


Are you looking for a new logo, or are you redesigning an existing one? Kickstart your creativity with these 20 great typographic logos!

Logos are one of the first things that your customer sees when they make contact with your business. It needs to tell them everything they need to know about your brand and what it stands for; this is your chance to create an unforgettable connection with them.

Before diving into the creation of the actual logo, let’s look and see what a typographic logo is and how to design a typography logo. Afterward, we will look at some examples that are sure to get you inspired!

20 typographic logos to kickstart your creativity

Juliana Rose Photography

This typographic logo contains a perfect example of a font duo - a script typeface and a sans serif, to convey elegance, timelessness, and femininity. This style is perfect for a wedding photography business.

juliana rose logo.png


Opt for a sans serif outline font for a casual and playful logo. This is an excellent example of a typographic logo that incorporated additional elements such as the copyright symbol and the year the company was founded.

twentytees logo.png


Your logo should be clear and easy to read. The Standd logo does just that by using a bold sans serif font with a twist - notice the hidden stand in the ’t’? These kinds of hidden decorations are what make a well-rounded typographic design stand out from the crowd.

standd logo.png

Little light feet

An ethereal, pure, and delicate feeling can be achieved by using a script font together with pastel colors. This is perfect for a children’s clothing brand.

little light feet logo.png

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Looking for a retro summer vibe for your logo? Check out a shadow script font with a vintage color palette.

florida logo.png


A blocky sans serif font using a mix of lowercase and uppercase letters is your go-to if you have been searching for a minimalistic retro-future font.

sanford logo.png

Fiverr Pro

The Fiverr Pro is yet another successful example of a font duo being used in a typographic logo. The bold sans serif lowercase ‘fiverr’ transmits confidence, whereas the script ‘Pro’ adds an extra touch of professionalism.

fiverr pro logo.png


Mirror is a clothing company with a logo using a serif art nouveau-inspired font for an elegant and feminine design. Notice the mirrored R’s in the middle?

mirror logo.png


This Japanese haircare brand went for a clean sans serif font with wide letters and tight kerning. This condensed design works well with delicate fonts to achieve a sense of unpretentious luxury.

sachiko logo.png


Combine a lowercase sans serif font with a minimalistic symbol for a simple yet striking visual identity. This type of logo is suitable for companies in cryptocurrency and NFTs. When using a symbol in your typographic logo, make sure that these elements can express your brand’s mission and vision both together and alone.

aclitec logo.png


Serif fonts are thought to be classic and timeless - some would say even boring. If you are a fan of them but would like to make them less somber, pair them with a playful symbol.

studio paack logo.png

The Kids Industry

Looking for fun typography styles for your logo? Check out this bold hand-drawn logotype with underlined words - you are sure to attract your audience’s attention!

the kids industry logo.png

Knock Knock

What makes this logo neat is the use of a sans serif font. But what makes it interesting is almost the non-existence of kerning and leading, the joining strokes of the N’s, and the width of the O’s and C’s.

knock knock logo.png


A stylized typographic font can be very effective! Check out this sans serif joined font with no kerning, wide letters, and no crossbars. This typographical style is suitable for a brand focused on excellence and elegance.

kyra logo.png


You do not have to stick to 2D designs for your typographic logo. How about a 3D logo using a bold sans serif that smoothly flows one letter onto the next one?

gsca logo.png

Salon du Nord

The Salon du Nord logo uses an elegant serif font with letters that almost hug each other. It is both comforting and classy at the same time. As we already mentioned, it is crucial to choose a typeface that allows your logo to look good when it is small.

salon du nord logo.png


The Duck logo is cleverly pairing a bold sans serif font with loose kerning with an ornate element on the letter ‘D’ to create the silhouette of a duck. Simple and effective!

duck logo.png


Lynx’s logo is the definition of funky! The 70s-style typeface is perfectly conveying a fun and chill vibe.

lynx logo.png


Golden’s logo is an example of an uncomplicated yet successful design. The seriousness of the bold sans serif font is balanced by the cube shape of the logo, making the design look more dynamic.

golden logo.png


Looking for a neat and sophisticated logo without much fuss? Check out Cabana’s logo, made with a wide serif font in a warm-colored gradient.

cabana logo.png

In love with typographic design yet?

The world of typographic designs is wide and varied. And when it comes to typographic logos, there are so many ways you can use just text to capture the essence of your brand.

We hope that the tips, tricks, and logo examples motivate you and kickstart your creativity. Now you are ready to make your logo so good that people will remember it and recognize it from afar!

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Guest Writer: Ruxandra Soare

April 22, 2022

Ruxandra is a content creator and strategist, with more than 10 years of experience in communications, passionate about all things digital. She is also a blogger who enjoys documenting her travels, outfits, and beauty routine.