17 Web Design Trends and Predictions for 2022

Learn which trends in web design were popular in 2021, and what is expected to be trendy in 2022.

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June 5, 2023

Discover some of our predictions for web design trends in the year to come, as well as what was popular in 2021 in website and landing page creation.

Websites are not just another outlet for businesses. Nowadays, websites can also be the only outlet for a brand that attracts visitors and turns them into paying customers.

As per the latest research on web design, between 2016 and 2021, the average annual growth rate for web design services was 2%. Currently, there are around 1 billion active websites on the internet. Unfortunately, that means a few images and SEO-friendly content will not be sufficient to make your website stand out in 2022.

You need to be innovative and creative in your web design approach to win over search engines and users in the coming days. In this post, we are sharing some of the popular web design trends and predictions for 2022 to help you develop a high-tech website. So, without any further ado, let's start!

1. On-page websites

One-page websites aren't new, but in 2022, this trend will grow even more. Minimalism is the best when your subject matter is small, like a portfolio, or you offer a single service.

These websites are like posters or flyers where all information is available on a page without any navigation distraction. From a user's point of view, these websites are awesome as people prefer clear and concise information on the web.

When Imagescape tried a small experiment of reducing its form fields from 11 to 4, they found a 160% increase in the form subscription rate. This shows how minimal web design can do wonders online.

2. Minimal visuals

Website pages aren't the only ones that will be reduced in 2022. Visuals are also getting in the backseat. Visuals are indeed an important part of the online user experience. In fact, according to the latest visual search stats, 61% of online shoppers said that visuals help them shop better online.

But in 2022, fewer images will be used on websites and as a hero image on the site, which will improve website speed and efficiency. Instead, web designers will experiment with different typography styles, fonts, strong shapes, and bold color palettes.


Textures and gradients in website illustration. Source: 99designs

Thus, if you want visitors to be moved by the design of your website, create room for geometric shapes on your site.

Many studies have indicated that the roundness and complexity of shapes are the basics of understanding emotions. It is found that a round shape helps to convey strong emotions like anger and happiness.

Geometric patterns in web design. Source: Visme

Minimalist web design. Source: 99designs

According to 87% of web designers, crowded design is the most common website design mistake.

3. Big and bold typography

Whether you are targeting minimalist or maximalist website designs, unique and bold typography styles will surely make your website look trendy in 2022.

The words will become a seamless part of the graphic design that visitors won't find any difference between graphics and text elements.

4. Versatile font

Modern web designers are experimenting a lot with different font styles today. Even on one page, they are using different fonts to create an artistic layout.

You can also do that but make sure to use different fonts; otherwise, you will end up creating a mess. Here are a few tips that you should keep in mind while using versatile fonts on your website:

  • Use a maximum of 3 different font styles on a page.
  • Stick to standard fonts like Google Web Fonts or Typekit.
  • Add around 30-40 characters in a line to maintain a high readability score.
  • Select a font that looks good in all sizes, as buttons and headings are often larger than the rest of the content.
  • Maintain a consistent space between words throughout your site, etc.

5. Auto-moving navigation system

Navigation menus won’t be simple and boring in 2022. Instead, designers will use psychedelic imagery, parallax effects, and even breakthroughs into the third dimension to create a moving navigation menu to improve the user experience.

6. Social media integration

Social media is an integral part of an online presence today. All brands have a strong social media presence that helps them to better connect and interact with their audience.

Social media integration has already become a vital part of website design. Often designers add social media buttons in the footer section of a website.

But in the future, social media integration will not be limited to one place. In fact, website designers will embed social media buttons in the header, blogs, or any other prominent place they find on your website.

  1. Multiple screen sizes

As of February 2021, 53% of adults in the US owned at least one tablet. And, I don't think I need to mention how many people use mobile phones today—almost everyone.

Therefore, it is essential to design your website to fit all screens—from the smallest mobile screen to the biggest smart TV screen. That's because visitors prefer to open websites on different gadgets. According to a study, approximately 60% of online shoppers begin a purchase on one device and finish it on another.

Thus, to provide a good experience to all your users, designing your website layout suiting all screen sizes is essential.

8. Responsive motion design

Another common yet attractive website design trend is motion design. Movement is an intriguing facet of web designs today but doesn't go overboard with animations.

Create a motion design for your website to draw a visitor's attention. Use simple motion animations to create a fluid moment such as mouse-triggered scaling, plane-shifted scrolling, or parallel effects. Just be responsible while using motion elements on your website.

9. Playing around with collage illustrations

For photography or other artistic users, collage illustrations are a pretty innovative web design trend. Collage illustrations will help you give a tactile feel to your website.

This website design will allow you to demonstrate more images on your site without compromising white space in a design.

Ensure to use different shapes and patterns to instill more emotions in a collage. You can even add monochrome, tint, or other photographic effects to intensify the visual value of the overall design.

10. Geometrical flow

Web designers often use lines, circles, or square shapes to give a modern look to a design. In the coming year, geometric dimensions will once again take center stage.

Designers will explore delineated footer sections, circular headers, and grid-style product galleries.


11. Gradients are back

Gradient designs aren't uncommon today. But in 2022, be ready to see Gradients 2.0.

Yep, with motion design and minimalist interface in action, web designers will manipulate gradients, even more, to draw attention to important sections. Gradient buttons, headers, and other widgets will become a prominent part of the website from now onwards.


12. Animated cursors

Website designers are taking website animations to a new level with cursor appearances. Some websites are experimenting with cursors changing colors, shapes, and views based on the theme of the web page, so we can expect to see that in 2022.

13. Background videos

Background images will be too old school in 2022. However, animated and moving website backgrounds will intensify user experience in the coming days.

However, before following this trend, make sure to optimize your animated graphics as they might slow down your website speed. So, be careful and creative.

14. Split content

For blog and content-centric websites, split content will be the must-try website design trend. You can show more than one important message on your website and encourage visitors to scroll down further by splitting the content.

15. Parallax web design

This website design technique is stolen from video games. It creates a moving background impact in the background when users scroll in speed to create a pseudo-3D effect.

16. Voice user interface

VUI, aka voice user interface, is a prominent web design trend that you should follow in 2022. In fact, 40% of the US population uses voice searches.

Ensure to optimize web design, content, and layout in a way that voice SEO can better understand and rank it.

17. Handmade graphics

Animations and motion designs might have made web design more technical and structured today. But that doesn't mean raw creativity will be overlooked in 2022.

In fact, handmade graphic designs will also help to give a new look to your website. Using the tools like Apple Pencil or high-powered scanners, you can digitize free-hand designs and adorn your website with imperfect yet imperial artwork.

Ready to retouch your website in 2022?

Creativity is the main component of the website design industry in 2022. Today, users have seen everything—from 3D graphics to AI-based websites.

Thus, to wow your users in 2022, you have to be creative and minimalist in your approach. You have to use a few bold fonts, unique typography, collage illustrations, and all the design elements that can make your website sing.

So, I'll suggest you put on your creative hat and start revamping your website design today!

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