7 Stylish and Free Hair Salon Business Cards

Need new business cards for your hair salon or barbershop? Try these 7 awesome and free business card templates you can edit in MS Word.

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May 12, 2024

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Looking for the perfect hair stylist business card? Look no further! We’ve created some amazing free business card designs for you to download and use.

Hairdressers, cosmetologists, beauticians, and barbers all develop deep and personal relationships with their clients. And having a professional business card to give away at the end of an appointment can deepen that bond and enforce your professional and personal brand.

That is why we’ve compiled a selection of free hair salon business card templates that you can easily download and edit in Microsoft Word—no design knowledge needed! Here’s how to do it:

  • Download a Microsoft Word file.
  • Edit the business card template with your own information.
  • Export as PDF and send to the printers!
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1. Black and white business card

Unsurprisingly, hair stylist business cards should be stylish. Going with a simple white or black business card is a great way to get that classy and timeless look. However, remember that even if simple, the business card design should still be modern and appropriate. Using a clean, black and white style on appointment cards is also advisable as this will ensure that you’re always on top of your work without the distraction of noisy designs.

Adding simple elements or icons like scissors, hairdryers, bobby pins or hair comb will help quickly signal the industry that you’re in, whilst keeping the overall classiness of the design.  Choose this great business card template for professional hair stylist cards for the whole team.

2. Floral business card

Flowers are a universal symbol of beauty, so they can be a great choice for a beauty salon business card design. Floral business cards can be both extravagant, but also very subtle and elegant. Make sure that your job title is clearly visible on this type of business card so that people won’t get confused whether you’re a florist or a beautician.

Our graphic designer created this elegant design that’s extremely versatile. It’s a great fit for makeup artists who are just starting out and want to impress new clients with a truly unique business card.

ъх3. Hero illustrations

If you want a truly unique business card, an illustration is probably something your clients won’t be used to seeing.

Whether you're the manager of a hair and beauty salon or a professional hair stylist, this power lady will show clients that you mean business. This type of business card is perfect for any profession where personal branding is important: from real estate agent to professional hair stylist.  

The isometric illustration used in this design is a great choice as its simple style will keep your card looking up-to-date for years to come.

4. Watercolor business card

Watercolors are gorgeous and quite versatile so they can make a great choice for hair stylist, beauty salon and makeup artist business cards. There are tons of business card templates in lovely pastel colors with rose gold inscriptions that you can purchase on websites like Zazzle or Moo.

But if you want this kind of style without having to whip out your credit card, we have a great free business card for you! Our own graphic designer opted for a more elegant take with a simple watercolor effect. A great way to use this design is to print your name in gold foil. It will give your business cards design a more luxurious feel without being too glitzy.

5. Hairstyle-inspired business cards

Great hairdresser business cards don’t necessarily need a lot of pizzazz. Busy professional clients will appreciate a card that they can easily pick out from their business card holder and immediately know who the service provider is.

This type of business card design can also make for a great sticker that you can add to your stationery or marketing materials like brochures or rack cards. Our graphic designer created this sleek card with an outline of a timeless bob hairstyle that’s perfect for hairdressers working in big and busy salons.

6. Patterns for modern business cards

If you want to highlight a unique hair salon logo design, but want something more visually interesting than a black and white business card, patterns can be an awesome way to achieve that. They are very versatile and you can even incorporate them in other elements of your branding like letterheads, appointment cards, or marketing materials like hair salon flyers or social media posts.

A great idea to use this gorgeous hair salon template is placing your monogram on one side, and full name and contact information on the other. This stylish pattern is also perfect for things like loyalty cards that your clients will love to keep in their wallets.

7. Barbershop cards

Barbershops these days are known for hipster hairstyles and retro design elements like barbershop fonts, or different types of logos. This retro trend is very prevalent right now, so choosing this style for your barber business card is a great option.

However, if you’re looking for something that’s a little more classic, I recommend you check out this great barbershop business card template. It’s elegant and modern color scheme can complement different branding styles, and is both cool and professional.

We hope you’ve found a salon business card template you like. If nothing quite caught your attention, be sure to check out this list of 13 Google docs business card templates, or this list of 7 edgy black business cards.


Need new business cards for your hair salon or barbershop? Try these 7 awesome and free business card templates you can edit in MS Word.

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