6 Free Interior Designer Business Cards Templates We’ve Made Just for You

Find a free business card template perfect for your interior design business. Pick from our six different designs, all editable in MS Word or Adobe Illustrator.

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June 16, 2024

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Download one of these six classy business card templates for a professional working in interior design. They are completely free and easy to edit in MS Word or Adobe Illustrator.

If you work as an interior designer or decorator, you probably need a good business card design to impress your clients and get on their call list. Being a professional whose main domain is aesthetic and functionality, you need to have a pretty business card that is visually related to your field.

We know that the pricing of custom designs is sometimes harder to cover. So, if you don’t have a budget for design services, you can customize one of the lovely six downloadable designs our designers at ManyPixels created, in the right dimensions for usage in the United States.

You can easily download the business card designs and edit them in Microsoft Word—no design knowledge needed! Here’s how to do it:

  • Download a Microsoft Word file.
  • Edit the business card template with your own information.
  • Export as PDF and send it to the printers!
Graphics_2 LA20.143.jpg

If you have Adobe Illustrator knowledge, download the AI template instead, and edit them to best suit your needs.

Here are the interior design business cards you can choose from our bundle.


White square elegant business cards

As of late, square business cards are becoming more and more popular. They are practical and smaller but still offer a quirky look. Our designer decided to create a simple and elegant white square business card, with a gold embossed frame.

To match, the lettering on the backside of the design is also in gold, and the font is a simple and sleek sans serif typography that ties the look nicely.

Watercolor splash

Maybe you’re a specialist that needs some colorful brushstrokes on their business cards! This design is fitting for a color interior designer, hairdresser, or even a makeup artist. Basically, any creature that doesn’t like fitting the mold. This full color design is fun and impressive, but the use of pastels instead of brighter, louder colors tones it down and helps it stay sophisticated.

Kraft paper design for the crafty designer

If you want your business card to look like a DIY project, and also cost less to print out, we have good news for you—kraft paper is in(expensive)!

This design is as simple as it gets, with the use of only textured paper and the name in a gentle serif font.

However, for a person working with interior and architectural design, kraft paper is a nod to the profession but also can handle being modified quite easily. For example, you can add a QR code that leads to your website or social media profiles.

Geometric pattern-inspired

It is safe to say that interior design is based on geometry and how to best use a given space. That is why we thought we’d turn to the Bauhaus school of design, and fuse that with Mondrian-like geometric shapes to bring you this lovely and colorful design.

Professional luxe minimalist white marble business card

If instead the colorful and youthful designs from the previous examples don’t do it for you, and you’d rather go for something luscious, stylish and fancy, we suggest this luxe look. It is perfect for designers specializing in luxury interior design and minimalist solutions for a modern home.

The marble texture of the background, paired with the elegant gray frame where your name goes, makes it a good choice even for real estate professionals.

Minimalist pastel design for a contemporary decorator

Finally, the last free design we have for you is an extremely stripped-down and minimal look: a muted grayish-green color, paired with a simple and elegant black sans serif lettering.

It is a look suitable across industries, so if you accidentally stumbled upon it and like it, don’t worry, it’s not limited to interior designers.

We hope you like our selection of free business card designs. If none of them caught your eye, we have plenty more bundles available: black business cards, designs for CEOs, and Google Doc templates.

For more tips on interior designer branding, check out our article about good interior designer logos.

Find a free business card template perfect for your interior design business. Pick from our six different designs, all editable in MS Word or Adobe Illustrator.

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