9 Construction Website Designs Your Company Can Learn From

A great website can boost your construction company’s online presence. Learn how to build your own with these awesome construction website examples.

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June 5, 2023

If you need a new website for your construction company or are looking to revamp your existing one, use these stellar examples on how to create the perfect construction website!

Although construction companies aren’t exactly known for groundbreaking digital marketing, they do extremely serious work, which, more often or not presents a considerable financial investment for their clients.

For this reason, trustworthiness is one of the key values most construction businesses try to represent through their branding, including their website design. While a construction website should first and foremost be professional and user-friendly, there are a few more tips and tricks that can help boost your company’s online presence (and in COVID times, creating a strong online presence is more relevant than ever).

If you’re thinking about using a website builder like WordPress, use the following tips to help you customize existing themes and website templates to best suit the needs of the construction industry and your brand.

Check out some of the best construction websites and which area of web design they excel at!

Simple and professional industry websites

While you may be tempted to overcrowd your web design with beautiful images, remember it’s also meant to provide useful information for website visitors. On the other hand, you should also make sure that your website is search engine optimized. This means, most importantly, user-friendliness (easy access to relevant information, fast loading) and using the right keywords.

SEO can help you boost your website traffic and ultimately get more leads. So when planning the different sections of your website, it’s very good to consider what type of information will be most useful to potential customers.

1. Sweenor Builders: Stand by your values

We mentioned that trust is a paramount value in the construction industry; and one way to make it clear to prospective customers that this is a value you uphold is to highlight it on your website.

This building company has a simple and elegant website with all the usual pages like “About us”, “Portfolio” and a service page. The slider on their homepage shows some stunning home builds and highlights core values: craft, experience and trust.

This company also has a separate page dedicated to ecommerce. In their online store they sell merch like caps and mugs, so if you’re looking to make some extra money and, more importantly, build better brand recognition, creating a simple online store can be a very good idea!

sweenor builders construction website.jpg

We hope this list of awesome construction company websites has given you plenty of food for thought for creating your company website design! If you need further tips on creating an awesome construction company brand, be sure to check out our articles on construction fonts and the best construction logos.

2. Lineslight: Clear value proposition

If your construction company does several different things, you are probably in danger of overcrowding your website with information.

Placing a clear value proposition on your homepage is useful for website visitors that are then free to peruse your website for further information. This corporate website from Lineslight is a great example of grouping information in a way that is user friendly. From their knowledge center (which is packed with articles that boost SEO) to a section with past projects where the numerous images help give a feel of their work, this construction company website is a pleasure to browse, without getting lost in the sea of information!

lineslight construction website.jpg

Modern construction industry websites

Motion design is a great way to give your construction company website an edge, and create a memorable website experience. Whether it’s a simple animation or a full-fledged video, this can really deliver that “wow” effect for website visitors.

If you do opt for this cool design element, remember to work with a developer that will ensure your website is optimized. If you have a kickass video but this is causing the website ages to load, it will eventually cause people to give up and leave your site. This is definitely something to note if you’re going for a DIY approach with a website builder like Wordpress, Wix or Shopify.

3. Ditto: High quality content

This great website uses simple motion design and interactive elements to create a more exciting and dynamic user experience. Their website design is crisp and modern, with generous white space.

A particularly good element of this construction company website is its “Stories” page which features lovely stories of local small businesses and communities that are relevant to specific construction projects.

ditto construction website.jpg

4. Maman Corporation: Awesome interactivity

If you have a skilled web developer on your side and want your company website to be a truly unique experience, then a fun interactive approach is a great solution.

Take notes from this construction management team and general contractor website. As you enter Maman’s web page, you will be overwhelmed by a sense of excitement and modernity. Blocks moving around the montage of their design-build projects have a futuristic feel.

However, the website is still fairly easy to navigate. For extra guidance, they’ve included arrows and even guide you to “scroll to discover”, so that even those who aren’t versed in super modern web design can still find what they are looking for.

The customer testimonials page is particularly impressive, as you can scroll through different projects (which move in a dynamic way) and get some key information about the project like who was the client, what industry and sector they belong to.

maman corp construction website.jpg

Homepages with impressive visuals

Whether it’s a stunning photo of your latest construction project or a captivating video offering a more in-depth look at how or where you work, a strong first impression is a must for a great construction website design.

It’s always advisable to include an “Our work” or “Portfolio” page that will showcase your construction projects. However, if you want to make gorgeous photos the focal point of your website design, I suggest you take notes from one of the following examples.

5. Hill Construction: Presenting luxury

Last year I got really into Netflix’s Selling Sunset not just because of all the drama, but also because I loved seeing all those ridiculously luxurious LA homes.

Well, this luxury construction company taps into that sentiment with a web design that relies heavily on photos of amazing homes. Their portfolio page looks like a well-curated Instagram profile that you just want to keep browsing through.

Other than that, the website is very simple and that works really well. They have just three other pages on their website: profile (which is really the “about us” page), approach (or service page), press clippings and a contact information page. And because the stunning photos do most of the convincing, that’s really all you need to believe that this company is the right home builder for high-end clients.

hill construction website 1.jpg
hill construction website 2.jpg

6. Wadia Associates: Use the power of social media

So, if I’m being totally honest these modern Hollywood mansions aren’t really my jam. Old-timey mansions on the other hand are a real estate dream come true!

Their web design is focused on images of awe-inspiring mansions and, so naturally, you can find links to their Instagram profile at the bottom of the homepage.

And this is a very smart web design move! Although their clients are probably going to be high profile, the stunning content on their social media will attract a much wider following. And the more people know about you and visit your website and social media profiles, the better it is for your search engine ranking.

wadia associates construction website.jpg

Fun and quirky construction websites

As we said, there are certain expectations from construction company websites; you usually want to give out a sense of trustworthiness and probably use high quality images that showcase your work.

However, this doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to get creative! Take a look at these fun and funky construction websites that blend professionalism and creativity.

7. Kwadrat+: Simple and modern design

Design build is a project delivery system that includes design and construction. Because design is such an integral part of this business model, it’s even more important to have a business website that radiates originality and a sense of style.

This international construction company with offices in Germany and Greece has a very simple layout on their website that still manages to be very unique and creative. They combine illustrations, collages and motion design to create a fun user experience. Of course, as a youthful construction firm, their social media accounts are linked to the website and featured prominently.

kwadrat construction website.png

8. Mor: Create a stunning construction company brand

Another colorful and fun example is this construction company from Buenos Aires. These professionals in the fields of engineering and development have a stunning brand identity, and they use their youthful color palette to complement simple, elegant photos of the exterior and interior designs.

Even their simple contact page is beautifully done with just the basic contact information: email, address and phone number, with the brand colors helping to enforce this company’s brand image.

mor construction website.jpg
mor construction website 2.png

9. Luxury Simplified: Adding illustrations to web design

You’ll often hear us singing praise to the power of a simple illustration, and this fun website design is another testament to that!

Luxury Simplified has a classic and nice-looking website, that’s made a little more interesting with these playful illustrations. They deal in construction, real estate, vacation rentals and event venues, and each of these fields is represented by a different color from their brand color palette.

A sitemap and a simple contact form also help website visitors navigate easily, through the numerous sections. They also have a regularly updated blog section, which is very important for improving search engine optimization.

luxury simplified construction website.png

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